• Published 3rd May 2015
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W.A.F.E. - DNA Hochburger

We have to go on, get stronger, because our enemies are getting stronger too. But we also have to have fun, because what´s life without fun?

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A new friend?

Celestia looks at the letters in front of her. There are three of them in front of her to be precise. One for each day DNA is already gone. She reads them again.

Day 1

Hi Celestia,

Today I learned, that spiders are scared of fire.

I also found a place to crash while I´m in Equestria. It´s a bit small, but it will be good for now.

Your friend DNA.

P.S.: Say Hi to Luna from me.

Day 2

Good evening Celestia,

Today I learned, that I need to find something to heat my place.

I´m very happy you don´t search for me and still trust me. Thank you.

I started to restore my home.

Your freezing friend DNA.

P.S.: Say Luna that I saw what she did and thanks.

Beneath the letter is a picture of the night sky with five, bright stars, forming a pentagram.

Day 3

Hello Luna and Celestia,

Today I learned, that both of you are very clever ponies.

On another note, I´m very exited for tomorrow.

Your adventurous friend DNA.

P.S.: I think I need some new furniture.

Celestia doesn´t know why, but she always feels happy when she is reading these letters. She would just like it more when he would be here in the castle so they could converse. She looks at the clock. It´s 12 o´clock. Another eight hours for the next letter. The sun princess shakes her head. I can´t let this distract myself from my royal duties. She continues working with a smile, thinking about the next letter.


"Sister, please sit still, you are not a little foal anymore," exhorts Luna her bigger sister.

"I know that, Luna, but it´s almost time for the letter," replies Celestia rocking on her chair.

"I am aware of that sister and I´m exited too, but you are too over the hill," answers Luna chuckling.

One hour later

"What if something happened to him. We have to help him," Celestia is pacing around the room, "We have to send out the whole guard!"

"Sister calm down. I´m sure he´s fine. Maybe he just doesn´t have anything interesting to say," suggests Luna.

Then there comes the letter, as a paper plane. That was one thing very special about DNAs letters. They always came as a paper plane up until now.

Celestia snatches the letter out of the air reading it out loud:

"Delayed hello you two,

Today I learned that it´s hard to breathe without air (especially buried under a lot of debris).

Don´t worry about me I´m almost completely fine.

I´m happy to announce that I´m not living alone anymore. (Yay.)

My inmate arrived by air and lost control. As a result, he trashed the place a bit. You could say he crashed at my place.

We will come for a visit on Sunday.

Please inform the girls aswell, I would like for them to meet him aswell.

Your bruised friend DNA.

P.S.: My roommate is a bit different than me, just to warn you.

P.P.S.: Now I definitely need some new furniture."

Celestia looks up from the letter to her sister.

"See everything is fine, sister."

"Okay I maybe overreacted a bit, but I had good reasons to. You´ve heard the letter. He still got hurt," answers Celestia pouting.

Luna sighs. "That besides. He said he will come on Sunday. That means in three days. We will have to organize everything."

Celestia looks to her sister again. "I will have to inform the girls then."

She thinks for a second when she is interrupted by her sister: "Sister do you think sometimes we are getting old?"

Celestia really wonders where that came from.

Following Sunday

"So who is this roommate, from DNA?" asks Twilight.

"I bet he is like super awesome," comments Rainbow really helpfully.

Celestia looks to her student. "I don´t know. DNA said that he is different than himself."

"Did he say when they will come?" inquires Applejack.

This time Luna is the one to respond. "No he did not, but we think he will be here soon."

"Why ya think, princess?"

"Let's call it a hunch, shall we?"

"Oh I have a hunch, too," screams Pinkie hopping up and down. Everypony turns to her expecting something. "It tells me: 3, 2, 1..."

Not later than that and a crash is heard from the next door. They turn first to the door from which they have caught the sound, then back to Pinkie, which just smiles at them in return.

Before they can wonder about that their ears are met with shouting.


"Oh come on I can´t land when you struggle so much."


"You would never have come with me on your own."


One of these voices is DNA, the calm one. The loud one is probably from his roommate.

"Let me just repair this wall, then we can meet the others."

"I don´t want to meet these little ponies." The other one calmed down but is still clearly upset.

"Give them a chance, I´m quite certain you will like them after some time or at least will get along with them."

"I doubt that." They are coming closer now.

"Then give them the benefit of the doubt."

There is a defeated sigh from behind the door before the other one continues: "You know I hate you, right?"

"Yes, I know. I wouldn´t want it any other way."

The door opens and in its frame are standing two bipedal. One of them is DNA. The other is a bit smaller, about Luna's height, his hair is light green, such are his eyes. He has a green shirt on, that seems to be too big for him and blue trousers. On the shirt are three white, wavy, horizontal lines.

The groups stare at each other. Just one of each group smiles. On group human it´s DNA and on group pony it´s Pinkie.

After a couple of seconds, the new human leans over to DNA and says: "Ok you were right they are actually pretty cute."

Celestia recovers from her shock. "Well I´m honored that you think that we are cute," she starts, but gets quickly a death glare from the new guy, causing her to shut up.

He starts talking. "Just because I think your kinda cute doesn´t mean I like you. It just means I can look at you without being disgusted."

Luna sensing an insult there interferes: "What are you thinking, speaking like this to royalty?"

"What I´m thinking? I´m thinking, that I´m stuck here in a world of little pink ponies, that have tea parties all the time. And I. Don´t. Like. That," returns the human, being carful to make his point clear.

"Stop, both of you! How ´bout we sit down together and talk about this," stops DNA their little argument.

Said and Done

"Like I said tea party," comments the human dryly.

"This is no tea party. This is a gathering on political basis while drinking tea," defends Luna.

The human waves a hand with a dismissive motion. "Yeah, yeah, whatever lets you sleep at night," he turns to DNA, "And what now because that blue one starts to really annoy me?"

DNA looks over the edge of his tea cup to the other human. "Luna."

The other human gets a very confused expression with a slight suggestion of disgruntlement. "I don´t know what you want with the moon, but if..."

"Her name is Luna," explains DNA further.

"Oh," the other one looks slightly taken aback from this statement, "what a silly name."

"Says the guy that´s called like something that keeps stuff cool," retorts DNA.


"I´m sorry, but I never did catch your name. Could you maybe tell it to me, please," requests Celestia sweetly.

The human eyes her suspiciously before answering. "Of course. My name is FREEZER, written all capitalized."

Luna snorts and whispers quietly: "And you say I have the silly name," more to herself than to anyone else.

FREEZER shoots her an angry look but refrains himself to comment on it. Instead, he turns to Celestia and smiles. "And what is your name? I´m afraid I didn´t catch yours either."

"Oh, I´m sorry for forgetting something like that. My name is Princess Celestia, I´m Lunas older sister."

This information sparks something in FREEZERs head. "Wait I heard that before. It was..." He isn´t able to finish his sentence, as he is quickly hit on the back of the head by DNA. He turns towards him with an angry look while holding his head. "Hey what was that for?"

"You can´t say that."

"You have no idea what I wanted to say!"

"Yes, I know. You wanted to tell them that..." DNA shuts himself up fast, almost leaking some unwanted information. "Listen! We can´t give them that information."


"Let´s just say not everypony would take it the same way or a good way for that matter and that there would be a very good chance that we would die a horrible painful death." Everybody looks at DNA in a shocked manner.

"What information, DNA?" asks Celestia quite firmly.

"I..." tries DNA to begin before recalculating, "We can´t give you this information, for very good reasons."

"And how can I be sure the reasons are as good as you claim them to be."

"You can´t. You will just have to trust your friend," answers DNA with a devilish smile.

Celestia rubs the bridge of her nose and lets out a sigh. She hates him for playing the "But I´m your friend" card on her. "Okay fine."

"I´m glad we discussed this. Now I think you should meet the rest of V.I.P.s," at the odd stares he receives he explains further, "The ponies you will interact the most. These are Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow, Rarity, Pinkie and Fluttershy," pointing at their respective owners.

"Yay we met all," FREEZER starts with fake joy, "Can we go home now?" and finishes with a mixture of annoyance, boredom, monotonous and anger.

"Oh I forgot to ask you where you live now," says Celestia.

"Didn´t I tell you it my letters?" at the shake DNA receives he continues, "We are living in the castle of the two royal sisters out in the Everfree."

The room falls into silence. A very tense silence. FREEZER leans over to DNA and whispers: "What is so bad about it?"

"Well, you know how I told you the forest is kinda dangerous?" upon receiving a nod he continues, "I maybe played it up a bit. Let´s just say that other than us there is one other civilized inhabitant... I think... maybe. I actually don´t know really. Also, nopony is really fond of going there."

FREEZER turns towards him, his face saying: Seriously?

"Yes, I mean it," responds DNA flatly.

Luna is the first to regain her composure. "Surely you have to be joking."

"No, I´m not. Why would I? The castle is big enough, there is nopony around that we could disturb, but still close enough to civilization that we can quickly and comfortly travel there and it also has quite a few secrets. I see not one reason why you wouldn´t want to live in it. Ok, I admit it may need some refurbishment, but I did a good job up until now if I do say so myself."

"And what is with the monsters? Aren´t they bothering you?"

"I may or may not have scared them away."

"Ehm, excuse me?" Twilight raises a hoof timidly trying to gain attention. "DNA, would it be possible that we could maybe visit the castle?"

And then something happens that rarely happens, DNA looks confused. "Sure, I see no problem, but if you allow me to ask. Why?"

"Well last time we were there, we hadn´t really had time to take a look around. Also, I heard there is a massive library."

"Yes, I am aware why you want to go, but what I want to know is why your friends want to go," he turns to her friends, "Don´t want to insult you guys, but you don´t seem like the bunch who likes to look at old structures."

Fluttershy is the first to answer. "Oh well, you see, I heard stories about the garden there and I want to see it, um that is if you don´t mind."

Next is Rarity. "I don´t know what you think of me, but I for one enjoy visiting old, historical structures."

"Family matters," is all Applejack offers as an answer.

"I want to visit a grave," is the very surprising answer from Rainbow.

"Okay, that went really grim, really fast. I suppose Pinkies reason for coming with us is because of the surprises. Right?" concludes DNA at which Pinkie nods heavily, "So for what are we waiting for? Let´s get going."

"We don´t need to hurry. The next train to Ponyville won´t arrive for another two hours," informs Twilight.

DNA looks back at her, already half-way to the door. "Who said anything about trains? We are going to fly."

-One stupid idea later.-

"This is stupid," states Twilight the obvious.

At the moment they are standing on a stone plate. Said stone plate is engaged in three different magical auras. Said auras are making the before mentioned stone plate almost weightless. It is laying on the edge of the cliff.

"What are you talking about, Twilight? This is going to be so AWESOME!" exclaims Rainbow, who is also standing on it.

The plan is really simple. DNA will use his powers to launch them. In theory, they should glide. While airborne FREEZER will use his powers to steer them. Easy.

"Everyone ready?" asks DNA.

"Ah still don´t know ´bout this," voices Applejack her concern.

"Ok, perfect, nopony has anything to complain, then let´s get stared," ignores DNA Applejack.

She is about to retort when the platform she and the others are standing on launches into the air. And with a glorious scream, they begin flying.

Author's Note:

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