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Holdeth thine equine creatures · 8:40am Oct 10th, 2012

I knew I made a schedule and the stuff to adhere to, but things are still a rather hectic. Caught was only written because I feared forgetting. To those who had suggested re-writing it without the clop and make the story more action-ish, good news, I am doing so.

But not without finishing up on the schedule. It's going to be busy these next few weeks. Exams can wait lolololol ffs exams can be worried about later

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List of things to come · 8:41pm Sep 3rd, 2012

Well guys...
I'm going to have a few updates on my SFW account before I actually move on and finish Archery.
I might consider writing another foalcon clopfic, this time with all three of the CMC but in different chapters. Yeah... might have to plan that out.

Updates :
Archery : (circa) 10th of September, 2012

Upcoming fics :
Explorer (Zecora x Third Person OC) : (circa) 12th September 2012
Beats (Vinyl x Second person human "you") : (circa) 16th September 2012

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Wee hiatus · 8:02pm Jul 27th, 2012

As the titles suggests, I'll gonna be off for a little while. Have some things to do. Rest assured, Archery will be completed soon and all my other pending fics will be released

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Update 2.0 · 9:06pm Jul 10th, 2012

So last week I had a request from somepony, which I'm doing a clopfic trade with. I didn't really expect a trade, but hey, there's a first for everything right?

Anyway, The Vinyl Scratch X Human Clopfic, named "Beats", is currently under production and will be posted after the end of Archery.

The trade clopfic will be posted as well after the end of Archery, so expect another two clopfics soon.

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Update · 7:30pm Jul 5th, 2012

Cleaning up on Chapter 5 of Archery. Will post soon.

Also, another clopfic on it's way featuring Vinyl Scratch. Time to read up on DJ stuff xD

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Chapter 5 of Archery · 10:10pm Jun 29th, 2012

With the positive feedback from my second clopfic, I'll be posting Chapter 5 soon. Still have a few other fics to work on, but I'll try to finish Archery as soon as I can and recheck all the mistakes.

Meanwhile, I have another two clopfics at hoof now. Should I write about Surprise first, or should I write about Vinyl Scratch? Both are human x pony clopfics, so...yeah.

Gavin DeGraw, Foster The People and Tiesto will keep me company as I write.


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Thinking... · 7:06am Jun 8th, 2012

Well a few friends of mine had told me to write another chapter for Saviour to explain what happens next and to leave such a hugeass cliffhanger in place. I'm not sure about this. I meant it to be one shot, but still....

What do you guys think?

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