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This story is a sequel to Gotta Dash 'em All

After much anticipation, Twilight has finally succeeded in designing a teleporter capable of sending ponies to the Unova region. Unfortunately, a trio of mischievous fillies decide that this may be the perfect opportunity to get their Pokémon trainer cutie marks.
When the mane six discover that the trio has used the machine, they follow them to the Unova region for a rescue mission. Can they find the Crusaders before it's too late to save them from themselves? Stick around to find out.

Chapters (12)

As Rainbow Dash attempts to break new barriers of speed, she finds herself transported to a mysterious world, inhabited by creatures with unbelievable powers. While her friends in Equestria search for a way to return her home, she is forced to search for her own way home with the aid of her new friends, a trio of humans named Ash, Cilan, and Iris.

Chapters (15)