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I was wondering what happened. I had this bookmarked and everything then it disappeared. I found it on fanfiction.net thought. It's pretty good.

Am I the only one who thinks it's incredibly ironic that you of all people like this story?:rainbowlaugh:

I see you're deleting my comments constantly. You know you're never going to get any better as an author if you can't take any criticism. But hey, that's your choice.

Your comments are doing nothing but bashing. I'm not going to just trash the story, so unless there's something specific in it that you think could use revision, then you're not accomplishing anything by posting comments. All I've gathered from your comments is that you think the story is terrible, but you haven't offered any advice about specific details that need fixing; it seems nothing will make you happy other than deleting the story altogether. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.


It miiiiiiiiiight help if you wrote about something that wasn't almost universally despised by the fandom. The vast majority is sick and tired of anything Cupcakes-related. Have you seen a well-liked Cupcakes-based fic that wasn't a heartwarming subversion of its source material? Neither have I.

That's besides the point. I wrote this fic in a fit of cabin fever. It was the middle of my Summer break, my parents were back to work (they are teachers, and the schools they teach at have school years that start way earlier than mine (college)), every day was in the triple digits so I couldn't go for a walk without getting drenched in sweat, I don't have a driver's license or even know how to ride a bike, and there are no entertaining places within walking distance of my house; there was nothing to do for the next month, so I did this on a whim. Would you believe this entire fic was finished less than 24 hours after I first came up with the idea for it?

And thus,
the horrible reality of human ingenuity strikes once more upon the not so innocent minds of those who seek and find what they are looking for.
Not relenting on that point, this work of "Art" has it's own place in literature, a place hard defined by the moral ones.

Another well written addition to the grisly series of events which first began when a twisted mind first conceived the story of "Cupcakes."
good work but hard to like despite it's skilled application of artistic lettering.

My advice: just don't read it, appreciate it for its value and let it be.

oh yeah and: "I find this difficult to masturbate to"

Annonimi If you don't like it then buck off.
I for one Think this is a good idea.
Autism unite.

^That! :pinkiehappy:


Irrelevant logic. Things are what they are, this fic has been made and not writing it wouldn't make a generic shipping fic or such appear out of thin air, so it is pointless for you to moan here about an entire genre. If a majority likes it, that does not indicate it should be shunned. As has been said, if you don't like it, don't read it.

This was more messed up than the original, Cupcakes, I LOVE IT! :pinkiehappy:

Love it. And thanks for joining my club :pinkiehappy:

Don't worry about what other people may say. This is amazing. It shows you have lots of talent, and if somepony doesn't want to see something that's Cupcakes related, they can always ignore it! Buck them if they don't want to see Cupcakes things. That's what free will is all about. I found it was written incredibly well, and just remember, criticism is what you make it. It can be advice, or it can be a punch to the face, or sometimes both, but you just have to remember, that is THEIR opinion on it, and not everypony will feel the same way. I found it a lot creepier than Cupcakes, and I think that (if you had the time) you should create another one with another character. Like AppleJack, Twilight, or Rarity. I know i'd read it. It was a lot more gory than I expected. And I like how you incorporated the pets into the story. You have a big bunch of talent that you should just spew out all over this website :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: I would most definitely like to see more. I also really like the title. Going off the whole "Little Shop Of Horrors" sort of shindig. It's not necessarily like the musical, but I think the name fits to it nicely.

172349 Actually, I really think Fluttershy was perfect for this. I mean, it's her way of being that kind of completed the story.
When I figured out this was about Fluttershy, I went: "oooh my gaawd..". And even that I love Fluttershy more than anypony, I felt an awkward eager to read this. This has been an unique experience of mixed emotions for me. I felt evil, I cried, I sometimes smiled really small noticeable. That evil feeling felt good. But it also tore me apart because it was Fluttershy. For this, I would have gave 10 stars out of 5 :yay:.

But there were some flaws too. At some point it felt like a little kid is telling me a story (sorry if this is offending, I can't find any other way to say it).
And it needs a more detailed description. It was very short, too. Take your time with describing surroundings and actions. You are rushing with the actions. This is just my opinion.

Overall, I'll give it an 8 out of 10, and a Thumbs up :pinkiehappy:


Well the whole thing went from concept to completion in a little over twelve hours (and Iwas asleep for half that time).

*fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap paf fap fap* This story filled my dark soul with delight, Lord Satan was undoutbly pleased with this majestic work of art. I would just like to say that I enjoyed this story imensly, and would like to thank you for putting this back up, despite the heretics who lack the gift that allows us higher beings to truly comprehend this story's grand, philisophical nature, good morals, and life lessons. You sir, are a noble indevidual and this story will undoubtably set some of the lost sheep of the younger generation back to Lord Satan's humble flock. I your honor I will hunt down these sinfull heretics and end their meager exsistance.

Good Day and Satan be with you brother. :moustache:

This. I saw this, when looking TV Tropes. This was the fanfic that i loved because it was really something that gave me creeps.
I just.....
Like this a lot!:heart::yay::heart:

548442 From Cupcakes. look the trope Revised Ending; Here's what it says: A sequel in which Pinkie Pie kills Fluttershy, of all ponies. As if that isn't bad enough, Pinkie also has Gummy eat Angel right in front of Fluttershy.


"I found the first chapter entertaining, but this one...
it felt like you were copying the first chapter and cupcakes, instead of doing anything new.
although, i did burst into laughter from this mental image:
Using the scalpel, she cut the top of the small intestine; then she placed the top of the intestine into a hand-held egg beater. “Well,” she giggled “let’s wrap this up now” She began spinning the egg-beater, which started pulling and unraveling Rarity’s intestines out like spaghetti, which wrapped around the egg beater until there was too much for the egg beater to spin anymore."


Aw man, I did my best to use only new torture techniques. Let's look at the differences:
Fluttershy: wings removed with hedge clippers; eyelids cut off; cutie marks cut off with cookie cutters; tail ripped off; watched Angel get eaten; generic ending (not easy to be creative when you get to that part; the creativity is pretty limited to what happens on the outside)
Rarity: Mouth sewn shut; cutie marks cut off with scissors, watched Sweetie get stabbed and squished like a grape; horn removed by power drill; gets scalped; once again, generic cut open scene.


Ooooh, tesla coil! gimme gimme!:twilightoops::pinkiecrazy:

also, it's not the torture, its more the formatting and dialouge.
oh, and the napkin thing.

Two years ago my brother, the family physicist, got a Tesla coil for Christmas:rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh:
I know the napkin thing was overdone, but it was so easy.

Gosh darn it that Tom!

Really got me frightened and sad:raritycry:


It was either that or have her push a shelf over on top of Sweetie Belle. Say, what do you think of the way I had Sweetie's horn land right at Rarity's hooves when she dies? I think it adds a nice tragic yet poetic touch.

755046 DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNN:rainbowdetermined2:
(yes, it does)

this pleases me :pinkiecrazy: nice work i thought it was nice with Tom in it, never thought id see tom in a Grimdark:rainbowlaugh:

WTF did I just read....... :rainbowhuh:

I feel so sick:pinkiesick: i was drinking fruit punch and its red

..Could it be?

A GOOD Cupcakes spinoff?

Dude, NO ONE can pull that off!

I agree. This is one of the very few, very rare Cupcake sequels/spin-offs. :pinkiegasp:

I like this. I like almost anything Cupcakes, and I don't even know why. I feel like a horrible person...
Sweetie Belle's death affected me more than any other part of the story. I am firmly of the opinion that :unsuresweetie: is best pony, and I just hate it when she dies. If I ever get my hands on Tom, I'm going to... um, brutally carve him into a statue of Sweetie Belle, in memory of her. Or something weird like that. :pinkiecrazy:

maybe...just a little...bite (bite)

Can somebody do a dramatic reading of this?

But the format... I want to fix it so badly..

Its only a clopfic if you're into vore :derpytongue2:

Whats a Tesla coil?

2710293 Beyond the trees and beyond the forest, past the groves and swamps and mountains, there lies a magical hut in the land of Hogo. He will lead you toward the right direction.. the direction called Google.

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753888 Wait a minute, when did AJ's corpse get on the wall?

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