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This story is a sequel to Abandoned and Alone

Aviana is Part of an Outcast a group of ponies in her school. She has depression that affects her. The outcasts aren’t recognized, but are all extraordinary. Alvon is part of the Populars,so he has a power over ponies in the school, however he doesn’t want it. He just wants Aviana-the filly he finds out that he likes. Spring Blossom is trying to find her place in the world and she will do anything to find it. Crystal wants a stable relationship. She thought she had one with Alvon but she was wrong. now she’s looking for love while trying to win Alvon back. Lime Overtime and Lemona have a secret that they try to keep from their friends, so that the groups wouldn’t fall apart...

Help from:
Lime Overtime
Thunderbolt Sentinel
thanks buddies!

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I can't wait to read more :pinkiehappy:

Looking forward to seeing more of Lime :pinkiecrazy:

dude, is it just me, or did a part of the storry dissapear? did you edit it? :rainbowhuh:
I mean... the part when the teacher said smth like.. "hello kids, today's the poetry day..." ? :rainbowderp:

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