• Published 28th Jun 2015
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On the Shoulders of Giants - Gunner59524

Two heroes face their greatest challenge yet on a world far unlike any they've ever visited. Follow Commander Anthony Dubias and Lieutenant Commander Rebecca Thorne as they lead a loyal crew through the greatest depths of hell hidden in paradise.

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So Luna just looking into their dreams without thinking about their privacy and i'm pretty sure that invading a soldier's mind counts as a national security branch.

6260164 Relax, there will be repercussions for it. A story like this isn't a story without troubles and conflicts.

6293290 Hardly. Gryphons are proud creatures, not ones to back down from a challenge without good reason. The Titan had no reputation on their world as being as dangerous as it is. It was an unknown. The ONLY thing that keeps a Gryphon from attacking a Manticore is the bloody reputation of the predator species, and even then, in this particular spinoff, some Gryphon's do hunt Manticore. The challenge isn't a hindrance to a militaristic species like Gryphons. The challenge is the motivator that led them to attack, not to mention the rewards of succeeding. The gryphons in the chapter you are likely refering to were in a previously hidden squad, but they were a little too close to the Titans (which have numerous advanced sensors, including audio detectors) when they were whispering to each other about how they were gonna ambush and take down the Titans. Gryphons are about the chest height of the average full grown human male. Combine that size with their muscle mass and the natural weapons that their claws and beaks can be and you have a living biological weapon with sentience.

NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage:

Listen guys, i know it has been some time since my last update but there is a valid reason. It's called life unfortunately. *sigh* You'd think life would be kinder to those living it yknow?

7109630 Yes, I agree. But whenever siblings "read" each other, they still assume. They can't just know what others are thinking as if they can read minds!


"Our little ponies are far more accepting than most," Luna chuckled.

I beg to differ

Please update this story is awesome.

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