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Tirek is defeated everything is normal again. Well as normal as it can be. The land still needs to recover from the fight between Princess Twilight Sparkle and Tirek. Princess Celestia gathers Twilight and her friends in Canterlot castle to talk about the situation. They just start when an old acquaintance of the princesses appears and says that they have a problem. What will happen to our heroins? And will they mange to not lose anypony? We will see (maybe, almost certain, likely).

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you suck dude my little pony sucks , everything sucks , my life sucks , my mom never loved me :(

Well quite frankly I don´t care.

ohn dam, never read such a brilliant story, amazing, kep:heart:p up the incredible work my friend :heart::heart::heart::coolphoto::coolphoto::coolphoto::fluttershyouch::flutterrage:

5434020 Well thanks I really appreciate it even if I don´t think I wrote that good I´m glad you liked it.

Good Story Bruh :D Keep it up!

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