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After Twilight studies the Illuminati, she becomes obsessed with finding triangles and thinking "Illuminati confirmed".

Her friends start thinking she's insane.

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Illumi-nacho approved!

Did you know that any shape can be simplified into triangles? Everything you see, everything there is--it's all triangles. The Illuminati are everywhere.

I love the illuminati symbol misconception.
It has your head turning.

I approve.



And haha! Illuminati confirmed! :rainbowlaugh:

Have another Illuminati video:


6186917 Hehehehe, nice:rainbowlaugh:

6186917 Theory busted, Snoop Dogg has three Os, not two.

Wait, two.
Two rhymes with giant timber bamboo.
Giant timber bamboo is found in China.
China, panda.
Panda is a character in the Tekken series.
Tekken has six letters.
Google also has six letters.
Was Tekken really Google this whole time?
Have I really been playing a search engine my whole life?
Lets find out!
Katzenjammer is a 12 letter word.
Katzenjammer is a Norwegian band.
Anne Marit Bergheim is in Katzenjammer.
Anne Marit Bergheim has 17 letters in her name.
Google has six letters.
There is one eye in the Illuminati.
This comment is Illuminati confirmed!

The Illuminati sign has 3 sides.
This comment mentions the Illuminati sign.
This comment has 13 lines.
3 plus 11 is 17.
The word "Illuminati" has ten letters.
16 times 10 is 160.
The Illuminati are famous for setting up 9/11.
9/11 can mean either a date or 9 divided by 11.
9 divided by 11 is 0.8181818181...
160 times 0.8181818181... is 130.9090909090...
The repeating pattern after the decimal point in 130.9090909090... is 9 and 0.
9 divided by 0 is impossible.
Illuminati debunked!

But you're wrong.
Debunked has 8 letters.
You know what else has 8 letters?
Deez nuts.
Deez nuts is a vine.
Vine is a website.
FimFiction is also a website.
FimFiction is illuminati confirmed.

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