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Set before the movie, Sunset Shimmer sent Flash Sentry to get information regarding the crown that she plans to steal. One shot.

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She begged me to help her find some crown. She said something about how last month she tried to dig up info on it, but someone spotted her and recognized her and she had to make a break for it. I gotta find out where it is, who has it and how to get it. And I have exactly 30 days to do it.


Thirty moons does not mean thirty days. It means thirty lunar months.

Really, how difficult is this for people to comprehend? :ajbemused:

This would have been a better story if you hadn't made this one MASSIVE, unforgiveable mistake.

The thirty moons thing didn't really bother me too much. Either way, it's a fairly interesting idea, and while the execution could have been better, it was a fun read. :twilightsmile:

5207005 I hate to break it to you, but there is no real answer to how long a "moon" is in Equestria. The show itself says the Apple Family Reunion only happens once every one hundred moons, and yet apparently 100 moons spans less than a year since the first one was during the Summer Sun Celebration in the first episode and the second was in Apple Family Reunion in season 3. The episode "Princess Twilight" which is the season 4 premier says that the last summer sun celebration (when the first Apple Family Reunion we saw took place) was exactly a year ago.

A lunar month is approximately 30 days. There are 365 days in a year. 30 x 100 is 3,000 days, which is quite a bit longer than a year.

I feel I should have enough liberty in a fanfiction to assume that moon at least could mean a day. It's horribly unlikely since given my proof earlier the Apple Family Reunion should have happened three times between the two Summer Sun Celebrations, but still. I have seen the term "moon" mean that before in other stories. It's not that big of a mistake, if it is even one at all.

5207964 No, sorry, it's established and accepted that one moon is a lunar month, and that the "100 moons" thing in Apple Family Reunion was the writer for that episode SEVERELY screwing up.

If you try to claim 1 moon=1 day, you will be called on it.

5208439 I've seen every episode of the show multiple times and it wasn't established anywhere. Common headcanons are not canon just because they're "accepted."

Even if it's said somewhere in some interview, I can't be expected to have heard every little thing that was said by the staff. All that should be expected is that I watched the show and payed attention.

It wasn't stated in the show, therefore I can make any guesses I want. Anyone, including you, who calls me out especially saying something that can be proved wrong using direct facts stated in the show is being overly nitpicky.

For Celestia's sake, this story is very flawed and there are many fallacies in logic you could point out, I don't see why this one bothers you so much. (If Flash was missing for a month beforehand, why didn't anyone point it out? Wouldn't he have missed a lot of classes? Why didn't he just straight up tell Twilight what was going on if this was true? It's not like she wouldn't believe him. Just a few off the top of my head.)

5210054 It's actually a common sense thing? Because the term "moons" as reference to "lunar months" comes from our real world and is just an archaism? Which makes perfect sense to use in a setting like Equestria, which is WHY it's used?

Bottom line is, 1 moon = 1 lunar month. It always has meant this, it always WILL mean this. It's common sense, it's common knowledge, and yes, it IS Word of God--even as recently as the DVD commentary on Rainbow Rocks, where the scriptwriter specifically mentioned having had to find a way around that little problem. And also specifically says "six moons" have passed since the first movie. So yeah...we now have WORD OF GOD that the events of season four happened over the course of six months.

Unless you somehow think everything that happened in season four happened in six days.

Still wanna argue this? Or are you prepared to admit you made a mistake?


No, and I never really wanted to argue in the first place. The only reason I did was because you were acting so nasty and condescending.

Seriously, why? Why are you being so horrible to me? You could have simply told me that the fact was wrong without acting as pretentious as you possibly could. Do you like sucking the fun out of making fanfiction? Does it make you feel better somehow?

Well good job. You tore down a beginner writer who is just starting out on this website. Someone who is already overly self conscious and nervous. You managed to make her feel stupid and horrible, and from here on out she's going to be much more afraid of releasing anything than she already was just in fear that she might have gotten some random fact that wasn't even stated in the show wrong. Was it worth it? Are you proud of yourself?

I always thought that writing fanfiction and sharing it was supposed to be a fun experience. Sharing ideas and stories with a community and maybe building some writing skills while we're at it.

I guess I was wrong.

Don't worry; most of the folks here aren't like that. Sadly, they will downvote any and all stories containing Flash Sentry for reason of him being. Which is all kinds of stupid, but that's the thing about a public forum: You get a lot of stupid along with the rest, but the stupid tends to be very vocal and reactionary.

I rather liked it. Gave you an upvote, too. Don't mind Mothymoth down there much, with the way he/she's acting I wouldn't either.

5212860 Eh, don't worry about it. Flames are like campfires. You can either get burned by them or use them to make s'mores. :pinkiesmile:

And yeah, some people around here can be very insensitive. Don't let it get too you, take what's worth having, leave the rest and you'll be just fine.

As to the story, I liked it. It was short and entertaining. I would question having Flash go to such great lengths (psychological implications of going from Human to Pony to Human again are massive) for Sunset Shimmer, but I'm reading too deeply into it. I could if you want too, but I'm more content to simply read and enjoy.

flesh suntri is fke n ghey
*leiks anywae*

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