• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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How did I get here!?! - brandsca123

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Now what do I do

Okay so now I'm in Equestria with the pony I fear the most, this has got to be a nightmare right. Right now I'm sitting in Twilights study nervously looking around for an exit. I read the fics before, this is where I get questioned about my species. She got out a pen and scroll and went up to me and opened her mouth to ask the first question when I suddenly blurted out.

"Holy shit I got sucked through a worm hole." Did I mention that I'm slow on the uptake in certain situations.

"Holy shit I'm in Equestria." Oh great now the reliesation is kicking in.

"HOLY SHIT PINKIE'S GOING TO CHOP ME UP TO LITTLE PIECES AND MAKE ME INTO A CUPCAKE!!!" Now I relies this, my god my brain is slow today. Twilight's mouth was wide open at this moment, most likely shocked at my outburst. The qwill she had dropped to the floor with a clatter. Uh oh I think I feel another emotional breakdown coming.


"Tick tock goes the clock
Here fall the sands of time
Tick tock goes the clock
Your love will surely die."

I chanted the poem quitely as I rocked back and forth in the fetal position. This poem I made to calm myself down in times of stress. Twilight just looked at me like I had bugs coming out my ears. Spike came down because of the noise and looked at me funny.

"Uhh Twilight is he going to be okay?" Spike asked. I should probably tell you how I got here, so I will give you the short version before I continue on.

Pinkie Pie dragged me kicking and screaming bloody murder through the streets of Ponyville. Nuff said....

Right now I was scared shitliss. I'm in a make believe world filled with ponies and my worst nightmare was the first thing I saw when I came here. Right now it isn't looking to good for me. Twilight Sparkle poked me with her hoof, when she made contact my body lost all control as I let loose a long and loud "pffffffftttt". She backed away obviously surprised that I lost control of my bowles. Now I think she was well aware of how scared I was. She quickly wrote down some notes and said,

"Subject appears to be fearful of ponies." Of course I'm scared shitiss of ponies, they don't exist so how can I be here right now, my whole world was turned inside out as soon as I got sucked in that worm hole.

"I don't want to play this game anymore." Oh great now I don't know what I'm saying, I'm starting to babble incoharently, thats how scared I am folks.

"Merble kerp ferble." Was all I managed to get out before I passed out for the third time. This time however I wasn't aware of how long I was out, because when I woke up I was in Fluttershy's cottage. I was sprawled out on the couch and on the other end Twilight and Fluttershy were having a conversation.

Twilight: "I'm not sure what his problem is. Pinkie found him like that and told me that he was scared of her."

Fluttershy: "Oh my, that does sound awful, are you sure you want him to stay here theirs no telling how he might react to the other animals."

Twilight: "I"m sure Fluttershy, besides your the only pony I know that might be able to calm him down."

At that moment my body chose to fall off the couch. The noise startled both of them and they turned to look at me. I got up and sat down fear was in my eyes.

"Where am I how id I get here!" I was now more scared than anything in my life. I felt another emotional breackdown coming. I fell to the floor again and I started to shiver with fright. Fluttershy took that moment to hoover over to me.

"There, there it's all right..." She didn't get to finish as I bolted upright and made a b-line for the door. Twilight used her magic to restrain me and drag me back. I was screaming for help at this point. Fluttershy hugged me close and tried to calm me down. Somehow it worked, I couldn't explain it but I just felt more calm. It was night out and Twilight decided to leave. Fluttershy put me in the spare bedroom and went to sleep herself, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

Okay so I'm in Equestria no big deal right. Sure it might take some time for me to get used to living here, though would I want to. I'm pretty sure that these ponies are plotting something against me. What are they going to do. I'm frightened, I'm more frightened than I have been in my entire life. I want answers, why was there a worm hole in my closet. Can I get back, though would I want to go back to that place. I'm so confused. Gweebo my imaginary friend might know what to do, I'll ask him.............Damn it no answer..........Gone fishing?!?!, son of a bitch. Well goes to show you that you can't trust an imaginary friend. Stupid bastard, who in their right mind chooses a time like this to leave and go fishing. Oh well time for sleep, it might be better in the morning.