All This Time

by Hazuki Shimizu

First published

Outcast and Populars two different groups different ponies all trying to fit in in some way, shape, or form and it has disastrous effects on the both of them.

Aviana is Part of an Outcast a group of ponies in her school. She has depression that affects her. The outcasts aren’t recognized, but are all extraordinary. Alvon is part of the Populars,so he has a power over ponies in the school, however he doesn’t want it. He just wants Aviana-the filly he finds out that he likes. Spring Blossom is trying to find her place in the world and she will do anything to find it. Crystal wants a stable relationship. She thought she had one with Alvon but she was wrong. now she’s looking for love while trying to win Alvon back. Lime Overtime and Lemona have a secret that they try to keep from their friends, so that the groups wouldn’t fall apart...

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Lime Overtime
Thunderbolt Sentinel
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A Weird Start To A Weird Day.

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Why am I going to school? I never fit in I barely have friends…she thought to herself as she hit a rock with her hoof. she let out a deep sigh. well if you count Hearty Lace...and Lime...and Spring...Well they only see... Overflowed with my thoughts, I trip and fall forward

“Ahh!” I let out a yell, but before I reach the ground with my face, I feel someone catch me. All confused, I look up. Oh…my Celestia…

“Are you okay?” I look up to see Avlon, the most popular guy in the school.

“Y-yes I’m fine.” He helps me up. My cheeks get as bright red as my mane.

“Are you sure? you don’t look so good...”

“When did she ever look good?” A familiar voice comes from behind Alvon. it was a Pink and Purple pony, Cherry Belle.

“Shut it ,Cherry.” I said , starting to get mad.

“Why should I? You do have two colored eyes. Maybe we should start calling you derpy two?” said the filly, as a hideous smirk appeared on her face

Grr….I wanna hit her so much.

“Cherry, cut it out now.” said Alvon .

“Whatever.” I get up and continue my walk to school.

“Wait ,Aviana!” yelled my defender, as he ran to me “I’m sorry about Cherry, she can be really mean sometimes.” Sometimes? dude...She’s mean all the time.

“It’s fine i’m okay.” I continue walking, my self esteem hurt. I have to deal with that everyday but my parents always say stuff like “ don’t worry it’s fine you won’t be alone”. Yeah, right... Cherry will be the death of me.

“Avi!” I look over to see my friend, Spring Blossom, run up to me.

“Hey Spring! How are you?”

“I’m good, but I saw what happened... are you okay?” You were just standing there and watching...really? what a friend…

“I’m fine Spring, okay?”

“Okay Avi, just looking out for you!”

“Thanks, but no, thanks.

“Okay…” I don’t need you to look out for me.

“Aviana!” I hear another voice, as I get trapped in somepony’s hoofs. It’s Hearty Lace who hugs me.

“Hey Lace.” I reply without a bigger excitement. as I get free from her grip, we all continue our walk to school, talking about colts, books, and gossips.

“Hey Aviana, I heard that Crystal Spark and Avlon are having a falling out. You have a chance to get him!” They are... oh my Celestia! I do have a chance...wait. no I don’t. why would he go out with a two color eyed outcast…

“No, I don’t. Why would he go out with me?”

“Avi, we could name so many reasons!” The cheer in their voices didn’t stop me from I looking at them sceptically.

“Really? okay, name three reasons.”

“Well you are kind, honest and loyal.” The honesty part hit me like a train-I’m never honest. I always hide my feelings. still, in spite of this, I start to blush.

“Thanks guys…”

“Once it’s offical go get him girl!”

“Okay, maybe I will!” I open the High School doors and I’m immediately hit with powder bomb. And then, as an immediate reaction, a wave of laughs rises from everypony.

“Look guys Derpy Two!” I open my Eyes to see Polar Sky and Cherry Belle laughing their feathers off. As I stare up at them, I feel my face being cleaned.

“Hey Ana - I’ve got the two bullies.” I open my eyes to see Lime walking to Cherry and Polar. “Hey that wasn’t very nice you two.”

“And what are you gonna do about it Lima Bean?”

“I could cut you.” replied the black mare. She can. Like I cut myself.

“No you won’t.” Polar Scoffed. But then I see Lime reach in her bag and pull out a pair of scissors.

“Try me.” she said with a pokerface.

“Lime stop, they aren’t worth it.” I yell. Even if I would enjoy spilling their bloods with my earth bending. Lime slowly puts the scissors back in her bag, still staring moveless at my offenders.

“Fine.” She starts to walk back

“Wow, scared much?” No Lime don’t do it. She turns around and looks at Cherry.

“The only one who’s scared is the insecure foal I’m looking at.” And she walks back to us.

“Wow Lime.” Spring said.

“Aaand cut! End of scene!” Silver Screen said acting like a director.

“Hey Silver.” I giggled a bit while saying that.

“Hello dear Aviana, I love your Passion, in the scene so genuine. And Lime, baby that was amazing! Acting all tough and strong - you stole the show.”

“Thanks Silver.” Lime snickered. in that moment Lemona walks through the door behind us. “Hold on.” Lime runs to Lemona and pulls her aside. The two mares talk for some time and laugh for a bit. It seemed odd. This black mare who was just standing dead serious with a “weapon” in her hooves is now… smiling? For a mare who rarely laughs, she seemed an awful lot cheerful. Too cheerful if you ask me. They hug and Lime runs back to us.

“Umm Lime why were you talking to Lemona, one of the bullies and popular ponies?” Lace asked questionably

“No...we are just in the same club that’s all. We have a project to work on later.”

“I’m a feather, you’re a pillow

I’m a sand piece, you’re a stone

When I’m a worm, you’re armadillo

Always chew me till the bone

As a feather I’m unneeded

as a pillow you are loved

You won’t stop even if you’re pleaded

therefore my pride’s always shoved”

Wow that was amazing I never knew Quill was THAT good.

“Butter Quill everypony in the class dunce can write a poem!” Cherry yells mockingly.

“Y-yeah!” I look at Lemona. She looks uncomfortable, as if she regretted her words.. What is wrong with her?

“Hey guys- not funny.” I hear Crystal Spark shout at them.

“Crystal…” Avlon taps her shoulder and tells her something that seemed devastating. She turned paler than she was before. “I’m sorry Crystal…”

“It’s fine I’ll be fine.”

“Okay.” Wow...I guess Spring was right.

“Alright Cherry and Lemona to the principal’s Office” Zia yells

“Okay geez.” She gets up from her seat and walks out of the class

“No, Please Ms.Zia please!” Lemona begs, looking as down as one could look.

“Ms. Zia, she never meant to be that way.” Crystal said protecting one of her friends. Then suddenly Lime raises her hood.

“Actually miss, I have a poem. Can they stay?.” Ms. Zia sighs.

“Yes, and go on” Quill slumps in her chair.

“Don’t be so down Quill.” I say.

“Okay listen up everypony

Metal scissors, my sharp scissors

you can kill so many figures

there’s so many ways to die

poke you in the neck or eye…”

“Alright Lime that’s enough.” The whole class burst out laughing. Everypony accept Cherry and Polar. Lime has just declared a war on the popular kids… Sugar Bolt throws a paper ball at me. I pick it up, and notice that there’s something written on it. I carefully unwrap it and read it: I need you to pay attention to this next poem by Avlon like VERY carefully. I feel very confused right now. Why should I even consider doing that?

“Okay class, who else wants to go?” Avlon raises his hoof

“I would like to go please.”

“Oh okay Mr.Avlon go.”

“Alright.” he goes up to the front and reads.

“It feels like I’ve been put to slumber

The years I’ve slept make a big number

I’ve seen you all those years right here

I’ve seen you, yet, I never got near

They say you’re different, I true that

but my dear, “different” doesn’t mean “bad”

You’re like a sky that I always see

you’re like the fire, near which I want to be

You’re like a strawberry on my piece of pie

you’re like a star, which is above us, so high

you may be different, that is true

but that doesn’t mean that I can’t love you”

H-he likes me...OH MY LUNA!

I look over to see that Ms.Zia called the principal and that in a flash, Vice Principal Gilded Rapier was at our door.Vice Principal Gildy is here stuff is going down!

“Well Hello Mrs. Gildy, I seem to have some troublemakers.” the teacher said while giving those two an angry glance.

“Yeah, between the Outcasts and Populars - I don’t know who’s worse!” Said Sunspot being her usual self as an instigator

“Quiet now Ms. Sunspot.” said the teacher, and my classmate immediately shuts up.

“Now Ms.Cherry Belle, go with Mrs. Gildy.”

“Yes ma’am.” She gets up and walks away with Mrs. Gildy

“Guys, I think that poem was about me!” I sat with an unbelievably excited voice. All of my friends look at me confused.

“Really?” asked Spring while giving me a steady stare..

“Yeah.” I reply. “Just think about the color of the objects that he named!”

they think for a second, trying to remember his poem

“Her fur does look like the sky...”said Quill

“And her mane is a fiery red.” Spring added

“and Her eyes are a star and a strawberry…” they all realize what that means, and say it out loud.

“Oh my Luna! He does like you!”

“Yeah…” then it finally dawns upon me “Oh my Celestia! What should I do?!” the bell rings and I see Alvon walk to me and my friends. OH MY LUNA!

“Hey guys! hey Aviana, did you like my poem?”

“It was amazing...I mean... it was nice and…” he chuckles.

“Hey Aviana, I was wondering... you wanna go to Sugarcube Corner after the school today?” I gasp. from the shock that I just received, I lose the ability to speak for a second. H-he just asked me out I-I can believe it!

“Y-yes I-I would love to!”

“Okay so it’s a date?”


“Okay see you later Aviana” He walks out of the class to his next period.

“Congrats Avi! you are going out on a date with your crush tonight!” Lime says hugging me.

“I-I’m going out on a date with Alvon…” Can this day get any weirder?