• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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How did I get here!?! - brandsca123

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A Freindly Visit

Besides me being all bummed out due to me remembering that incident in high school, life here is pretty enjoyable. Though me being chained to my worst nightmare does leave something to be desired, I'm pointing at you Pinkameana Dianne Pie.

Anyway with all that aside I decided to go visit Rarity to get some clothes, Pinkie of course followed me. God I hate this chain, damn you Twilight damn you. Though with me being the idiot that I am I kicked the door down and shouted in a sing song voice,


Rarity and Sweetiebell: *Stares at me in shock*

Pinkie: "We're here for clothes."

Me: "Sell me your wares or die."

A friendly visit this is not (Yoda FTW). Now everypony give me a round of applause.

Me: "Curtis Brandstetter, wins again." *Pumps fists up in the air*

Sweetiebell: *Runs upstairs and locks herself in her room*

Me: "I demand a t-shirt, with the words PSYCO DAD on the front in big bold letters."

Rarity: "Don't talk to me like that you ruffian." *Hits me on the head with a ruler* "I will make you your t-shirt but I demand respect."

Me: *Slumps down defeated* "Okay"

Rarity pushed me and Pinkie into the next room, where she got out some measuring tape and started to measure my waist and uper body.

Rarity: "This might be a bit of a challenge for me, mostly because of how err....different you are. But never fear darling I will get your errr...t-shirt ready by this afternoon."

I pat her on the back and say,

Me: "A winner is you."

Engwish not good, brain degrading to nothing. Me grammer not good anymore.............................................

I don't know what happened after that but I awoke on Raritys couch. I was still chained to Pinkie Pie, so I wasn't surprised to see her staring down at me. I also felt an odd pressure on my chest and I could swear I was hearing purring. I looked down to see one of the most ugliest cats I have ever seen. Was that maskara on its eyes, good god Rarity what have you done to this poor......whatever this is. I got up and started to cuddle with the cat on my lap.

Pinkie: "You scared us back there, you were all like ugggghhhh and you fell to the ground CRASH and was like out for like hours. It's now the afternoon so Rarity will be coming out with your shirt soon."

I swear to god that she isn't normal. How can she do that. The cat playfuly nipped my finger, but I somehow took that as a threat.

Me: *Picks up cat and throws it* "Do not want!"

Rarity comes out of her studio at the same time with a t-shirt being held up by magic.

Rarity: "All right darling your shirt is done, that will be....*Shreak*"

The cat lands claws bared ontop of her head. If you were here I could tell you the scene was pretty funny. Rarity was gibbering like mad with the cat on her head, crashing and knocking things over left and right. I quickly grab the shirt and book it out the door, Pinkie was right behind me as usual. I have a feeling Rarity won't like me now.

Me and Pinkie were walking the streets of Ponyville, I was wearing my new t-shirt with pride. The words PSYCO DAD were printed in big black letters. I should say Rarity outdone herself, ponies left and right turned their heads to look at me. All their mouths hit the floor as they stared at me. Yep today was a good day.