• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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How did I get here!?! - brandsca123

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One Week Later/The Test

Well it's been one hell of a week. This is what happened:

Day 1- Death Kitty was introduced to the Cakes, they didn't like him that much after he tried to rip Mr. Cakes eyebrows off.

Day 2- Just received a letter from the princess. I have an IQ test in six more days. My examiner is princess Luna. Death Kitty scared Mr. Cake this morning in bed.

Day 3- Fluttershy came by for a visit. She quickly ran away after Death Kitty tripped Mr. Cake down the stairs. I guess I'll see him next fall *trollface*.

Day 4- Mr. Cake had one of his eyebrows yanked off by Death Kitty, Pinkie Pie treated me out to lunch that day. We went to Mcponies, she is my social worker after all.

Day 5- Death Kitty strikes again. This time from the air ducts. I'm starting to think that Mr. Cake is developing a fear of him.

Day 6- Mr. Cake now refers to Death Kitty as "The Little Demon". I think Death Kitty loved that name as he started using his leg as a scratching post.

Day 7- Tomorrow's the day of the test. Pinkie and I were picked up by the royal guards to stay the night at the castle before the test. Death Kitty came too, and is that Mr. Cakes other eyebrow in his mouth. Oh well, sucks to be him.

Now back to the present. I was in the study, waiting for Luna to come with some charts to record my smarts as she says. She came trotting through the door with Death Kitty holding onto her tail while being dragged across the floor. Looks like he wanted to play with her tail, he is a kitten by the way.

She put down a few IQ puzzles in front of me and got a chart ready. Death Kitty was now batting at her tail as it wiggled in the magic wind that normally surrounds alicorns.

Luna: "Right, my sister has informed me of your condition, and as it's the law you will need to complete an IQ test to see ifyou can be around other ponies."

I just listened to her. Death Kitty was still playing with her tail.

Luna: "I would appreciate it if your cat would stop doing that."

Me: "Death Kitty come here."

Death Kitty gave me a loving look and ran to me. He laid down on my lap and started to purr.

Death Kitty: "Meow"

Luna: "You named your cat Death Kitty?!"

She sounded surprised.

Luna: "I see it is a fitting name, as I found it tormenting one of my guards. Anyway Lets get this test started."

Everything went well. She asked me a few questions and I answered them to the best of my ability. Then came the puzzles...

Luna: "I want you to put this shape in the correct hole."

I looked at the yellow cube in front of me. You got to be F**king kidding, this is way to easy. I'm starting to think that this was an insult to my intelligence. I picked up the square and put it in the right hole.

Luna: "Good......Hey what are you...."

I picked up the box of shapes and tossed them out the window with a crash. Glass fell to the floor as Luna stared in shock at me.

Me: "I win! Lets go again!"

Luna: "Right ummm......Try to make the shape that is on the paper."

You know that puzzle where the shapes make a perfect square. Well it was one of those. I hated these puzzles with a passion, because of how easy they are.

I decided to let Luna know how I felt about what she just asked of me. I picked up a shape and flicked it at her forehead.

Me: "F*ck off"

Luna just went silent and left the room. I heard muffled shouts in the next room over. She came back in looking like she was having a bad hair day.

I decided to show her my appreciation by shoving all the notes and puzzles onto the floor as hard as I could.

Me: "I'm bored with this, I want to go break something with Death Kitty."

The IQ test ended there. As I was walking down to my room I heard an angry scream echo through the hallways.

I think maybe Luna hates me now.