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One thousand Kilometres
One hundred and sixty one laps
Fifty two drivers
Twenty six cars
One pony
It’s a long road to the mountain

The Bathurst 1000 is Australia's most famous race, and it's set to become even bigger when Twilight Sparkle joins in

Many thanks to totallynotabrony for editing, guidance and providing the cover art and to Fana Farouche for the invaluable help in correcting my wayward grammar.

Now rejected by Equestria Daily!

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I havent even read it and i already love it. BUT i will subtract my fav if Holden doesn't win. GO HOLDEN!

6504241 You do know that finishing order was Ford, Nissan, Holden... Right?

Seriously, I'm trying to re-create the 2014 running of the Bathurst 1000... With a little extra

6504122 She has had an interesting life, but you would be hard pressed to find a person who is as passionate about motor racing in Australia as she is. At events, crowds line up to get her signature as well as the drivers!

Seems like a nice concept, and having actually gone to the 2014 Bathurst my interest has been piqued. Also, it's nice you added the fact that Australia created Wi-Fi, but I think it was sold to an American company if I'm not mistaken

This ought to be good. :pinkiehappy:

6504330 i posted that comment before i read it

6504690 If the 2014 running of the Bathurst 1000 had not happened the way it did, the story would never be believable!

6504695 It will be long and detailed. I don't plan on making it to the mountain until chapter 5... After that EVERYTHING happens!

I wonder what Rarity's reaction will be when she gets to work with Nomex Fabric!

Shh... It's a secret! :raritystarry:


If you have any comments, suggestions or criticisms. please send me a message and I will answer them as best as I am able.

“How will you have the flaps secured?”

“The top part of the flap will be built into the suit for strength, that can cover the entire wing in a nice box. I can use velcro to adhere the bottom of the flat to the suit, all Twilight has to do is extend her wings and they’ll pop free.”

“What is this ‘Velcro’?, I’ve never encountered it before”

“I’m not surprised,” said Hunt, “Velcro is a synthetic fabric that is commonly used as a fastener in everyday clothing and apparel.

Especially shoes!
for those who don't know, Fun fact: it was invented by a man walking in the alps, when he discovered that he had prickly burrs on his clothing, which, as anyone who has encountered them knows, are a pig to get off once they're on. He thought "If i could make something prickly, much like the burrs, on one side and another piece like my clothes..."
And you probasbly thought it was invented by someone who couldn't tie his shoes, right?

6603552 Invented by a Swiss engineer who got the idea after pulling burrs off of his dog!

Equestrian manufacturing is all natural and Rarity wouldn't know about synthetic materials...

Now, onward to finish Chapter 4!

I wonder if the fire suit will include a cooling vest. What would Rarity's and Twilight's reaction to that be?

6612431, Thanks for the comment.

Unlike drivers, pit crew don't need extra cooling. After they have finished with the stop (or stops due to double stacking) they can rest in the shade of the garage and get something cool to drink if they need it.

and now I wonder what Twilight's reaction will be when she hears THIS for the First Time:

6648091 As soon as the next chapter passes my editor, you can read for yourself!

“I take it that you are planning something?”

“Please, Princess. I’m always planning something.”

I'm calling it now, I bet Fancy Pants is going to bankroll an Equestrian V8 Supercars team to Race against Erebus!

6787165 I'll remember you said that. :eeyup:

Place your bets, place your bets. What is Fancy Pants planning? Only 5 Bits per entry!

I imagine lots of bowing and "Your Royal Highness" comments around the "Princess of the Pits." Perhaps even a "throne" (cut down porta-potty?), or a septer made of engine and gearbox parts...

Better bring your A game, Twilight. Or get advice from Pinkie and Dash.

6787174 Considering what they did to Russell Ingall when he came out of retirement to sub in for an injured driver a few months ago...

do you know how much iscream and wish this was real i would actually go just to watch twilight perform pit stops

ok my five minuet sqee fest is over

6787174 yes give her the portapotty or just a straight up toilet for a seat and i do like the idea of the sceptre of car parts

also plz mr author give twilight a hot lap in a v8

Even though the distance between the library and Carousel Boutique was short and the journey uneventful, Twilight couldn’t help but feel a strange combination of nervous and excited.

If he were to do so, most fans, I'm sure would put Dashie behind the wheel. However, I feel Pinkie might have a hidden talent for such things.

Very well, five bits on Pinkie Pie to place in the top three (in the event of an actual race involving ponies).

new capter new re read squeeeeeee

6975122 It's about to go VROOM!

“Oh, Lee. I don’t know what to say,” said Twilight as she acted like a blushing debutante, hiding her smile behind her wing, “I mean you’re nice, but you’re human and I don’t think it will work out. And can you imagine what the foals would look like?”


Davison took one look at Twilight’s soft eyes and one listen to her honey voice and did what any sensible person would do, he bolted out of the garage and ran down pit lane!


6975134 author you have my praise for righting a chapter worth the wait and making Twilight believable and funny




Well, she was Celestia's student. She would have picked up a few bad habits :scootangel:

6975427 I've always believed that if I was ever to write a story, I'd do it right and do my best to stay true to the characters as much as possible.

I'm glad that you are enjoying the story, but much praise must go to Totallynotabrony for his editing and guidance, otherwise this story wouldn't have made it past an idea!

“How about this, you get a couple bags of carrots, a bag of lettuce and a dozen Fuji apples”

personally I'm more partial to Pink Lady or Royal Gala apples, myself. :moustache: Still, nice pick. :raritywink:

“I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is all new to you, right?”

“New, he says.” replied Twilight with a snort, “I’m still trying to work out how humans survive without magic!”

“There are a lot of things that I have to deal with that I don’t understand, you know how I deal with it?”


“Accept it, move on, and have another beer”

as the saying goes, sometimes you just have to chuck it in the f*ck it bucket and move on

“I’m told that they used Photoshop to make that happen,” she said.

“How marvellous, I’m sure that Photo Finish is pleased that her brother is making inroads with the Humans.”


I can't believe I missed this the first time through.

6976780 I was wondering how many people would notice that. I try to sneak in a few bad jokes where it would fit the story.

6787174 I'm pretty sure that she brought her 'A' game with her!

I am interested to see where this goes.

reading Twilight's Reaction to a V8 Supercars Hot Lap reminds me of when NASCAR's Darrell Waltrip went for a ride in Jason Bright's Commodore at Bathurst:

but that is NOTHING compared when Former Top Gear Presenter Richard Hammond was taken around Texas Motor Speedway by Kyle Petty

oh new chapter its been 11 weeks since i read it last, time for re-read number 4

7231087 I'm the first to admit that I used Mr Waltrip's experience as a guide, but if you want some real entertainment, try this!

The journalist look stunned for a moment before realizing that he was talking to someone who was, for all intensive purposes, from a society that was only just beginning their own version of the Industrial Revolution.

that would be "for all intents and purposes".

Upon arriving at the Erebus garage, Len gently set Twilight down, an act was was ignored by the Erebus crew as they prepared the two Mercedes for Baird and the elder Davison to get some laps in before for the session.

do fix that. :ajbemused:

The engineer pointed to the marks that he made a few minutes before. In essence, he wanted Twilight to some very imprecise work.

that would be "to do some very impressive work."

If nothing else was gained from her time among the humans, having the rights to sell this one drink could make a pony a wealthy as the Canterlot elite.

as wealthy

Moving in for one of his usual soft ambush style interviews on the Princess he began, “Here is the extra horsepower in the Erebus garage,

Hahaha! i see what you did there! :rainbowlaugh: Horsepower should really be put in quotation marks, though.

7231305 Looks like that one slipped through editing!

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