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This story is a sequel to Prince Angel

Annoyed with the war ponies treat Fluttershy, Angel Bunny takes advantage of him being prince of chaos, and goes to seek help from Discord himself to remedy the situation.
In his mind everything is simple - make Fluttershy an alicorn and watch her gain self esteem as others respect and admire her. However, every deal with Discord has strings attached...

Labyrinth crossover inspired by Labyrinth by Crystal Wishes

Special thanks to Scathecraw for editing

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 2 )

might well paint "welcome" on flank."
Do you mean "welcome" on her flank? This is just nit-picking. I like this story. Changing ponies into alicorns has been done before, but Angel's punishment helped round out the story. It's a cute tale, so it's upvoted.

6420304 Oops, my bad :) Will fix.
Thanks for catching that and glad you enjoyed the story :) Angel would make a great Prince of Chaos IMO :)

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