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Nightmare Moon. Her name has survived for a thousand years on the tongues of scholars, historians and mares trying to get their foals into bed. It is a name that drove a primal fear into the hearts of ponies, a fear so dark that they would utter her name only as the vilest of curses for generations after they had forgotten who and what she truly was.

In modern day Equestria, the name Nightmare Moon has come to have a new meaning- one of redemption after mistakes, of forgiveness at the end of harsh trials. It is a lesson that will last another score of generations, but one group of ponies has not forgotten what truly made her name one to be feared: the Nightmare, the dark force that Princess Luna summoned to help her dethrone Celestia. It is said that the Nightmare still roams the darkness between ponies' dreams, waiting for a chance to be brought back into the physical world so that it may complete its final and most terrifying mission.

The Nightmare will answer the call of any pony brave or foolish enough to seek it... and where ponies seek to stir the Nightmare, the Coursairs will be there to stop them.

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my god.... IT LIVES!!!!!!

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