• Published 22nd May 2015
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Ponies, Love and Harmony - eL VeeJay

A spell gone wrong sends Twilight and Rainbow to Earth in 1969...and Twilight and Rainbow are about to learn a new lesson about Harmony...

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Ponies, Love and Harmony

Author's Note:

Just a thought I had, and a lot of people wanted to see this as a real story. So here goes...have fun!

“Hey, Egghead - what’cha doing?” Rainbow said as she fluttered in through the window Twilight had left open.

“I’m trying to do a rather complex spell, Rainbow. Please don’t disturb it,” Twilight said with some annoyance.

“Sooo...what’cha doing?” Rainbow said, hovering next to Twilight and ruffling the pages of her spellbook with her wing beats.

Twilight sighed. “I’m doing a complex scrying spell, which allow me - theoretically - to see through interdimensional walls in hopes of finding advanced lifeforms in another, parallel dimension through the use of…”

“Erh...so what are you doing?” Rainbow said, confused.

Twilight sighed again. “I’m making a spell that’ll allow me to see if there are life in other dimensions,” Twilight said with some exasperation.

“So…..you’re a magical Peeping Pony - was that so hard to say?” Rainbow said with a laugh.

“Yes, I’m...NO! I’m not some pervert looking in through people’s windows Rainbow!” Twilight huffed and the pegasus laughed.

“Sure...whatever you say, Egghead,” Dash snickered.

Twilight sighed a third time. “Okay, but can I get on with my spell, please? You can watch if you promise to stay quiet...and for pony’s sake stop hovering!”

“Sure thing Twi,” the pegasus said and landed next to Twilight.

The alicorn drew a pentagram on the floor and made a magical circle around it. Then she started pouring energy into her spell.

* * *

Rainbow started getting bored. Twilight did nothing but just stand there, horn aglow and mumbling something the cyan pegasus couldn’t quite understand. She got up and took a look at the pentagram and the runes the alicorn had inscribed on the floor with her chalk.
She tried to trace one of the sigils with a hoof which she thought looked like a pony’s head.
And that was when it all happened.

Rainbow heard a crack as magical lightning sprung from the sigil to her hoof.

“Owww!” she whined and stepped sideways, accidentally stepping on a corner of the pentagram with her other hoof while regaining her balance.

“No Rainbow, NO!” Twilight screamed, but it was already too late.

A magical tornado broke out as the magical energy was released all at once. Twilight tried to regain control. Rainbow tried to escape. None of them succeeded, as the angry spell-driven wind swept them up. They were thrown around the room several times until the magic had released its wrath (leaving a mess like none other for poor Spike to clean up), and then the tornado imploded, sucking the two ponies in with them and just like that, the chaos (and ponies) disappeared with a pop.

* * *

Twilight found herself thrown against a tree. She looked up at the pegasus, who’d been deposited in the branches above.

“Rainbow you idiot! Now look what you’ve done!” Twilight scolded.

“Errrh...sorry Twi…” Dash tried.

The two ponies extracted themselves from the tree and looked around. They could hear music in the distance.

“Alright, let’s see if we can find somepony to tell us where we are,” Twilight said and Rainbow nodded. They took off and flew most of the way but decided to walk the last of the distance.

What met them was what appeared to be a huge camp of tents and some sort of house-wagons (but without a yoke for a pony to pull it). Many of the house-wagons were very colorful, but that was not what had the two ponies look at the scenery open-muzzled. The camp was filled with thousands of strange two-legged creatures. Not diamond dogs, they quickly decided...they were something else.
They looked at each other and decided to move closer to the nearest little group of campers. Two were awake, the rest seemed to be sleeping.

* * *

“Woooowww...this must be some good shit, man...I see colored ponies,” Henry said.

“Yeah, man...me too…and we didn't even take any acid...” Linda said.

“Um...hello...I’m Twilight Sparkle, and this is my friend Rainbow Dash,” Twilight said.

"Welcome and peace in our time. I'm Linda and this is Henry," Linda said with a lazy but friendly smile.

“Welcome...wanna have some?” Henry said, offering his joint to the two ponies.

“Erh...no thanks…” Twilight said.

“Oh, okay...I thought you were cool, man…” Henry said, somewhat disappointed.

“What? I’m the coolest pony in Equestria!” Rainbow bursted out. “Give me that! And erh...what do I do?”

“Just inhale, man…”

Rainbow did so and immediately coughed. “What IS this?” she said, hoofing the strange little stick back to the two legged creature.

“This? This is the best weed you’ve ever smoked…”

“Yeah...wanna make love, little pony?” Linda asked and reached out for Rainbow. “Wooooowww...your mane is like…sooooft…and colorful...” she said with a giggle. Rainbow started giggling too, and embraced the female twolegger.

“Wooow...sooo hoooot….” Henry said and watched Linda and Rainbow kiss between giggles.

“Rainbow! What are you doing?” Twilight screeched.

“Hey, relaaaax pretty little pony…” Henry said and gently stroked Twilight’s mane and started giggling as well.

“Oh..erh...please stop...um...I’m not that kind of mare,” Twilight said red-faced.

“Oh, sure...chillax, man…” Henry said with a smile and withdrew his hand.

“What IS this place anyway?” Twilight asked and gestured towards the huge camp.

“This?” Henry paused to snicker and take another pull of his joint. “This is Woodstock...place of peace, love and harmony…”

“Harmony?” Twilight asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Yeah man…” Henry said.

“Hm...could you tell me more?” Twilight said, casting a glance at Rainbow and her lover.

“Suuuure…but you should really try this…” Henry said, offering Twilight the joint again.

“Oh-well...when in Roam…” Twilight said. She coughed and her head swam, but she also felt good. Relaxed.

“What’s with the music, by the way?” she asked the one called Henry.

“That’s also why we’re here. To listen to the music…” he said and stole a glance at Linda and Rainbow who were now making out on Linda’s sleeping mat.

Linda mumbled something into Rainbow’s ear, and Rainbow’s wings fluffed out while she mmm’ed into Linda’s ear.

“Got any more of the cool stuff?” she asked Linda dreamily.

“Sure…” Linda said and the two shared another joint.

“Who’s playing?” Twilight asked Henry to bring his attention back to her.

“Yeah…you know them? That’s so cool, man” he said.



“Gah! I asked who’s playing! You’re not making any sense,” Twilight grumped.

“But that’s what I've been saying. It’s The Who,” Henry said.

“That’s what I’m asking you!” Twilight said.

“No-no...jeez...chillax okay...they’re called The Who,” Henry said, holding up his hands to try and calm down the irate alicorn.

“Oh...okay...strange name though,” Twilight said, deflating. “Sorry.”

“No sweat, pretty Twilight…hey, have some more of this…” Henry said.

Twilight wasn't sure if it was a good idea...but then again, it felt really good…

She took a good pull on the offered joint, and felt herself relax. All her problems and anger evaporated, and this time she didn't mind Henry stroking her mane. Later two other people - she learned they were called ‘hew-mans’ or something like that - joined their snuggle pile.

* * *

At some point she thought that the ‘hew-mans’ had also been visited by Discord, as someone found a guitar and sang a song about tangerine trees, marmalade skies and multicolored cellophane flowers…
She then told them about how Discord had made it rain chocolate milk, and they all giggled at that.

She later found herself also kissing Rainbow...she didn't know how it happened, but it suddenly did, and then Rainbow told her that Linda had given her something to make her fly even higher. At that point Twilight didn't care, and soon she found herself in another snuggle pile after trying some sort of potion the ‘hew-mans’ had...

Twilight never knew what harmony was really like...until now. She never knew real love...until now. This place...these creatures...and all the pretty colors...all making love to her at the same time… She now knew what blue tasted like, the sound of sunshine and how the inside of music looked. She knew love...and she smiled at Henry, Linda and the others while she kissed Rainbow and the letter C was laughing at something...she wasn't sure what…

* * *

Twilight awoke with a gasp. She lay next to Rainbow, and she sighed in relief as she found herself back in her castle. She lay next to Rainbow who still mmm’ed and kissed her neck.

Twilight remembered. The sleepover with the girls after they’d redecorated the castle.

She sighed when Rainbow kissed her chin, but turned red as two orange-framed eyes looked at her and she was suddenly very much awake as Applejack awoke everypony with her cry of “Twilight? Rainbow? What the hay????”

* * *

Elsewhere...in the Realm of Dreams...

“You know, those dreams you just spun, they were just soooo wierd, Princess,” John said with a laugh and leaned himself back against the dark blue alicorn next to him.

Luna giggled, “I know...but you know, John, it’s really your fault…”

“Oh?” John said with a lifted eyebrow and offered Luna the bong.

Luna grabbed the bong with her magic and took a pull.

“Yeah, YOU Mr. John Winston,” Luna laughed as she exhaled the smoke. “You’re the one who taught me to smoke the grass rather than eat it.”

The two burst out laughing again, and hugged each other.

“Thanks for the show by the way. That helped - great fun,” John said.

“Glad to be of service, my friend. I know you miss Yoko a lot. And she still misses and loves you, John. I’ve seen it in her dreams,” Luna said and kissed him to break him out of his funk.

“Thanks again, Luna. You’re the best. Heh, I wish we’d met earlier, like before I became a permanent resident here. Then the song could’ve been Miss Moonlight rather than Mr. Moonlight,” John said and they laughed again.

Luna loved her time with John in the dream world - nothing to get her little ponies’ dreams flowing like spending her time with the old Beatle...

Comments ( 13 )

Nice, well done:twilightsmile:

I wish there was more stories set in different time periods.

Now that is some nice harmony there.
Also, the end with Luna and Mr. Lennon sharing a bong. That was, like, righteous.


Thanks, both of you.

Yes, I thought having John Lennon there would be a nice thing. I'm a great Beatles fan myself, even though the music belongs to my parents' generation. The Beatles were very innovative, and I love their songs and their lyrics

6009565 Maybe the next thing you could do would be to make a story with
the movie "Yellow Submarine":pinkiehappy:

Heh...that might work.

I need to think about it while I rest in an Alicorn's garden, in the shade... ;-)

Nice nod to that scene in Animaniacs! If I have to nitpick something from this is that The Beatles never performed at Woodstock. Great story.


Glad you enjoyed it.

I know Beatles never performed at Woodstock. The Who did. One of the other campers picks up a guitar and plays Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, however (and that song was made before Woodstock, I checked to be sure).

And John is with Luna because he's dead and well...because I think that's where he would end up - the ultimate dream that never ends...

6009565 Y'know that awkward moment when you and your friend get portaled to another dimension where strange creatures give you some ''herbal supplements'' and you end up making out with your friend? :pinkiehappy:

Yes, and then you wake up and think "oh, it was just a dream (damn you Luna)" and then your friend starts it all over again...while your other friend watches... :rainbowwild:

6023576 know right!? But why are your friends watching ya sleep? why was AJ watching Twilight and RD sleep!?:applejackunsure:

6026829 Hm...she probably awoke to Rainbow's sleeptalk of "Mmmm....<kiss>...mmm....oh...<kiss>" :rainbowwild:

6027993 Ahhh, them hippies and their love for... friendship! Oh my gosh, Hippies were the true gods of friendship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dun dun dun

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