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Got to get everyone into the right mindset:

Woo, another Neon Genesis crossover. Maybe this one will be worked on more than the others?

6558259 I sense a bit of sarcasm. Correct me if I'm wrong.


I'm... not really sure. I have not started reading the other two (that I know of) because I don't read fanfictions less than 25k words marked as incomplete. For the two others, it has been a while since updating.

I'm silently hoping all of them move along, as they could be fantastic. Should be a fun world to build on.

6558351 This story is entirely mapped out, so if there's one thing you can count on it's that it will be completed.

6558351 He has me backing him up, and I fully endorse this crossover. It WILL be completed.

Ah, alright. That is really my only concern XD

Not sure who the core mane characters are, what with so many, but good first start. Not many of these every see an end so best of luck.


I think that the premise of the story is actually great, the work is stuck in twilight, the environment recked, the princesses are dead, the Elements of Armony can't work anymore, the sapient creatures of the world can't stand against it, and the commender Night Light sent his own son, Shining Armor, the most stalwart defender, almost knowing that it was to his death. I love the visceral discretion that you provide of the fight, the underline desperation of the situation, and I like it that that you have shown that none of the main characters are are going to be safe from danger in this story. The big problem that I have about the story so far is the lack of description of the EVA's, as I don't know if it is humanoid in form or equine; it seem that the it has hand for what I understand and stands on two feat, but I am not sure; I would love to draw them if I have the chance. I hope you will provide a better description in the next chapter, which I am sure that it will be good.

6635711 I'll send you a private message.

Great just great Twilight is going all Gendo here. I get the point of why a crossover with Eva needs a Gendo but there is a reason he is severely disliked.

Sorry guys. I have no more motivation to write for this or anymore stories. It was fun when I had time and interest but now I'm onto other, better things. I may come back to this someday, but when or if that will ever happen is unknown to me. Thanks to those who supported me

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