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Hi I'm Chris. I live in western California if you want to chat PM me.


Fluttershy chases Angel into the Everfree forest and Fluttershy gets trapped in a cave but she isnt alone, will Twilight, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash get to her before its too late
Teen for Mild Violence and Distressing Themes
(First Fic)
If you find any typo's please comment and ill get to it

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 3 )

This story could be extended a lot more. The concept is good, but very basic. Maybe you could spice it by having Fluttershy trapped in there for a number of days as the entire town tries their very best to get her out.
But, it's good.
The only thing that I'm going to criticise is the grammar and punctuation. Punctuation is the key to any good story my friend! It can make or break any situation!
I'll leave this with a lion face :3

Thanks, I Diddnt' have a Pre-reader so it was a bit sketchy

Nice story could have been a little longer but good :ajsmug:

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