• Published 3rd May 2015
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W.A.F.E. - DNA Hochburger

We have to go on, get stronger, because our enemies are getting stronger too. But we also have to have fun, because what´s life without fun?

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Powers and Chaos

"So these are the training grounds," states DNA, as he looks on the rather large field. It isn´t much, really. Just a plain patch of dirt with some training weapons to the side.

"Is something wrong with it?" asks Celestia.

"No, it´s perfectly fine. I just imagined, that there would be more guards here, training," replies DNA, still looking at the empty training ground.

"We have more than one training area, of course. This is simply one of the older ones, that doesn´t get used to often at the moment. Me and my sister have actually planned on renovating it. We thought it would be a good choice that you have some free space to train, also we want that ponies don´t know about your presence to much, at least for now," explains Luna even further.

DNA steps in the middle of the field, spinning once around himself, before looking in the air and saying: "This will do just fine. And because there is nothing to harm here I can experiment a bit with my powers," he states happily more to himself, than to anypony else. He then walks over towards Celestia and stretches out his hand and requests Celestia: "Could you maybe be so kind and give me back my weapon?"

Celestia looks first at DNA and then his weapon, which she is still holding in her magical grip. She lets out a sigh, before handing him the deathly tool. He encloses his fingers around the grip. He then proceeds to march in the middle of the field again. He takes one deep breath and closes his eyes, before opening them and then saying: "Ten percent." A mild wave of power can be felt emitting from him.

DNA takes another look at the dagger in his hand and then gets a confused look on his face, as he notices something. The dagger changed. Nothing big, just the runes that were engraved on it are now actual words. Ok seeing that runes change into words in a matter of an hour, without any help, is something big.

He inspects the words. The one on the one side says DNA. The one on the other says less damage. He touches slightly the side that says: DNA.

As he touches the word, the dagger lights up for just a blink of an eye. DNA looks at it again. This time two things changed. For one the weapon wasn´t made from a black crystal, but a brown one and secondly, the place where the word 'DNA' just stood a moment ago is now the word 'Earth'.

From behind him, he hears Celestia calling: "DNA, did something happen? I thought you wanted to train."

He turns around and gives them all a deadpan stare, before stomping his foot on to the ground. As he does so a block of earth rises from below him lifting him the ground. It isn´t much, but enough that Celestia and the others stumble a couple of feet backward.

Luna raises a hoof pointing, at the block DNA is standing on, and asking: "DNA do you care to explain, what you just made?", with fear in her voice, but still keeping calm.

DNA tips his heel quick onto the ground and the block lowers itself again, as he answers: "So I found out something the dagger does. I can change my powers, by touching the words that represent each power. At the moment I have 'Earth' activated. So now I can control the earth. But I wonder...."

He turns away from them. DNA raises both his arms before him. A block of earth raising from the ground, but a lot slower than the one from before. When it´s about the same height as the one previously it stops.

Sweat runs down his whole face as he sits down on the earth block and telling them: "Okay I found out another thing: I have to cause an action to get a reaction or it´s really hard to anything."

"So what now? Are you already finished with your training?", asks Celestia.

DNA shakes his head, before responding: "No. I just take a quick breather. You guys have no idea how hard it is to use this power like this," he takes on last breath, before standing up and tipping his heel again, that the block vanishes in the ground again. He turns away from them yet again, taking a step forward, while stomping on the ground. A row of spikes shoot out of the ground. They are about as high as his leg.

He steps to the first one nearest to him and touching it. He then turns to Celestia and Luna and asks: "Hey is it okay if I destroy a wall here, seeing that you want to renovate this place anyway?" The sisters throw a worried glance at each other, before simply nodding. DNA begins to smile again.

He strikes his heel in the ground and all spikes sink into the ground, while a familiar looking block of earth appears again. He pounds his foot on the ground, the block jumps in the air and floats there, before DNA kicks it and the cubic formed dirt flys away into the wall. The block shatters as well as the wall as they collied together.

DNA wipes across his forehead to get rid of the sweat. He then continues and getting out the dagger again. He touches the word 'Earth' and with the flash of light the word changes back to 'DNA'.

DNA puts the dagger back in its sheath. He closes his eyes trying to concentrate on what he wants to do when suddenly a warm power comes from inside of him surges through his body. The last thing DNA notices are the screams of the others, as he falls onto the floor and his world fades to black.

DNA's eyes fill with white when he opens them again. He puts an arm in front of his eyes to adjust to the light better. After a couple of seconds of adapting himself to it, he puts the arm away and looks around where he landed. He finds himself in a small, white room with just a door in it.

After some moments of nothing, the door opens and a boulder, about the same height as DNA, with arms and legs sticking to it enters the room. It has a fedora on top of it and has a purple flower sticking to it around the chest area.

It comes in and closes the door behind it, before saying: "Hello my name is Malphite. I´m sure you wonder why you are here and where you are exactly. The reason why you are here is simple: I wanted to talk with you. The where is also rather easy to understand: In your subconsciousness. So the reason for our conversation here is simple, I need your help. For what?, I can hear you asking. I´m afraid I can´t tell you the reasons just yet. But as a payment I will give you this ," the rock pulls out a black crystal and handing it over to DNA.

"But it seems I can´t stay any longer. It is too hard to keep you in this state for too long. So I think we have to part ways here already. I´m sure we will meet again," finishes the rock, before taking a bow and leaving through the door he came from. It doesn´t take long before the room starts glowing, enfolding DNA in a bright light, so that he has to close his eyes.

When he opens his eyes again, he is lying on the ground surrounded by the Mane 6 and the two rulers of the land, all with concern written over their faces. DNA stands up slowly and looking at each one of them, before asking: "Can somepony please explain me, what just happened," with a baffeled expression.

Celestia blinks once. Celestia blinks twice, before clearing her throat and answering, unsure: "I can´t tell you exactly, what happened, just what I observed. First, you simply stood there, when your eyes suddenly went white. After about two minutes your eyes went back to normal and you fell onto the floor. Then you woke up and I think you know the rest of the story."

DNA nods in understanding, before responding: "Did anything happen, while I was in that state?"

Celestia holds up her right front hoof for him to see it better. The horseshoe she is wearing got a black spot on it as if it got burned. Then Celestia starts explaining: "When you were in that state I tried to touch you. And when I did, it got singed." DNA snips with his fingers and the burned spot on Celestia shoe disappeared.

Everypony looks first at the fixed horseshoe and then at DNA, which begins to explain: "I have a couple of news and a question for you. The news is not really brilliant, but the are definitely not bad.

First what I just did was one of my power. It allows me to change almost everything. I have to see something and then imagine how it should change and it does. But of course, to be able to do something of any real meaning I would need to put my powers over ten percent. I can change it and the other one called Earth, that, like I already demonstrated, lets me control earth... thingies On bigger percentages I can also bend metals and crystals to my will.

The next point is, that my powers are divided into three categories: Actives, Passives and always on, or AO for short. Actives are powers, which I have to use to show any effect. My Actives are, like I already said, DNA and Earth.

Then is are Passive. They are always active, without me using them, but still, change... things. But unlike my Actives, I got just one of them. The one is called less damage and, as you can guess, I take less damage while active. And when you use enough energy you can even deactivate it.

And then there is my AO, which is, as it says, always active or on and I can´t do anything to deactivate it unlike my passive. My AO is called 'no sleep', which means that I can´t lose my consciousness. What I don´t know is, if I still get tired. Meh, I will deal with that when it comes my way. Anyway, that was the news part," he finally finishes.

Celestia is quite suprised. Of course from what DNA has told them, but more about how he acted up until now. He came into a world that isn´t his own, gets imprissoned for 2000 years, then gets freed, greets them with a warm welcoming smile and answers all their questions really helpfully. But that makes her think: "DNA, I got a question for you, before you continue. I know it´s a bit rude to ask, but why are you so happy? You got riped away from your own world thrown in one, that has nothing in common with your old one, your family and friends are probably dead and there is no way of going back, as far as I know. So how?"

"You want to know how I can be happy despite all that? I have two good reasons. First: I love this world so much. It´s great, really. And my second point which is a lot more important: I hated my life from where I lived before. Day in day out the same routline. Stand up early, go to school for far to long, get home and study even more or do too many chores, then have about an hour free time and then going to bed, to get up the next day and repeating it all. My life was a mess. Nothing exiting happened EVER! I hoped every day that something would happen, ANYTHING! I went slowly crazy. I dreamed of what could be if things were to be different. And now things are different. I´m in a world where anything could happen. I have powers, that only existed in my wildest of dreams before. So you ask why I´m happy? The answer is: This is more than I could have ever hoped for," answers DNA her question.

"And what about your family and friends? What is with them? I´m sure they missed you when you just vanished from the world."

"To tell the truth I wasn´t very close with my family. They cared for me, no doubt in that, but we were always apart, they didn´t understand me very well. I didn´t had alot of friends. I had one good friend I miss a bit, but I´m sure he had a great life after I was gone. The only really downside I see in this situation is that there is no female here from my race, so I can´t share this luck with anyone. But I guess things can´t always be perfect. I´m happy as it is now, just being in this world and not on my own," he respondes to her with a smile, while trailing off a bit. He snaps back to reality and continuing: "But meh, lets not talk about such an unpleasant thing. I have something to adress, that will interest you more than my past. Do you know where the elements are?", he asks with an slightly evil grin.

Celestias, Lunas and the expression of the element bearers probabaly can´t get any more confused than what they are at the moment, as Celestia points to Twilight and her friends and says: "They are right here, around the necks of my faithful student and her best friends." And that should be the case, but it isn´t. The elements are gone. Not one clue, of where they could be is anywhere to be seen.

Then they look back at DNA and Celestia asks him, with one-quarter anger and three-quarter confusion in her voice: "DNA, where are the elements?", suspecting he´s the one to let them vanish.

DNA steps towards and lays his hands on her shoulders, before looking her intensely deep in the eyes and ensuring her: "Celestia, I have told all of you that I mean no harm. That was no lie, I still mean it," with a deadly serious expression.

Celestia gulps, already fearing what she is about to ask: "So when it wasn´t you, who stole the elements then?"

DNA begins to smile again and letting her go. He starts to clarify the situation: "The Elements are gone. Why would anything do something like this? Probably because they think that the elements can harm them. So what do the elements do when used on an entity? They get imprisoned in stone, that is if they aren´t possessed by something. And because one can clearly detect most of these somethings, and we haven´t so far, it´s the stone one.

Also we have to consider that the one responsible for the robbery is powerful enough that no one noticed it. So we are looking for an entity, that doesn´t want to be imprissoned in stone and is also powerful or chaotic enough that he can steal the elements from the necks from the ones wearing them and which were also under the muzzels of the two rulers of the land. Do you need more clues or do you know who stole them?" finishes DNA, while walking into the middle of the training area again.

Luna and Celestia both put a hoof to their chins and start processing the information DNA had given them. After a few seconds, both sisters are hit with the answer, in the form of evil laughter. Everypony flinches at the sound of it and Fluttershy starts taking cover behind her mane.

Next to DNA appears a creature with the head of a pony, and a body made up of all sorts of things. "I have to say I´m a bit disappointed in both of you," says the creature with fake disappointment in his voice.

Celestia recovers from the shock, of seeing Discord and then saying: "Discord, what are you doing here?" more calmly, than she ever imagined.

"Oh, I´m just here to say Hello. We haven´t seen us in at least 1500 years," answers the draconequus.

"And where resist the elements at the moment?" digs Luna deeper, also surprisingly calm.

"Oh I forgotten how grim you can be sometimes. But ok when you want to know I will tell you, but only my way. To retrieve your missing elements just make sense with this change of events. Twist and turns are my masterplan, then find the elements back where you began." and with a flip of his talon he and DNA vanish in a flash of red light and the sound of a female voice screaming: Seeeeeennpaiiiiii!!!

The air is stiff. Everypony stares at the now empty and silent training area. Celestia's eyes begin to moist. "I´m sorry, it has been my idea to free him, to believe him. I´m so sorry my little ponies. I´m sorry I let you all down," Celestia looks defeated to the ground and lets the tears flow freely.

She feels a wing on her back and looks up. Her younger counterpart gives her a reassuring smile and saying: "You have done nothing wrong, sister. Everypony could have been fooled by him. Even I believed him. But we can´t let a mistake like that leave us in a pit of sorrow. Our subjects need us. Two very powerful beings strife the land and it is up to us to stop them."

Celestia allows a small smile on her lips, feeling comfort in her sister's words. But it doesn´t stay there for long and makes place for a look that can be compared to a general looking at his solidars before war. She holds her head high again and begins talking: "You are right Luna we need to stay strong. For us. For everypony.

We have to find the Elements of Harmony again and seal both of them in stone again, so they won´t escape ever again." She focuses her stare on Twilight: "Twilight do you have any idea, where the elements could be?"

Twilight thinks for a moment before answering her mentor slowly: "If we presume the riddle of Discord really is a hint to where the elements could be, then my best guess is the labyrinth, in the Canterlot gardens."

"Good thinking my young student. You and your friends go and look for them then. I and Luna will stay here and prepare for more," she throws a glance to Luna before returning it to Twilight, "drastic matters." Celestia is about to walk away when something out of the corner of her eye catches her curiosity. The object is a small sticky note laying where Discord and DNA have been standing just moments ago.

Celestia picks it up with her golden magic and reads it out loud: "Sorry for that just now, but I had to act quick. I have no space to explain," Celestia turns the note, "but the Elements are NOT in the labyrinth. They are in the book of harmony. Love DNA."

Celestia looks up from the small piece of parchment. They thought all the same: WHAT?!

Luna is the first to recover. "So he deceived Discord?"

Celestia nods at that. "It seems he did, sister."

They are still standing there for a moment before Celestia says: "I guess we should get going then." And with that, they disappear in a golden blue flash of light.

They reappear in front of the Golden Oak library and Twilight rushes in.

After a minute she emerges from the building holding five elements in her levitational grasp while her own element resides on top of her head. She puts the elements on their respective owner before turning to the princesses. "They were where he said it. But I don´t understand why. Why would he betray us first and then help us?"

"I don´t know my student. We will have to ask him," answers Celestia before they all hurry away.

It doesn´t take to long to find Discord and DNA. They just had to follow the chaos, which was surprisingly not that much. It only took them about ten minutes.

"... and then we had nothing to eat, but cake for a whole week even the guards," finishes Discord his story and they erupt in a fit of laughter.

DNA wipes a tear of joy away and saying then: "Discord it's so nice to conversate with someone again. 2000 years is a long time being alone."

"Oh, I can't imagine it. I was just in stone for about 1500 years and it was already long enough."

DNA looks to the side, noticing the new arrivals. "Well as much as I dislike this, but I think we have to cut our conversation short," DNA points at the arriving group, "It seems we have company."

Discord turns in the direction DNA is pointing, finally seeing them too. He sighs and shakes his head. "I'm sorry DNA, my good friend, but it seems like it. Don't worry, this will be over quickly. We can continue afterward." Discord gives DNA a reassuring smile.

DNA stands up from where they sit. "I'm sure it will be over very quickly." He already turns away to leave but looks at Discord again. "I'm sorry, but I think I will have to pull this out a little longer," DNA pulls out a small clear crystal from behind his back, "Could you be so kind and touch this for me."

Discord frowns a bit at that request. "DNA could this please wait until I´m done here?"

"I´m afraid I have to insist that you do it now," answers DNA while shaking his head his expression one of cold stone.

Discord frowns even more at that statement but follows it none the less. Upon touching it, however, the gem lights up in a light pink. Before anypony (or Discord) can say something DNA quickly puts the crystal back from where he produced it and says: "Thank you, I will now leave you to your business," and with that DNA walks out of the line of sight with a smile.

Discord still stares at him for a moment as DNA walks away in confusion. Then he snickers and thinks: I don´t know what to think of him. One moment he is all happy and nice and in the blink of an eye he is all serious and wants something that has nothing to do with the situation, just so he can have a smile again the moment after. But I really have no idea what that was about. Discord shrugs, Oh well, I will just have to ask him later. But first...

He turns towards the group of ponies, his expression forming to an evil grin. "So you are finally here. I have to say I´m very impressed and a bit sad. I had expected you take longer to find your precious elements and even set up suprises. But that doesn´t matter anyway. You won´t win ´cause I am the spirit of chaos, Discord!" He starts laughting maniacally and lighting lights up from behind him causing everypony to flinch.

"NO, we will bring you down. The friendship that binds us gives us the power to use the Elements and defeat you," exclaims Twilight.

"You think your pesky little elements can beat me? You are foalish, but you can try it," answers Discord putting on a pair of shades.

Twilight turns around to her friends. "Okay girls let´s do this." She gets a round of agreements from them. They charge up their elements and fire. Discord keeps standing there sunglasses on and in a cool position, even as the friendship beam comes towards him. As it strikes him he turns part for part to stone, but even then he doesn´t move an inch.

But they don´t stop there. They turn towards DNA, who in reaction does not get a very scared and confused expression.

Princess Celestia steps in front of the mares, facing DNA. "So, and now to you."

DNA clears his throat trying to gain their ears. "Celestia let's not overreact here. I can explain everything."

She takes another step towards him, flaring her wings just slightly, bowing her head a bit so she can be on eye level with him and insists: "Then. Do."

"So this might not throw the best light on me and you just lost a lot of trust in me. I completely understand that. But I had to do what I did. You see, when I noticed that Discord was near us it was too late for me to inform you about it. So I just went along with it and pretended that I´m Discord´s friend for two reasons.

The first is so I can keep Discord from creating too much chaos, but I was mildly successful," pointing at the chocolate rain puddles, that are scattered around town, "But the second and more important reason is so I can give you the location of the Elements. Who knows what he would have done if I tried to just plainly tell you where the Elements are. So I needed to think and that quick. I admit it was not the best plan of action, but in the end it worked out, nopony is hurt and Discord is stoned again, in a much better pose when you ask me."

Celestia looks down at him suspiciously. She stands normally again, her wings folded to her sides. Celestia turns around to Twilight and her friends and motions them that they are clear. They slowly power them down and land a few steps behind Celestia.

Luna steps beside her sister and asks the obvious question: "And what now?"

Celestia and DNA look first at Luna, then at each other. Celestia answers: "I think we will first have to bring Discord back to Canterlot. Then we will see what to do next." Luna and DNA nod in agreement.

Celestia turns to her student and her friends. "I can´t thank you enough you six. You did a good job today."

The Mane 6 look worried between them. Celestia notices quick something is wrong. "Is something wrong?"

Twilight looks at her mentor worried before replying: "Princess it´s just that we all have our concerns about DNA."

Celestia puts a hoof on Twilight's shoulder. "I understand that, but I already reacted once to fast and it had caused me great despair. So I do not wish to do the same mistake twice." Her face gets a grim touch.

"Princess..." Twilight tries to reply but finds herself unable to.

They look at the ground together before Celestia speaks again. "Twilight it´s okay to make mistakes. It´s even good to make them from time to time to remind us that we are just ponies. But it is important that we learn from them and only do them once. Consider this a lesson my young student." Twilight brightens up too and nods at her. "I don´t trust DNA completely too, but I will give him a chance."

"Princess when you say so, then I will give him a chance too. I mean besides: He doesn´t seem like a too terrible guy," responds Twilight enthusiastically.

They hear a slow clapping noise coming closer. They turn to find the source of the sound and find DNA.

"Thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me. Anyway I hate to stop this little lesson, but I forgot to tell you something," this gets a raised eyebrow from everypony, "Yes, I mentioned it before. My powers are at ten percent and I need to unlock more," he brings out two crystals. One is the pink crystal from before, the other is an unknown pure white one. "These crystals are the keys to unlock more percentages of my power and other stuff."

"So how do they work?" inquires Celestia as she leans in closer to the precious stones.

"Oh, it´s really quite simple. I can show you," replies DNA, taking them away from Celestia's muzzle.

He takes the pink gem in the other hand and puts it into his mouth. He chews it a couple of times before gulping it down. To say the gathered ponies are shocked is an understatement.

Twilight is the first to speak. "You can eat crystals?"

DNA turns towards her. "Oh, you can speak? That´s great! Now your friends just need to learn this ability too." He throws a glare at the rest of the girls. They smile at him sheepishly in return. "Anyway," he turns back to Twilight, "of course I´m able to. I can control the earth, so why wouldn´t I be able to eat crystals?"

She looks away, unsure of what to say. "I don´t know," Twilight turns back to him, "I guess it just seems odd, that's it."

"Oh don´t worry, with me around this is going to be one of the most normal things. That said, these gems unlock other things too and these other things depend on the entity I take the sample from. Oh no AAAHHHHH..." he ruffles his hair in frustration, "I forgot to tell you how these crystals work. Jeez I´m stupid. Ok sorry for that I will explain them quickly. I can take these and touch somethink with them to get a sample from them, that is when the thing I touch with the crystals is powerful or special enough. For example: Discord. A sample includes an analysis of their capabilitys and a... well sample of their powers.

Lets stay at Discord for the example. When I ate his sample I got five percent of my power and as a little extra it´s now easier for me to use my DNA ability. The things I become from them depends on how powerful they are and what they are good at. Discord, for example, created chaos. Created is the keyword here, that's why I got a little extra for creating new things from scratch."

They nod. Then Rainbow notices something. "Hey, but from where is the second crystal then?"

They turn towards her and DNA replies: "And another one of you can talk. That means two down four to go. Anyways you are right," he holds up the second gem, "I got this one as a present. Let's see what it does, shall we?" And with that, he eats the crystal. His eyes light up for a moment and he falls to his knees.

Celestia is quickly by his side, putting a hoof on his back and asking: "Is everything alright?"

DNA stands up slowly. "I feel fine. In fact, I never felt better and man do I have news." He takes a couple of steps back. First, he puts his arms in front of his chest and then throws them out. Simultaneously a pair of beautiful white wings sprouts from his back. They are easily as big as himself.

They all take a step back in awe of their brilliance. And DNA can here a "sweet" comment, presumably from Rainbow. "I know pretty cool, isn´t it. Anyway, I have something even more awesome to show you."

Pinkie chips in. "Oh, what is it? Please tell me that your wings are made of sugar, please. On one side it would be kind of weird, but on the other side it would be sooooo yummy."

He tumbles her mane, saying: "Ah it´s nice that you found your voice back, Pinkie. I can make my wings out of sugar at some point, but not now. I´m sorry Pinkie. No, I want to show you guys something even more impressive."

Celestia raises an eyebrow. "Oh, and what is that?"

DNA wiggles a finger. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Celestia when I would tell you it wouldn´t be a surprise. You will have to wait for it."

"Ok. I agree under one condition. I can´t be dangerous," states Celestia.

DNA begins to beam. "Sure there is nothing dangerous about it. I just need to fly a bit up and prepare it. It will probably take five to ten minutes," and with that, he begins to fly.

He flys up and up, constantly further in the direction of the sun. He gets smaller and smaller, till he´s just a black dot in the distance and then disappears completely.

The minutes pass by as the group of ponies stares into the sky waiting for something to happen. Then Celestia sighs. Luna turns towards her. "Is something wrong, sister?"

Celestia points a hoof at the ground. There beneath a rock lies a piece of paper. Celestia takes it in her magical hold and reads it out loud: "

Dear Celestia

Today I learned that good friends will trust you, even when you just met them.

No, but now seriously. Thanks for trusting me that much. I will keep that in mind and try not to abuse it.

I will go away for awhile, but I will come back. And I promise I will try to behave.

So don´t worry (too much).

Your new friend DNA

P.S.: I will send you a report every day to let you know what I´m up to.

P.P.S.: Keep the rock, it´s important!

On the bottom of the paper is a black pentagram.

Celestia begins to laugh like she hasn´t laughed in a long time. She can´t help it. She doesn´t even know what is so funny. After what feels like forever she finally stops. As she stops she looks in the faces of smiling ponies, all sharing her amusement.

Luna steps up to her: "So what shall we do?" Luna is also smiling, which adds to Celestia's enjoyment. She hasn´t seen Luna smile like this in far too long.

"I think it will be fine. Let him do his thing. I can trust my friend." It feels good to say that: Friend. That is something she hasn´t had in far too long: a friend.

Footnote: -Powers are at 25%
-You can now control stone
-To control dirt has gotten easier
-It´s easier to create things from nothing
-Wings have been added
-M.E.I.S.G. has been added
-DNA can now use basic level magic

Author's Note:

I still don´t have any editors/prereaders, so there will be mistakes. So if you find any please tell me in the comments. I still hope you liked the chapter.

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