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My name is Abe, I like anthropology, religion, fantasy, the Cthulhu mythos, worldbuilding, metal and ponies. I consider fan fiction a tool to create better worlds and expand upon concepts.



The Days were many, but the lives were few...
Long ago, before the war between sun and moon and the return of chaos on the planet which is now home to Equestria. All was united under a grand continent known as Hippoborea. All except for the ponies. Split into numerous tribes and cultures, they were forced to adjust to the dangerous climes, all trying to earn their worth in a world full of danger. Enter Bronze Tusk, an earth pony of the steppes of Greeinom, belonging to the tribe of the Doron. He has set off to escape the peaceful monotony of his tribe, seeking a life of excitement. He gets that, and more.

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