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A small furball obsessed with taking over worlds, cute things, drawing and occasionally writing. With any luck, getting this account will help with the latter.


One night, while checking the book for any new letters from Sunset, she finds a sorrowful confession. Meanwhile after the events of Rainbow Rocks the Dazzlings have gone their separate ways.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 22 )

So far I'm enjoying this story! I usually go for the long sprawling multi-thousand worded chapters, but you're really pulling off these short and concise bits. Nice job! :raritywink:

Same here, these two chapters have got me interested. I'll follow this for the ride and see where this leads to, keep it up.

There is only one thing that I can say after reading that Awesome!!!!! Like about 20% cooler than the other stories that I read and I do agree it is very interesting

I think those three will make up, once they're all in jail.

Okay, you've got me hooked with the vignettes. The initial letter sure pulls at the heartstrings (as intended). I look forward to more! Thanks!

I'm very intrigued :raritystarry: Looking forward to seeing how plots A and B will affect one another.

Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned.....

But she's writing to Twilight, not Celestia.

Seems interesting so far, but I withhold an real judgements.

I love SunLight stories though. :rainbowkiss:

wow i like it so far! cant wait to continue at school! :-D

Interesting story. I am going to hope it won't stay on Hiatus for long. I want to see how Sunset and Twilight end up working out and how things go with the Dazzlings.

I'm not sure what to say other than....

Write. Longer. Chapters. Please.

Yeah, that little lesson that you haven't learnt yet, Twi, because you haven't had anypony to teach it to you: Love isn't easy.

If anypony knows what it's like to suffer the consequences of your past conscious choices, it's Sunset. Beware, though, Sunset Shimmer! You are a pony and a creature of Harmony at heart. Adagio is a Siren and a daughter of Chaos. She does not think like you and, no matter how much you sympathise with her, she may not be reformable because there is nothing to reform, only an intelligently-expressed predatory instinct.

I'm wondering if Sunset is the right person for this job. Maybe ask Fluttershy? After all, if her counterpart could end up as the Friend of Discord...!


Unfortunately I've just realized this story is now cancelled... Indeed, I am disappoint.

This story was a great idea... I'm sad it's cancelled.

Advise for future stories, make the story seem longer than it should then it should be. It's better then it being longer than shorter. :raritywink:

The world needs more SunLight and I need to get better at writing so I'm tackling two problems at once. I hope you all enjoy this ^^

damnit I know what I want to say but I don't

ugh all these good stories cancelled

I'm hitting the like button on the off chance that someone, either the original author or someone new, decides to continue this story.

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