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Ditzy and Dinky Doo go to school for the Annual 'Bring A Parent Day', and Ditzy is the first to share. What will happen when she tells everyone the story of why her eyes are the way they are?
EDIT: Due a comment from a certain somepony, I've decided to expand on this and make it multi-chaptered, instead of the original one-shot that it was.

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That's a pretty heavy tale to tell to foals. It was good i liked it.

Wow, just watched the Season 1 Premier episodes and read this. I'm crying my heart out :facehoof:

664306 I remember the last time that I cried...
My Little Dashie is a heart wrenching fic...

“Oh, take all the time you need! I’d love to hear this story of yours. I think everyone would, right?”


do you mean

Awww. That was sweet, but it's shocking Ditzy/Derpy was just like "Oh I'll forgive you, la-la-la"

That.... was..... beautiful!

Wait - Ditzy takes Soarin back? Just like that? He left her for dead, just because her eyes looked weird, didn't stay at her side, didn't try to help, didn't get her to a medical unicorn, just - she wasn't pretty anymore, he was scared, so, basically, to hell with her, and he flies off. Then he doesn't even try to contact her for years.

And he suddenly drops in and says he's sorry that he hasn't bothered for several years, and... she hugs him and takes him back? Ditzy is so desperate, so lacking in any self-respect or self-worth that she takes this chickenshit, abandoning little scum back? Worse, poor Dinky is going to be exposed to this failure of a stallion? Ditsy is letting this creep anywhere near her daughter? What?

I find this utterly disturbing. The message here seems to be that even a crappy, useless, easily frightened, abandoning male is better than nothing at all? That a mare is nothing without a stallion, however crap the stallion is? What happens the next time that Ditsy get's sick, or Dinky has a problem, or things get tough? You cannot trust this version of Soarin, not ever. He's worse than useless. He cannot be counted on, not ever.

I don't know who I loath more in this story - Ditsy for being pathetic and a bad mother for taking Soarin back at all, or Soarin for abandoning a lover and friend during a medical-magical emergency. Soarin is unforgivable, literally, and Ditsy instantly demonstrates she is a terrible mother who has no self respect whatsoever.

Dinky needs to be put in foal services and placed in a decent home, Ditsy needs to be in a mare's shelter getting counseling, and Soarin needs to go far, far away and be prevented access with a restraining order.

You don't take an abuser back.

AUUGHHH! What... how does a moral like this get written? Is this just to shock people? 'Love your abuser kids, it's fun!' No. Just no.

Anyone who abandons you during a medical crisis should never, must never be forgiven. That is a failure of character than nothing can fix.


well that must have been an interesting day at school

:raritycry: i think my eye sockets are over flowing!
somebody get me a tissue!

That was beautiful. I guess beautiful is the best term I can come up with.

786291 Thats your opinion, some people(of all races) just get scared for terrible reasons. This just shows that Soarin' overthinks things.

Great fic. Have a cookie:scootangel:


I'm so manly that i read My Little Dashie and only cried 3 times.

Beautiful just beautiful. Sorry rainbow :twilightblush:

I think youre missing the message with the story here.
It isnt that Ditzy is pathetic and Soarin is terrible, it's that love overcomes all. Ditzy loved Soarin so much that, even after all these years, and after being dumped by him, she still loved him and forgave him.
Ive had something like this happen in my life. My longest relationship and the best relationship ive ever had ended a few months ago. In truth, im still waiting for her to take me back, because i love her that much. This is the same case with Ditzy.

Not bad. I like the concept. The story felt somewhat.... rushed, though.

I wouldn't talk to that dude save through the medium of that humble friend to all named Great Big Jerk Attorney!! Blueboy is good for at least a few thou in back child support and then there's the emotional cruelty angle to consider.

786195 Ah. As it seems, I've been spending too much time in the real world. Hehe, well, I'll fix that now.

.786291 Well, it appears that we have different view points, which is fine. To you, this is a bit of a failure, purely for the reason that Ditzy has enough heart to forgive Soarin. Think about this friend. Have you ever loved someone so much that you didn't care what happened between you two, you just wanted them back? I know I have.
Look, Soarin knew that he made a bad move, a really bad move, but he took a risk and went to go see the mare he loved. It was mainly to calm his haunting conscience, but as it turned out, he got back Ditzy.
Ditzy forgave him because it takes a lot of guts to come down to a place like that and show your face after all that time. If someone does that for you, you know that they are serious.
When I made this story, I knew that not everyone would like it. It's just fact that a person's first fanfiction would get at least some hate. I appreciate your viewpoint on this story. Thank you ^.^

786361 well, I hit my mark XD
786563 Thank you! It means a lot to me.
786311 Thank you Courage Wolf. I think that's Courage Wolf. ugh, note to self, brush up on memes...

786513 I didnt cry at all. but thats only because of my tear ducts being disfunctional. then my mom goes and says that im not drinking enough water and im like oatmeal you crazy and. . . wait wut?:moustache:

787036 aha... I suppose, if Ditzy were heartless enough.

My upset is this - if you can't trust a friend to be there for you when you are sick, hurt, and suffering, then that is NOT a friend. And it only makes it worse that several years have passed with no contact. Now, there is an apology?

This is the scenario that battered women face, and often give into because they have no self worth. They take back the abusers that abandoned or hurt them instead of realizing that no amount of forgiveness is going to make such betrayal ever get better.

Forgiveness is only rational if there is a legitimate reason to trust. Soarin in your story has offered nothing. All he has done is said he was sorry for a major, major betrayal, and there is no basis to believe him. It just makes Ditzy seem foolish, devoid of self-worth, and a poor judge of everything from right and wrong to what is best for her daughter.

I'm not saying there isn't a lot of severely broken women out there just like that, going back to the men that beat, or raped, or left them with child - it's an epidemic, in fact. But it feels like your story suggests such a scenario could ever be a happy ending... and it can't, and that just... it just breaks my brain.

787412 I will say that the basis of the story is that love conquers all. Sure, Soarin made a mistake. A rather large mistake, but still. Ditzy took him back because she missed him, a lot. To me, that doesn't say that she had no self worth or self respect. You make it seem like she's a disgrace. I see where you are coming from, and I respect that, but to me, this fanfiction is just this. Two lovers who were seperated because of one's misinterpretation, and as a result, swallowed his pride and apologized from the bottom of his heart, even though he knew that words would never be enough.

786513 I cannot count the amount of manly tears that were shed that day. The only other things that can make me cry like that are Monsters Inc, and Bridge To Terabithia (i have no idea why)


not so sure i understand the Monsters Inc. one, but Bridge to Terabithia..... man i had to try my best not to cry, my girlfriend was with me when i saw it xD

787754 Yeah, I know that feel bro XD
Well, Monsters Inc was really sad because of the end of it, when Boo has to go back to the human world. Its one of those sad farewell types of things.

yeah... then his face when he sees her again :')


i was kinda young when i first saw it, and im surprised i still remember it... but now that i think about it, it was amazing. :')

i love this, and now this is my head cannon. but coughtdrhoovesisthefatercough :heart:

Loved it. I'll be waiting for more.

Manly tears have been shed. :fluttercry:

788082 Is this a request for a sequel? Well... I suppose I could...

788214 not exactly a sequel if you dont want, but just a story taking place in the same universe...

well...that was by far one of the best renditions of Derpy/Ditzy's past I have ever seen. no! not one of he best, but the best I have read. you're reactions were perfect, you're tale of love lost was heart wrenching, you're prose was sharp as a well kept blade. all in all, you have perfectly described and written one of my most beloved characters in a way that makes me smile. and for all you neigh-sayers, think of this, Derpy has been alone for 10 years and has longed for Soarin since; he comes back, tells her his side, he still loves her, everything is peachy. not to mention she has Dinky now, and could use the help in raising her. growing up without a dad can be hard on a foal.

788241 ah, that I can do. I could to a sequel as well, but now I have a better idea...

788298 Wow dude, really? That means so much to me! The way you think of this story is exactly the sort of responce I wanted people to have. After all, there aren't really that many stories that explains why Ditzy's eyes, are there? It was just a little concept, and it payed off. Thank you ^.^

no problem, I see a fic I like, I make sure the author and any one who reads my comment knows it.:raritywink:

You, my dear friendo, have just earned a like

You know as I read this, I had this playing.

There are several issues with this story, but I'll pass on the grammatical whammy to agree with Chatoyance. Ditzy takes him back, just like that? I don't buy it.

Interesting idea you have here, but your execution needs work. 1/5 stars.

789472 A brillient song, if I say so myself.

789549 Grammatical errors are not what bothers me at any given time. As long as the story is readable, thats fine enough, is it not? But, this was more or less an experiment. i thank you for your view on my story ^.^

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