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The Angry Dango of Doom

I used to write nonsensical bullcrap. Now I write nonsensical bullcrap with a story. Kinda...


Adagio wakes up, no longer in her teenage form, but as a child. The thing she feared most has finally happened, her magic has finally faded. Now she is young, and her mind is no longer developed, leaving her siren sisters to watch over her.
Or just Aria...

Seen this picture around and an idea instantly sprang into my head. I don't know what I have planned for this, but whatever it is, it's going to be for my pleasure.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 62 )

That can't be the end :rainbowhuh:

5947376 I would certainly hope not.

This is really good :twilightsmile: However I think this shouldn't be marked as "Complete", because I just think that this isn't everything you got, right? :moustache:

I like how sonata is already taking a big sister role, and that Aria has already accepted she's practically going to be taking care of two children.
Keep this story up I'm already putting it in my favorites!

5949607 I really wouldn't call Sonata the "bigger" sister. More like the sister that happens to be bigger.

Great start, my only gripe with it is that there are no spaces between the paragraphs.

5949704 I'm a terrible author. So, uh, I don't know...

5949719 Do it like this:

[Words involving ponies]

[More words involving ponies]

Notice the space between the parahraphs

5949732 I need more context than that bruh :I

5949743 Long story short, use your return key to make spaces between paragraphs.

Ohh, this looks like it will be an adorable story. I see a lot of promise :pinkiehappy:

5951531 Well I'm not hard to impress, so I'm sure it will be great :derpytongue2:

I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

5952337 I'm going to have many stupid moments.

But this won't be all comedy, right?

...I want to see more of Sonata "babysitting" widdle Dagi :rainbowkiss:

5975203 DOnt worry
whenever I finish my first chapter, you'll get a taste of her so called "babysitting"

This is gonna be cute

Not going to squee... not going to squee... not going to squee...

SQUEEEEEE :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

I'm just imagining the Koala as a literal stuffed Koala, Knowing how long they lived for, I wouldn't be surprised if they had a trophy room filled with these things and she just liked the Koala... Too far?:pinkiecrazy:

5996790na it's a stuffed one :O Did I forget to edit that in?

5996284 truuuuuuuu xDxDxD

Even with Aria's assessment at the end there, the little hints in Adagio's behavior tell me she's up to something sinister.

That, or she's so used to getting her way through lies and manipulation that even a simple thing like wanting to cuddle up to someone for security has to be done through deceptive behavior, such as forcing tears. That actually sounds kind of tragic the more I think about it.

Or maybe it's neither of those. :twilightsheepish: I look forward to finding out! :pinkiesmile:

5997649 She's acting more and more like a little girl, but it's true she still has a thirst to rule over someone or something.
She's crazy like that.

i know your pain with loseing you text in a story... microsoft word is my go to, it have an auto save feature, and it can save up to the last few minutes in case a unexpected turn off.

anywho... love this chapter, and i'm gonna love this story. I hope it focuses more on Aria being the motherly figure to Adagio, cause in all honesty... Sonata isnt cut out to be a mother, she's more of a sister.


you can download MS starter, its free and just as good... its what i have


Who knew she would be such a problem in that current state?

Also, I guess it's just me, but the whole "trying to resume command of The Dazzlings thing" makes her seem a bit like Diamond Tiara in a sense...

Furthermore, retaining a partially adult mind is quite rare for a child her age. Kind of like Loki from Bayonetta 2. He was probably in his late-kid to teens in the game, and yet he had a mature sense, and a bit of a vulgar mouth at that...

The way you make Sonata so fast paced, I can't help but think of her as Speedy Gonzalas in this story

Ah, this brings back memories... and the scars.

I feel bad for Aria, no one has to go through that sort of pain!

Sonata crawled on the floor and snaked her way up to Aria "Ariaaaaa!" She whispered, but she blocked Sonata out. Sonata hissed again "Ariaaaaa! There's a sale at Hot Topic!!!"

Aria sprang to her feet, launching crumbs onto the floor from her shirt, "Get the car keys,

This line is brilliant.

Well... That was a mad, whirling romp of extra-strength Crazy. I'm both confused and delighted. :raritystarry:

Question. Why hasnt Aria gone to the Rainbooms? I am pretty sure that wold have been one of teh first things Aria would have done inhopes of fixing Adagio

7750379 na but really, everything doesn't have to devolve in dropping as many characters in a story as possible m90

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