• Published 3rd May 2015
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W.A.F.E. - DNA Hochburger

We have to go on, get stronger, because our enemies are getting stronger too. But we also have to have fun, because what´s life without fun?

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The beginning of the end

Scootaloo opens her eyes slowly, still a bit sleepy from her nightly slumber. She can´t remember when she slept that good for the last time, then again she also can´t remember when she went to bed yesterday. The filly turns over in the bed, pulling the covers a bit closer to herself, content to just lay there. She is about to drift off to sleep again, when she realizes something with cold horror and throws the blanket off of her, while screaming. Scootaloo looks fanatically around the room she finds herself in. It´s sparsely equipped. A bed that could easily fit five of her, a closet and a door.

The door begins to knock or rather somthing on the other side of it. "Scootaloo, is everything alright?" It´s DNA.

"I´m fine, just a little shock," answers Scootaloo, her voice still a little shaky.

"Can, I come in?"

She nods before giving herself promptly a facehoof. I´m an idiot. He can´t see me. The small pegasus removes her appendage from her face. "Sure, come in."

The door opens, revealing DNA. He steps in and seats himself on the edge of the bed. She crawls next to him. The human looks concerned down at her. "What happened?"

She waves a hoof dismissive. "Nothing, just forgot what happened last night, so I was a bit suprised when I woke up."

DNA begins to smile, "Oh when that´s everything," he jumps to his feet, "So how does breakfast sound?"

Her stomach rumbles and her ears drop in respondes. She looks up at him timid, "Is it really okay for me to take your offers?" she lets her head drop, "I really don´t wanne be a burden."

Scootaloo looks up in suprise, as she feels her little hoofs leave the mattress and finds DNA smiling at her wider than before. "I told you it before and I will say it as often as you want me to tell it to you. You can live here, that includes breakfast. Now come on let´s eat something."

She brightens up visibly and nods enthusiastic. The human lays her comfortable on his arms and starts marching off.

They reach their destination relative quickly. The first thing the filly notices is the other human.

FREEZER looks up from his mug and exepts to find DNA, which he does, but in his company slash arms is the most adorable little thing he has ever seen.

The voice speaks up, Stop these thoughts!

But she is so cute, argues FREEZER.

And so are breast, but we don´t stare at them either, we admire them silently from afar.

But she isn´t sexy cute, she is more like little sister cute.

His mental conversation is stopped, when something hits the back of his head.

He turns and finds the cause immidiatly. DNA. "What was that for?"

"Oh I don´t know," starts the bigger one of the two humans sarcasticly, "Maybe because you have been staring at her for the past minute or so. You´re making her uncomfortable."

"Tsk, what do I care?" he turns away from them, "Why is she here anyway?"

DNA begins to smile again. "Her name is Scootaloo, she is an orphan and she will start living her starting today... Well actually since yesterday already, but you get where I´m comming from." FREEZERs eyes widen for just a moment, in which he is glad that he isn´t facing either of them. He turns his head sightly, looking at the filly out of the corner of his eyes. DNA continues, "Is this going to be a problem?"

"I don´t really care. If you like you can bring in more, for all I care," answers the green haired biped, not really thinking what he is saying.

His counterparts smile grows unknowingly to him. "That is good to know. Anyway who wants some food?"

Scootaloos mood rises at the mention of food. She nods eagerly.

A couple of minutes later DNA steps out of the kitchen carrying two plates of salad. "I´m sorry Scootaloo, but I have not much in the house right now I have to go shopping first," he sets the first plate in front of the filly before setting the other infront of FREEZER.

The pegasus foal looks down at the simple meal. Tears start running down her cheeks. She dashes for DNAs legs and starts hugging it. "Thanks! Thank you so much!" screams the orange pony through the sobs, hugging his leg even tighter.

He leans down a scrtches her behind on of her ears. "Now there, calm down," cooes DNA, "Everthing is alright. It´s just breakfast, no need to cry about it."

FREEZER clenches his fists and grits his teeth. She is crying because of BREAKFAST. Love and tolerance, right? Oh I will give them love and tolerance, right in their FACE!

His thoughts are broken once again, when he feels a growing pain in his shoulder area. He turns and finds to no suprise, DNA.

"FREEZER is everything alright?" inquires the earth bender with fake concern in his voice.

The air bender throws the other ones hand from his shoulder. "No. Everything. Is. Perfectly. Fine."

DNA turns back to Scootaloo. "Don´t worry about him. He isn´t a morning guy." She nods slowly, still unsure.

As soon as Scootaloo is finished with her food, DNA claps into his hands gaining her attention. "Good now that you´re finished with that you can go and make yourself ready."

The pegasus filly cocks her head. "For what?"

"For school of course."

Her expression gets even more confused. "Isn´t it already too late for that?" DNA simply points at a clock at the wall, that she hasn´t noticed so far. Her eyes go wide, there is still a hour left before school starts. Scootaloo looks at DNA, a nerveous grin of her face. "Do I have to?"

He nods, which causes her to groan before he picks her up and starts walking away. "Don´t be like that. At least you are able to see your friends again."

"But it´s school. It´s so boring," complains the filly.

"I know. I know."

Half a hour later they stand in the entrance of the castle. "But DNA, I can´t go to school now. It starts in not even in a half a hour. Walking out of the Everfree would take too long."

He grins down at her. "Who said anything about walking?"

When DNA lands Scootaloo hops of his back. "That. Was. AWESOME!" exclaims the orange foal exited, fluttering her little wings a bit.

"Oh please, that was nothing. One day you´ll be able to fly like that too."

Scootaloo drops her head a bit before saying in a sad tone, "Yeah. Every pegasus can fly eventually. But I´m the last one from my class that can´t. Every other pegasus colt can at least stay airborn. I think it´s because I didn´t have enough to eat."

DNA thinks for a second. "I make a deal. You be a good little filly, go to school and give your best and I will try to find a way to make you fly faster. Okay?"

She perks up, "Really?" He nods. "OK."

The human ruffles her hair. "Good to hear. Now go on in, the others will be waiting for you already. Oh yeah before I forget it. Either FREEZER or I am going to pick you up, so just wait for one of us. Understand?"

"Understood." She turns around to go to class before she remembers something. "Hey DNA. Could I... You know... Bring over the CMC after school?"

"Sure," answers DNA before flying off. Sootaloo brightens up again as she trots towards the learning facility.

As soon as she enters the classroom Applebloom and Sweetie Belle wave her over to them.

"Hey Scoots, why are ya so late. Arn´t ya like normally tha first?" greets her the yellow earth pony.

"Yeah you never arrive this late," adds the marshmellow white unicorn.

Scootaloo sighs as she puts her saddlebags down before she slides onto her chair. "A lot has happened since we saw us the last time."

"How? I ain´t even past one day since we said bye," questions Applebloom.

"I´ll explain everything in the lunchbreak."

"Explain what?" inquires a new voice.

"Hi, Button," respond all tree fillies in unison, some more exited than others.

"So what´s up with you Scootaloo. You don´t seem to be as energetic as usual?" pokes the brown colt further.

She sighs and simply says, "Lunchbreak."

Sweetie Belle, feeling like she should change the subject, asks, "So Button, why are you here so late?"

He groans as he slams his head on the table. "I was at home finishing our homework assignement," he lifts his head again, "Well at least I´m finished now."

Scootaloos eyes widen in horror. "Homework? What homework?"

"Yeah. We 'ad ta write a story," explains the small farm pony. "What´s up with ya taday anyway?"

The pegasus filly starts rummaging through her bags getting out a pen and a stack of papers. This isn´t good. This is very bad! thinks the pegasus of the group as she begins writing furiously.

Her friends stare at her in disbelieve. "Scoots, are ya doin'... homework?"

Their orange friend doesn´t answer them. She just continues writing.

The school bell rings signaling the beginning of class. Scootaloo sets down her writing tool, breathing heavyly. The other three CMC look at her with a mix of aww, shock and confusion. "Wha... How is this even possible?" Infront of Scootaloo are two stacks of papers. A big one and a small one. The big one is written full of words. The other one is the measly amount of what is left from the pages she took out of her bag before her writing rampage.

Scootaloo wipes some sweat from her forhead and states exhausted, "That was close."

Applebloom takes the top most paper from the big stack. She skims over it quickly before setting it back where she got it from. "Scoots... Ah never knew ya could be so... writerish."

The orange pegasus turns to her yellow friend. "What´s that supposed to mean?"

"Well that was one of tha first times Ah have seen ya write and then there´s so much," clarifies Applebloom.

Scootaloo is about to retaliate when their teacher, Miss Ceerilee, enters the room. "Gooooood Morning, class," greets the adult earth pony full of energy her students.

"Good morning," reply the fillies and colts.

"I hope you all had a great weekend," a round of murmurs and some nods go through the class, "and I also hope all of you did your homework." She lets her gaze wander over each foal until she stops at the problem student that sits in the corner, furthest away from her. "Scootaloo."

"Yes, Miss Cheerilee?"

"Do you finally have your homework?" Every filly and colt, that didn´t notice her writing fury a couple of minutes ago, turn to her and snicker already epecting the same as always. She doesn´t like to point out the mistakes of her students infront of everypony, but Scootaloo has to learn to do her homework.

The pegasus in question puffs out her chest a bit, somewhat proud of herself. "Of course!"

The room falls completly silent, even the birds outside are still as if they know that this is serious. The teacher shakes her head trying to recover from her initial shock. "Well I´m glad to hear that you finally take your homework seriously. Why don´t you come on up her and read it for all of us to hear?"

Scootaloo deflates slightly, but nods none the less. She picks up her impressive paper stack and moves to the front. Cheerilee gulps as she sees the amount of paper the orange pegasus filly brings with her to the front. I´m sure she just wrote big. thinks the adult mare as she steps to the side to give the filly some space.

She picks up the first page of her story, takes one last deep breath to calm herself down and then begins.

"And this is the end of my story," finishes Scootaloo her story while looking up from the last page.

Her class as well as her teacher stare at her with a varity of shocked expressions and from somewhere comes a quiet whimper.

Cheerilee shakes her head for the second time in three hours (Yes that´s about the time the filly took to read out her story.) and picks up her jaw from the ground. She doesn´t know how to continue after this. But then her saviour makes himself noticeable. The school bell. "Ok, it´s lunchtime kids. We will see us after break," exclaims the teacher, trying to get her students out of their shock state. "Celestia knows, we all need one," adds the mare in a quieter tone as she leaves the room.

The four friends sit under the mighty tree that stands next to the playground. "So..." starts Applebloom, "Ah never thaugth that was possible."

"Yes. It was quiet scary," agrees Sweetie Belle, looking at her pegasus friend in fear. "And you say I am the dictonary."

"Oh you guys are exgravating," says Scootaloo before putting her hooves infront of her muzzel. "Oh my Celestia, I´m a egghead."

"Hey what´s so bad about it being smart?" asks the unicorn of the group a touch angryly.

"Ain´t nothing wrong with it Sweetie, but it´s yer whole thing not Scoots," replies the yellow earth pony.

"What is that supposed to mean?" inquires the white filly.

Button sighs as his friends bicker. Knowing that they won´t get anywhere in near future, he decides it is time for a subject change. "So Scootaloo, didn´t you want to tell us something?"

The filly which name got mentioned goes tense. "Yes. Thanks Button for remembering us. Well it´s kinda hard to explain," she stops looking at her friends that are silently encourageing her to go on. She takes a moment to steady herself, in which she takes a deep breath of air before she continues. "I kinda had a secret from you guys since I met you. I´m... I´m... I´m an orphan." She doesn´t break off in tears to the end, but instead just hangs her head.

Her avowal is followed by silence until Applebloom says, "Well..."

"... That was..." continues Sweetie Belle.

"I already knew that," states the only colt of the group. When his three friends look at him with shock and confusion he starts to explain, "When me and my family moved here, my mother noticed that Scootaloo looked a bit thin. So when she didn´t tell my mother where she lived, mom decided to follow her. That´s when she found out."

"So wait. Yer mother knew that Scoots here was an orphan, but let her go?" questions Applebloom correctly.

"Everypony knows how much my mother loves kids. And because of that she also loves to watch over them, but she also knows how important it is that children find their own way to live their lifes. That is at least how mom explained it to me," clears Button the question.

Sweetie Belle turns to her orange friend. "So are you alright?"

Scootaloo nods. "Yeah. DNA took me in."

"I see him doing that," admits the white unicorn.

"Who´s DNA?" asks Button.

Author's Note:

So yeah. It´s late. Still on time, but later than I wanted to upload it... Also shorter. This chapter is actually more than twice this size, but I´m probably one of the slowest tipers in the entire human history (Also blame the release of Fallout 4.) so yeah.

So the chapter name isn´t foreshadowing at all. Let me know what you think I mean with it.

Goodbye, until next time.