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So I would like to say that I went to a convention dressed up as my favorite character, bought an item from a <insert verb here> merchant and said item brought me to Equestria, but no.

Instead I found one of these items on the ground when I went out with my dog. To be precise I found two of them. And long story short now I´m in Equestia. Not that I´m complaining or anything like that.

Like I already said I didn´t make some fancy costume of some character from a game I like. No. Instead I made a fancy costume of a character I myself created. And aparrently I´m not the only one.

I´m now my own character in Equestria with an other human. My thoughts about this? Sweet.

In the course of this fic the abilitys of the characters will change a bit. When that happens I will put small footnotes at the end of the chapter to let you guys know what changed exactly.

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