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Expat American brony living in Germany. Occasionally, I write smut or read something that isn't smut.


For anyone wondering what I've been up to lately... · 12:39pm May 12th, 2018

So... First of all, sorry I haven't put out much material lately. I've sorta drifted away from the Pony fandom as a whole, largely because I feel like I suffered my way through season 7 instead of enjoying it. Instead, I've been focusing on a different passion of mine: erotic hypnosis. If you read my story, "Submitting to the Great and Powerful", you know I'm into erotic hypnosis. Well,

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On shitty ideas and obnoxious people · 2:50pm Jul 30th, 2017

The following list of PMs came after quite a few PMs from this same guy.

I did think of another idea that might be fun, and it fits more in line with how you'd think the characters would act.

I apologize for sending another PM your way, but I did think of a few non hypnosis ideas for a clopfic involving Dash, if you wouldn't mind me sending a few your way.

Pay me.

I don't have any money

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Looking for proofreader/editor · 5:11pm Mar 3rd, 2017

So I finally got my latest fic ready for editing. But my go-to editors are too busy/unreachable, so I might as well call out here. Trixie/Starlight clop, heavy focus on hypnosis.

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: I'm an idiot. I already made this post earlier and got a lot of responses. Sorry folks! XD

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The Human In Equestria Exposition Dump: Don't do it. · 11:01am Feb 7th, 2017

Show, don't tell. This is writing 101.
If you can cut it without taking anything away from the story, cut it. This is also writing 101.

So why do I keep seeing HiE fics that start with entirely unnecessary exposition dumps, which frame the narrative in an inelegant way?

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Need a new editor · 7:54pm Jun 14th, 2016

I can't reach one of my old editors and the other one just doesn't have time.

Any takers for editing and proofreading on the (nearly completed) last chapter?

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Still alive · 8:06pm Jan 9th, 2016

Dear god I am being slow on this. No worries, I'm still around, and I am working on the story. This will get finished.

(I felt the need to make this post after reading the comments on Hard Reset 2.)

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First editing pass done · 11:20pm Jun 16th, 2015

Hum di dum di dum, showing signs of life, la la la...

Yeah, next chapter (which is not what I promised it would be, sorry guys, I felt like we needed something between point A and point B) just got past my first editor pass, and I've passed it on to my second editor. Should be up in... Hmm, given my track record, less than a year, more than a week? :V

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On Writing Yourself Into A Corner, Job Applications, and More · 4:15pm Mar 26th, 2015

Finnicky little details. Stupid finnicky little details.

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Yo real talk how does this only have 20k views · 12:04pm Mar 8th, 2015

Take a minute out of your day to watch this if you haven't already. If you already have, watch it again. It's glorious.

...Oh right, updates. Well, I've had some issues the last few weeks, but now I'm gonna bolt myself down and finish this last chapter. Just to give you all a little teaser of what to expect, the title is "Beat Me Like A Drum".

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Status Update On That Next Chapter (or: why you need an editor) · 8:11pm Jan 25th, 2015

So I'm about 3/4ths of the way done with the chapter. First half of the main clop scene is done; second one needs a little planning. Then my editor pointed out that the story disgusted her - Vinyl was downright evil and manipulative, James was a bit too dopey and gullible and character-less... Seriously, he was like the worst kind of dopey, do-nothing protagonist who just goes along with everything, which makes about no sense given his previous characterization.


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