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Abandoned and Alone - Hazuki Shimizu

Leila a young filly from Manehatten must try to switch from a Energetic City life to a clam town life while battling her depression and her past

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Chapter 3: Found

I start to wake up and immediately I feel pain.

"Oww! My head!" I see a blue figure move was it Sunny? Of course it was it had to be Sunny...Right? I get up and I'm in my old room.

"Lelia...Lelia..." I walk around looking for Sunny.

"Sunny?" I walk to his voice.

"Leila..." I see him and run to him.

"Sunny!" Then I stopped because I felt something dark and different about him.

"Lelia...why do you like me? Because I don't." I step back.

"That's not true you do love me! You do!" His face started to bleed.

"No...you don't..." He shakes his head and a strong wind hits me with his blood flying everywhere.

"Yes I do!"

"No..." I start to cry


"No..." I get on my knees.

"Yes...I truly do..." He pulls me up and looks at me his face is clean and my surroundings change to an open meadow it was beautiful like nothing I've ever seen before.

"Leila...I love you." I look around to see Lune and Lena in blue dresses and I see new people and my new mom, I feel a tug at me and it was a filly who looked five years old and she was tugging on my dress...a wedding dress I start to cry again.

"I love you too Sunny..." His image becomes distorted and everything went dark again

"Sunny?!" I start to panic then I saw me I had longer hair and you could only see one eye I couldn't move she moves her arms around and I start moving with them she then quickly jerks my body and started to pull me apart.

"No!" I start to get control of my body and I finally broke her hold and I bended ice sickles at her which I had no idea how I did it and they missed she looked at me with a devilish smile and laughed hysterically.

“You can’t beat me...this power I have...the darkness is too strong…” I cry and started bending more ice at her.

“NO! You’re wrong! Even if darkness feels good and being alone is calm it’s not strong!” she backs up.


“Having family and friend are great because they love and care for you! You can see the light and it feels good...IT’S more powerful then you can ever imagine!” A ray of light shines on me and I bend a rainbow at her and she slowly disintegrates, I look at the light and I’m slowly pulled to it and I wake up in a hospital bed connected to monitor that showed my heartbeat it was normal… I try to get up but I feel an instant jolt of pain in my head.

“OWW!” I see Sunny wake up and run up to me.

“Leila! Your okay! THANK CELESTIA!” he hugs me and I flinch from the pain.


“Oh sorry.” he stops and looks in his bag for something and pulls out a book...Night…

“You got that for me?”

“Yeah you didn’t finish it last week so...I wanted to read it with you.”

“Wait what do you mean a week ago?” he sighs and puts the book on the bed.

“You were in a coma for a week...I was worried I lost you...I stayed here to make sure you were okay...I heard you scream and I saw water moving around all over the place then yesterday you started to bend a nurse but then you stopped and you fell asleep again...and here we are.”

“I did some terrible things...I saw some terrible things...but I saw a good thing…”

“What was that Leila?”

“I saw our marriage and a little girl who was completely blue but had one red eye and one yellow eye...I wanted to name her Aviana.”

“Wow...but we are only twelve how can you be sure we are going to get married?”

“Because...I know I will still have depression but...my love for you and your’s for me will be stronger than depression.” he starts to cry.

“I know...I will always be there for you...Leila.”

“I know you will...now help me get out of here.” he laughs.

“You know you can’t until you’re cleared then you have too…” I kiss him and ...I couldn’t explain how it felt…

“I know...I was joking now let’s read Night shall we?”

“Yes we shall” He opens the book and I move over to give him space to sit next to me and we started reading.

A few weeks later…

I’m strolled out the hospital in a wheelchair and I’m greeted by Mom and my sister.

“Hi.” she runs up and hugs me.

“It’s nice to see you’re okay.” She told me everything about what happened to my mom about how she was arrested and put in a correctional facility where she will spend eight years.

“Sis will you be okay?” Forresta asked

“I will be fine I just need to get back on my feet.”

“And speaking about that I have signed you up for water bending classes so you can defend yourself.”

“Thanks.” I wasn’t really concerned about that all I wanted to see was Sunny, they wheeled me home and when we arrived it seemed very...off…they opened the door.

“SURPRISE!” I see all ,my new friends in the room Lune, Lena, and the rest...but the one I was glad to see was Sunny they all crowded me and I felt loved and wanted...I may have depression still but...It’s nice to know I’m loved.

“Leila here.” he gives me a blue hoofband and a bouquet of roses all the girls went ‘aww’ and I see Penny elbow August who rolled his eyes.

“Thanks.” I kiss him and he blushed.

“I’m glad to see you back Leila” Lune said giving me a hug.

“I’m glad to be back...with all my friends.”

“GROUP HUG!” Theodora yelled and everyone was around me hugging...it felt great...I was loved...I felt found.

Author's Note:

It was a joy to write this...even if I still and others suffer from depression...we are still loved...and we can be found...even if we don't want to and we haven't yet.

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5895722 I was thinking about writing a Aftermath that's why it still says incomplete

5897604 It means its a beautiful, touching story :heart:

(Cries for three minutes) :heart:

5955103 It's a compliment. :heart:

I liked this story.

5989436 thank you! I try to do my best

Interesting story you have here.
Although, like a few other people have suggested, it could use a good proof reading.

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