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Hi everybody, I've decided to start writing here in hope of having a good time and improving my English skills, considering I'm not a native English speaker. Hope you have fun reading what I write !

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If you took .Mov Spike and got him stuck on coffee and put him in Regular Spike's place, these are probably his thoughts. Lol.

Wow. I never considered this point of view, but ... You might be right :rainbowlaugh:

That's me right there. I'm not alive until I get my coffee.

This is actually really good writing. It's phenomenal how you manage to bring Spike to life as well as the scenery around him. It sounds genuine, like I'm listening to him talking to me.

:twilightoops: Spike what is that?!
:moustache: Honest it started with just a second cup of coffee,


:duck: I must say that coffee was awfully good.

I laughed so hard, that was magnificent :rainbowlaugh:

You really think so ? :raritystarry:
Thank you so much, I don't know what to add other than I'm actually blushing hahaha :twilightblush:
I'll be sure to read your stories too, they look really good from what I've seen

We need a part2 and/or a series of spike and his coffee. Like now. Do it. :pinkiecrazy:


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