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Gather round my little ponies. Have you ever wondered why it is we carve faces into pumpkins and stick candles in them? Well, wonder no more. Come close now and listen to the tale of Jack of the Lantern.

Hey guys! This is a little something fun I thought I'd do for the Halloween season. This is the Irish tale of how Jack-o'-lanterns came to be, pony-ized! Hope you guys enjoy!

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Very nice work, I love it.:pinkiehappy:

It fits the Halloween theme very well.:scootangel:

This made me :twistnerd:, you :twistnerd:. :pinkiesmile:

6503506 It made you Twist?:applejackunsure::rainbowlaugh:
Thank you for the favorite :twilightsmile:

6503523 No, it made me grin. :rainbowkiss::derpytongue2:

6503594 that's what I thought you meant:raritywink:

I thoroughly enjoyed this. It sounds like the kind of story you could actually tell kids to explain this stuff!:rainbowlaugh: You have entertained me!

6509397 "Hm"? Well, that's one reaction I guess:rainbowlaugh:

Wow. I didn't expect a reply so quickly. Or at all.

6509527 I always try to respond to people who comment on my stuff. It can lead to good conversations, ya know?

Nice little read. Me likes this. :moustache:

I didn't like this...

I LOVED it! :pinkiehappy:
I like the story behind the Jack-o-Lanterns. Will have to share this.

6534428 I loved the origin story of Jack o lanterns, so I thought it would be cool to share.

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