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Everypony's enjoying the holidays at Sweet Apple Acres, when suddenly a red sleigh crashes into the barn. Its owner needs help to continue his voyage, and the mane six offer their help, only to be brought a little out of their element and into an adventure.

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I love this story.

This is a great story. I was kind of expecting Santa Claus to sing this song though

Thanks. Much appreciated
Haha...love that song - yep, he should definitely sing that song :-)

5345035 Have you seen Santa And The Ice Cream Bunny?

No, can't say that I have. Hm...maybe there would be material for a good story about ponies meeting the Easter Bunny...
I think it would be fun if he was kind of rude, and always with a carrot stump in his mouth, kind of like a cigar...

5347977 Here is a review of Santa And The Ice Cream Bunny 1972 from a Fimfiction user

This is a nice little story.

Ugghhh, the cover photo. I remember that atrocity from when I was a little kid.

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