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Heh, lets see here, well... im social... sorta... most of the time. When im inspired, i write some pretty good stories.... but hay, im not gonna brag here, others do way better than me im sure.

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So many dislikes. I'm going to assume that those are born of ignorance and/or lack of patience for more chapters.

Seriously? 8 Dislikes? You guys give me no time at all. Wow.

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Seriously? Why so many dislikes?

//Such a tough and fickle crowd.....

Okay.... some people like it. Still a little early to like or dislike but ya know what, better than the "haters gonna hate" moments. One thing's for sure, I'm gonna keep writing if at least someone likes it. Yup sounds like a plan.

6147747 That is an extremely comforting thing to hear. I hope you continue to enjoy it :D

Hey check it out guys, new chapter! WOO I AM ON A ROLL! :D

I'm enjoying it so far. And I know how you feel me first story is practically half dislike and half like but my new is way popular its weird.:moustache:

6149035 Thanks. :) Expect more chapters, very often.

Considering the amount of likes and praise I'm getting, it looks like my next few chapters will be popping out pretty soon... as soon as I finish this frustrating college homework. Daw come on, that equation didn't work either!!! :(

Where's Twilight when you need her? :rainbowlaugh:

I can't wait to see how they react to the pilots but there is one question that bugs me after I finished reading this? Is he bringing his titan with him when he goes to meet the locals. If not will he go with his usual loadout or just a simple dagger, pistol and few grenades? Either way, I hope to see a new chapter soon.

6169786 expect a full pilot loadout sans a few things such as heavy ordinance. It's a diplomatic meeting, not a combat zone. Still their experiences taught them to be prepared. There is some relevance to this revelation but I leave it to the audience to try and predict just what it means for them to have such a loadout. What could happen and such.

6171713 lol, fair point but still to go in with full loadout makes me wonder......Maybe the changelings decides to play party crashers?........Dammit not its got me deathly curious! Why you be so mean?! lol

If cosmology fit the first chapter, then i reccomend the song 'Welcome to the Marauder Corps.' For this chapter

I enjoyed this very much, *smashes like button* now to wait for a new chapter...

CLIFFHANGER! I love this!

Dude its Pinkie, she breaks the fourth wall more times than deadpool does on a tuesday.

6232436 You make a fair point..... still she freaks me out sometimes XD

Why are you making a fuss about dislikes? Your story is alright, just needs an editor to help with sentence structure and grammar.

6238572 Eh, I keep going through and fleshing it out. I'll talk to some friends though... see what they say.

By the way.... did you know DarkWing is leaving the site....? :pinkiesad2:

Left him a pretty big message, left a few quotes..... he's the author of the My Little Caboose stories. Hopefully the message inspires him to keep kicking ass and taking names eh?

A little side note, this guy is part of the reason I even became an author here in the first place. Inspiration doesn't come easy, and creativity like that, you just can't pull out of your ass. I'll put it plain and simple. I was inspired heavily and now here I am writing this tale. Go pay some respects guys.... this playa has earned all the respect this site can give. I certainly wouldn't be writing my stories without 'im.

So Luna just looking into their dreams without thinking about their privacy and i'm pretty sure that invading a soldier's mind counts as a national security branch.

6260164 Relax, there will be repercussions for it. A story like this isn't a story without troubles and conflicts.

I love this story :rainbowkiss: (so far)

So the Griffin is almost as big as the Titan

6293290 Hardly. Gryphons are proud creatures, not ones to back down from a challenge without good reason. The Titan had no reputation on their world as being as dangerous as it is. It was an unknown. The ONLY thing that keeps a Gryphon from attacking a Manticore is the bloody reputation of the predator species, and even then, in this particular spinoff, some Gryphon's do hunt Manticore. The challenge isn't a hindrance to a militaristic species like Gryphons. The challenge is the motivator that led them to attack, not to mention the rewards of succeeding. The gryphons in the chapter you are likely refering to were in a previously hidden squad, but they were a little too close to the Titans (which have numerous advanced sensors, including audio detectors) when they were whispering to each other about how they were gonna ambush and take down the Titans. Gryphons are about the chest height of the average full grown human male. Combine that size with their muscle mass and the natural weapons that their claws and beaks can be and you have a living biological weapon with sentience.

NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flutterrage:

Listen guys, i know it has been some time since my last update but there is a valid reason. It's called life unfortunately. *sigh* You'd think life would be kinder to those living it yknow?

This story has one major kink in it that, unfortunately, prohibits me from fully enjoying the story: there are points in the story in which a set of characters somehow have knowledge of another given character's thought process.

This is, realisically, impossible.

If you fix this issue (and I mean throughout your entire story), your little tale here would be worthy of the market.


6171713 friends are closer than extended family?

6875803 Keep in mind, siblings or friends who have known each other for a long enough time and/or are close enough friends/family, these folks can practically read each other. The bonds of friendship and family permit little "kinks" like this. I find this makes the story, rather than breaks it. So, all due respect, I see no flaw. If you can point out an instance where this happens between two characters who clearly are not close friends/family then I will take this "kink" you've noticed more seriously and investigate.

6293290 Negative. Keep in mind at range there were weak points on Titans that pilots could use AT weapons and even small arms to do significant damage. If a Griffin were to say, find out how to "rodeo" a titan well ..... yeah you can see what could go wrong there. Griffin's easily outdo humans in mass and muscle so it would make sense for their talons to be perfect tools in damaging the sensitive components under the armor plating.

7109630 Yes, I agree. But whenever siblings "read" each other, they still assume. They can't just know what others are thinking as if they can read minds!


"Our little ponies are far more accepting than most," Luna chuckled.

I beg to differ

I love the Amritsar of this story so for.

Please update this story is awesome.

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