A spell gone wrong sends Twilight and Rainbow to Earth in 1969...and Twilight and Rainbow are about to learn a new lesson about Harmony...

When I aired this idea on the HiE forum, a lot of people said they'd like it as a story. And who am I to disappoint my fellow bronies...

Rated teen for some light kissing and drug abuse.

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Nice, well done:twilightsmile:

I wish there was more stories set in different time periods.

Now that is some nice harmony there.
Also, the end with Luna and Mr. Lennon sharing a bong. That was, like, righteous.


Thanks, both of you.

Yes, I thought having John Lennon there would be a nice thing. I'm a great Beatles fan myself, even though the music belongs to my parents' generation. The Beatles were very innovative, and I love their songs and their lyrics

6009565 Maybe the next thing you could do would be to make a story with
the movie "Yellow Submarine":pinkiehappy:

Heh...that might work.

I need to think about it while I rest in an Alicorn's garden, in the shade... ;-)

Nice nod to that scene in Animaniacs! If I have to nitpick something from this is that The Beatles never performed at Woodstock. Great story.


Glad you enjoyed it.

I know Beatles never performed at Woodstock. The Who did. One of the other campers picks up a guitar and plays Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, however (and that song was made before Woodstock, I checked to be sure).

And John is with Luna because he's dead and well...because I think that's where he would end up - the ultimate dream that never ends...

6009565 Y'know that awkward moment when you and your friend get portaled to another dimension where strange creatures give you some ''herbal supplements'' and you end up making out with your friend? :pinkiehappy:

Yes, and then you wake up and think "oh, it was just a dream (damn you Luna)" and then your friend starts it all over again...while your other friend watches... :rainbowwild:

6023576 know right!? But why are your friends watching ya sleep? why was AJ watching Twilight and RD sleep!?:applejackunsure:

6026829 Hm...she probably awoke to Rainbow's sleeptalk of "Mmmm....<kiss>...mmm....oh...<kiss>" :rainbowwild:

6027993 Ahhh, them hippies and their love for... friendship! Oh my gosh, Hippies were the true gods of friendship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dun dun dun

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