• Published 3rd May 2015
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W.A.F.E. - DNA Hochburger

We have to go on, get stronger, because our enemies are getting stronger too. But we also have to have fun, because what´s life without fun?

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A stupid idea?

Love Tap lets her gaze wander over the castle, absorbing all its glory.

"He really got far with renovating," observes Rarity.

"He doesn't have a whole lot else to do, so yeah. Infact he is at it right now," explains FREEZER as he walks through the castle doors with the rest of the group following behind him. They walk up a wide staircase that is directly in the lobby before entering an even wider hallway. After some minutes of solid walking they reach another flight of stairs roughly the same size as the first one. Ones at the top they reach a vast room. It has a broken skylight, its glass laying on the floor in two neat piles. On the edge of the room are benches, some are broken and some are still intact even after centuries. But they neglect all of it as they make their to the double doors on the other side of the room. FREEZER pushes them open easily enough and the whole group enters.

"FREEZER, as much as I love the throne room, why are we here," asks Rarity.

"I thought you wanted to see me," comes a voice from above that is recognized by most of them. There in the air hovers DNA, covered in dust. He desends from the ceiling and lands infront of them. "So good to see you all again or in Buttons case meet you. That said," he squads down and extends his hand to the little brown foal, "Hi I´m DNA."

The colt accepts the offered hand after being pushed by his friends. "Hi, my name is Button Mash."

The white haired human stands up again. "So what can I do on this lovely day for you?"

"Well," begins Love Tap, "I came here to meet the ones that took up Scootaloo and thank them. Having said that: Thank you," she extends her hoof, "I´m Love Tap by the way, I´m Buttons mother."

DNA looks at the offered hoof confused. "Love Tap, we already met."

Now it´s the mares turn to look confused. "I´m pretty sure I would remember you if I met you."

"We saw us just this morning."

The mothers eyes widen in realization. "You were that black stallion!" He nods in confirmation with a expression that say 'Obviously.' "But how?"

"Oh that is easly explaineable." DNA snips with his fingers before he is being enveloped by black smoke. When it disperses it leaves behind a big, black earth pony with a white mane that stands in complete contrast to his coat and piercing red eyes. "I have a power that lets me do it."

"Oh," is all Love Tap gets out as she looks at his form.

"That reminds me," he picks up a scroll and presents it to the mare. "This should be your solution."

"My solution for what," inquires the cream colored mare eyeing the scroll suspicious.

Twilight walks up besides the older mare to look at the scroll closer. "Wait! Is that the royal seal?"

"Sure is," replies the human.

"But aren't they normally only used for political affairs?" questions the bigger marshmallow unicorn.

"Yes," answers the magic student. "What kind of problem do you have that the princesses would help you?"

"I don't know," responds the mare in question slowly getting nervous. "DNA, what is in that letter?"

"Only one way to find out."

Love Tap takes a deep breath to calm her nerves before she takes the scroll, opens the seal, unfurls it and begins reading it. "Dear Miss Tap, DNA informed me that you planned to meet your husband here in Canterlot, but because you couldn´t bring your son with you you couldn´t go. So DNA asked me to help. And so my sister and I decided to give you one of the..." She stops and starts staring at the letter.

"What does it say, darling?"

"It says that they reserved a suite in Canterlot castle," says the mother, her voice hollow as she is still in shock.

"Oh you are so lucky, darling. To get the chance to stay in the royal palast. You are so lucky," gushes Rarity.

"Why? I don´t understand. Why would you go out of your way to do this for me," asks Love Tap.

"I had to go to Celestia anyways so while I was there I thought I just ask her and as you can see she said yes. For some reason she laughed when I told her my request," explains the human as he throws down another card and saying, "Mau."

"What, you are already at your last card?" say the three fillies in unison.

"Yes, I´m too," states Button Mash as he throws down his second to last card. "Mau."

"You make it sound so casual," determines the oldest mare in the room.

"Oh it was quite casual. I strolled into the castle, went straight to the throne room, kicked out Blueblood and his posse and then I had cake and tea with Celestia, while we had a delightful talk. Luna even joined us a bit later," explains DNA, while throwing down his last card from his hoof. "Mau Mau by the way."

Everypony stares him with wide eyes, even the foals. The human turned pony looks around confused. "What? Did my hair change pink again." He checks his hair. "No, it didn´t. So why are you all looking at me like that?"

Twilight shakes her head trying to think of a way how to explain. "Listen DNA, I don't know how it was in your world, but here in Equestria we have laws that strictly go against such a thing."

"Oh I'm quite aware of that, Twilight," replies DNA still extremely casual making the mare blink in confusion. "And to your information I did not break any laws whatsoever. Do you see that in the corner there?" asks the black stallion while pointing to one of the corners. They follow his hoof to see one of the old armors there. "Because you can almost wear anything in Equestria I put it on, made me a styrofoam sword, put a scar on my face for good measure and then said I needed to speak to the Princess and that it was important. They were so helpful too and even escorted me to the throne room. Not my fault when they don't ask who I am. When we arrived in the throne room Celestia realized pretty quickly who I was and send out everypony."

Applejack turns to Twilight. "Is he tellin' the truth, Twi?"

The purple unicorn fosters her mind for the information before she nods. "Yes, he is right. While it is extremely stupid the law is on his side if they'd caught him. As long as he doesn't force his way in he is in the right." Her thoughtful expression turns to one of anger. "I just can't believe something so silly worked."

"Twilight, in their defense I am a pretty good actor," praises the native human himself. "But I think we got of track. Love Tap, the letter contains more, you know."

The mare in question shakes her head. More? I don't know how much more I can take today. "Your husband is of course able to stay also with you and it goes without saying that if you don't accept DNAs offer that your son is able to stay with you or if you wish a room next to you. There is a card on the back of the letter. If you show it at the castle the guards will get you situated. P-Princess Celestia."

"What does she mean with DNAs offer?"

"When DNA heard my problem the first time he offered to watch over Button while I am gone. I replied that it wouldn´t matter anymore, because I couldn´t get a room in Canterlot fast enogh. I guess that doesn´t matter." She takes a deep breath before continuing. "If you want to foalsit my little Button, while I am gone that´s fine with me, but I am going to let him decide. Button are you going to stay here or do you want to come with me and see daddy?"

The colt is considering both his options with all eyes on him, when an idea strikes him. He looks up at DNA. I think he would actually agree to this. "I´ve got a question. Can the others stay as well?"

The mares eyes widen in shock. "Button! I can´t believe..." starts his mother angry, but is quickly cut off.

"Of course!" exclaims the human.

The mature females turn to him.

"You can´t be serious! You know of their... outgoings?" questions Rarity him.

"Yes, I heard of their little adventures. Quite interesting if you ask me," replies DNA while tapping his chin against the end.

"And ya still wanne do it?" checks Applejack just to be sure. He gives them a thumbs up with a confident smile. While the gesture with his hand goes completely over the heads, the smile is answer enough. "Ok, fine with me. Hey Applebloom ya wanne?"

The yellow filly begins to hop up and down. "Ya ask me if I wanne? O'course I wanne."

"Rarity, can I stay too?" asks the little marshmallow unicorn.

Her big sister looks around until her gaze finally settles on DNA. When the princesses can trust him, then so can I. "Of course you can, Sweetie, but if I hear that you came to school late you can look out to never doing something like this again. Am I clear?"

"Yes, Rarity," responds Sweetie Belle before joing her friends again.

"Now that this is dealt with. I have a couple of presents to give to you," declares DNA as he turns back to his human self. He grabs something from behind his back and presents it to Twilight. It is a worn out book with several notes sticking out partially.

"What is this?" asks the bearer of the element of magic.

"This is one of the diarys of Star Swirl the Bearded. It even has one or two spells inside," explains the human.

The unicorns eyes widen. "Really?"

"Yes, I showed it to Celestia and Luna and both verified it´s authentic," confirms the earth tamer.

She tackles him in a massive hug to the ground. "Oh thank you, DNA! I can´t thank enough."

"You could begin with giving me space to breath." She starts to blush causing the other ponies to chuckle and gets off of him. "And if you really want to thank me, then you can always teach me magic."

"What do mean with that?"

"I can transform into every tribe even into an alicorn, but I can´t immidiatly do what that tribe can. For example: As a pegasus I can fly and I can stay on clouds, but I can´t control the weather yet," explains DNA.

Twilight gets exited at the idea of having an student of her own. "Of course I can teach you, just come by if you have time."

"Sure will do." He turns to the fashion designer. "Don´t think I forgot you, Rarity." He reaches behind his back again and when he brings his hand back from there he has a beatiful necklace in it. It has a golden chain with a diamond hanging from it in the middle that has the from of Raritys cutie mark. Despite its simplicity it is stunning. "I asked Luna and Celestia if it belonged to them, but it doesn´t. While they admitted that it was beatiful they said I could keep it. And I have to agree with them it is extremely gorgeous, that is the only reason I haven´t sold it yet. Sadly I can´t use it, so I thought to myself if I had a friend that could do something with it and of course you sprang immidiatly into my mind. So do you want it?"

Rarity regards the accessory before her with great care. "DNA, I simply can´t accept this."

"Oh yes you can," insists the human as he shoves it literally into her face causing her to grab in her magic out of reflex. "Seriously if it stays her it will just become a dust trap. Anyway who is hungry? I made noodles." There is a roar from the collection of the rumbling stomaches. DNA begins to laugh causing some of the ponies to join. "Okay then let´s get going."

They are already at the door when Applejack holds him up. "Could Ah have a quick talk with ya?"

He looks down at her before calling out. "Hey you guys go on ahead, just follow the lines. I have to talk to AJ here quickly."

The other ponies look at each other confused before they nod and start walking again.

When the group is out the sight Applejack takes of her hat and begins, "DNA, I wanted to thank you... again."

"OK, accent is off, serious buisness. While I am thankful that you thank me I do have to ask. Why?"

"Because of the book you gave me yesterday. It´s..." she hesitates.

He sighs. "I said it to you before, but I´ll gladly say it as often as you need to hear it. I won´t force you to tell me anything. If you decide you want to tell me or anypony for that matter whatever it is you have then go ahead I will listen and most likely won´t judge you. Seriously I´m pretty sure I´ve seen worse than anything you might throw at me. So how about we get back to the others, because I don´t know about you, but I am starving." He puts her hat back on her head. "So watcha say we get going?"

There is a moment of silence where neither of them says anything. Suddenly the orange farm pony hugs him, which is quite awkward because of their height difference. After his initial shock is away he returns the embrace. They stay like that for a couple of moments before they break apart.

"Thanks Ah appreciate how ya think."

He waves her of. "Don´t mention it, but really now let´s get going I´m hungry."

She chuckles. "Sure thing."

And with that they make their way to the dining room.

Author's Note:

That was a really quick update. Hope you liked it.

Does DNA still seem to be trusted to easyly? Good.