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Expat American brony living in Germany. Occasionally, I write smut or read something that isn't smut.


When Phil wakes up in Equestria, he makes a rather large impact. Well, as large as a normal 20 something guy falling from about 30000 feet can make.

Slightly inspired by The Human Condition.

Also inspired by my need to step away from my longer story for a moment and clear my head.

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Ha ha okay, that was mildly amusing. Loved that ending!


I don't... what...? Well then. Okay. That was rather unexpected.

But where was the pot of petunias?

The worst part is hitting 500 words and realizing you've run out of funny things to say.

This is what I thought that other story was going to be, essentially.

5528039 That is literally the entire joke.

I figured it was alleviating impactus interruptus.

IIR, Temeraire had much the same reaction...fortunately, the dragon stopped in time. Too bad about Flutters.:scootangel:

Saw the title and instantly thought about this...

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