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Rainbow Dash the Awesome

Rainbow Dash is best pony!



As Rainbow Dash attempts to break new barriers of speed, she finds herself transported to a mysterious world, inhabited by creatures with unbelievable powers. While her friends in Equestria search for a way to return her home, she is forced to search for her own way home with the aid of her new friends, a trio of humans named Ash, Cilan, and Iris.

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Inb4 Regidar

First post

Nice story, your grammar seems to be fine, intrigued to see what happens next
Excuse the rudeness above, but this is the first time I've legitimatly gotten either of those achievements.

off to a good start keep it up


Thanks. This is the first crossover fic I've ever written, so I was worried about how it would turn out. This is also the first time I've ever written a fic that is meant to be multiple chapters from the beginning. My other fic has 2 chapters, but was originally going to be a one-shot. This is my first time writing a fic with the intention of making it multiple chapters.

good story but how offen will you be posting

I think it's pretty good, it's just that Charizard isn't a Unova Pokémon.


Hopefully at least once a week when Spring Break is over. During Spring Break I should be able to come out with a lot of chapters. I'm already working on chapter 2, and have over a page done, single-spaced. I prefer not to worry about making the chapters extra long, as long as they cover what I want them to cover I'm fine. I have 15 chapters planned, few if any of which will be much longer than 5,000 words.

No but Ash added it to his team 2 episodes ago in the Japanese dub. He saw a Charmander, got nostalgic, and had Professor Oak send him Charizard. The first thing he did was actually have it spar with Dragonite. So now it's a part of his Unova team, even though it's not a Unova Pokemon. A funny thing to note is that the episode where he got Charizard back was episode number 777 (jackpot).

great story i hope you have a chapter back at ponyville and

:yay: a ponymon fic starring ash and company

Funny you should mention that. The next chapter takes place back in Equestria, as will every third chapter after it. So, as of now we have the prologue and chapter 1 published; chapter 2 will be in Ponyville, chapters 3 and 4 will be in Unova, chapter 5 will be in Equestria, chapters 6 and 7 will be in Unova, and so on in this pattern until the final chapter: chapter 14.

I don't know much about Pokemon lol, but if I was Ash i would have probably tried to throw a pokeball at her while she was sleeping...

I said if I was Ash at the time... 2295075

I was thinking about having someone try to catch her during their confrontation in the forest, but I figured it would be kinda out of character for any of them to try to catch a Pokemon in a time of crisis like that.

Ehh True. I'm still gonna read through this story but I wish a Pokemon crossover dealt with Season one of Pokemon for once, maybe its just me but that is when I stopped watching. :rainbowwild: 2295101

*sees title* huh, looks promising

BUT you BETTER have jessie and james pop up!! (i don't care what happened at the end of best wishes, Team Rocket FOREVER!!!)

The Yugioh bit was pretty funny. MOAR! :flutterrage:


Thanks. I had to restrain myself from making it too long, since it was there as a gag.
Don't worry, at the rate I'm going I should be able to keep coming out with at least one chapter every day (except this Sunday; I'm going to SeaWorld this Sunday).


Riverside. I'm currently going to UCR, and I'm one of few people I know on campus who actually walk to school.

Closer to Disneyland then, nice. 2295536


Yeah, but since Disneyland is so expensive I haven't been there since Grad Night. I'm gonna be near there in May when I go to Equestria LA, since it's at a convention center literally directly across the street from Disneyland.

Good luck with that, I have been to that center and it is insanely small, then again I'm spoiled from San Diego Comic Con. :twilightblush: And yes Mr. Mouse has been charging far too much for his park :pinkiesad2: 2295558

2295479 Really you too. If this other dude favs this too......


*falls over dead*

*gets up and turns into psyco pony*

HELL YEAH THIS'LL BE GOOD!!!!!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

I swear it just happens lol, or maybe I have good sense of reading. 2295566

2295572 Well this is on my list of Stuff to Read Later. Have to read it at the right time.:pinkiecrazy:

Awesome! I haven't watched Pokemon in ages, but I got a good idea who everyone is. I'm so looking forward to this!


You heard the lady. SHE DEMANDS MORE!!!!

I, myself, haven't been to Disney land since I was a kid. It's all the way across the country from me. But I prefer Disney World, anyway. it even has pretty reasonable season pass prices, too. I believe it's $20 down and $20 per person for all four Florida Disney parks, plus the two water parks, plus Downtown Disney. I could be dead wrong, though.

15 here, and man I miss WDW. Haven't been there since I was 12... :pinkiesad2: 2296091

yu-gi-oh reference :trixieshiftleft:... I LOVE it:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:....
looking forward to more pony mischief...

OH God Yes! So far they have not appeared in any story ( Maybe once,but that was just one chapter) We need some Team Rocket epicness!:pinkiehappy:


cannot wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

2295558I've been to DisneyWorld and HersheyPark. Both epic.

good story, a bit short, and some things like the beginnings of sentances need to be caped, but still rather good


Sentences needing to be capped? When did that happen? I don't have a prereader.
As for the comment about it being short, that's because I don't have much patience when writing dialogue. When I'm really in the zone and writing a really exciting, action-packed scene, it practically writes itself and I make it very detailed because I enjoy writing it as much as I expect people to enjoy reading it, but when it's just a scene where the characters are sitting around talking I end up losing patience and speeding it up so I can get to the action. When it's complete I'll probably go back and flesh it out more, but until then I'm just so excited to get to the more exciting portions I have planned that I can't help keeping the chapters relatively short for now. I already have the outline ready, and am working on the next chapter, so at this rate I might actually manage to finish by the end of Spring Break.

I'll read this if someone guarantees Lucario's in this fic. :P


Oi, the main thing I saw in that comment is that you don't have a pre-reader. I HIGHLY suggest finding one. I haven't taken a look at this story yet, but I figure, it may be time I hope in on the pre-reader train now that I got four for my own super awesome secret story that I can't stop mentioning in my blog that I need to shut up about, Anyway, if you want a pre-reader, I'll gladly take up the mantel if you want! Also, I love the cover art! (You should use Rainbow with an Altaria in this story, I mean look at this pic, they are PERFECT for each other!)
Anyway, I shall dive into this story in a little bit, I gotta eat breakfast, or is it lunch? I don't know, I am just hungry xD


When she saw her friend in flight, she narrowed her eyes and sighed “oh come on, it’s too early for this.”

Rainbow shrugged “maybe that’s true for the average run of the mill pony, but I’m no average flier. With a bit of a boost I should easily be able to break even the light barrier.”

Rainbow grinned confidently “oh come on Twilight, when have I ever been worried about anything being too dangerous?”

Twilight gulped, “well, okay Rainbow, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try.” As she said this, her horn began to glow.

Rainbow grinned “that’s the spirit Twilight!”

“Rainbow?!?” Twilight called in a panic, where’d you go?!?”

“Finally” she said “a way out of here.”

These. You seem to have a tendency to not capitalize the first letter of a character's dialogue from time to time. Also, you generally capitalize the next line of dialogue as well

"Such as. . ." said I as I paused for effect. "This."

Other than that, nothing quite jumps out at me.

:| do you remember Kanto region or Johto, heck ANYTHING that goes to the GameBoy games? Guees like I'll have to suck it up, but I won't know the personalities of these new partners of Ash off the bat...why couldn't you have just made this Kanto???


Yeah, I've never had much training when it comes to capitalization and punctuation around quotes. I thought if you have someone's dialogue start, break, and then start again without ending the sentence, you only needed the start of it capitalized because technically the second half is still a part of the same sentence.
For example, if a line goes like this:
"Wait," George said, "you forgot the beans"

I'm pretty sure the word "you" should be lower case, because it's still part of the sentence of dialogue that was established by the word "wait." If I'm understanding you correctly, it sounds like you're saying the word "you" would be capitalized in that case despite not being the first word of the sentence. Am I incorrect in my understanding of capitalization, or am I misunderstanding your comment?

hmmmn, an interesting premise, and the part i read about Pinkie challenging Kiba to a duel was also interesting...please continue this story as u have aroused my curiosity...

I wonder when she'll discover Ponyta....or RapiDASH

Is this gonna have classic Team Rocket, the dumb, funny ones:pinkiehappy: or the newer, more effective ones that kinda killed my love for them:pinkiesick:

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