• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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How did I get here!?! - brandsca123

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Another Mystery

Me: "I wonder what changlings eat?"

Death Kitty: "Meow"

Me: "You may be right on this one Death Kitty. I might have to sneak some food into the mines to feed her."

Death Kitty: "Meow"

Me: "Sure you can come with me. I might need the protection."

Death Kitty purred and rubbed his head against my leg. Earlier today I cought Chrysalis and have been keeping her prisoner inside the canterlot mines. I walked down to the kitchen and snuck some food into a bag and made my way down to the mine. Death Kitty was waiting for me inside.

Chrysalis: "So you've come back."

She was now in her true changling form.

Me: "Look I just came down to feed you, so no tricks."

Chrysalis: "So you will devote all your love to me then."

Me: "What? No I brought some food, don't tell me you feed off love."

Death Kitty: "Meow"

Me: "Yes I know she's scary but we have to deal with it."

Chrysalis: "I can hear you, you know."

I sighed and brought the bag over to her. She was still chained to the pillar and was struggling to move forward. I emptied the bag in front of her.

Me: "Look this is food, love is not food. Love is just a death wish."

Chrysalis: "That sounds like something one of my children would say."

F*ck, I forgot about her children. Wait a moment, why did she say I sound just like her children. This is starting to creep me out.

I picked up an apple off the ground and offered it to her.

Me: "Look you have to eat something, and I'm sure as hell that I'm not going to give you love."

Chrysalis: "You know the more you speak the more I'm sure that you are one of us."

Don't listen to her, she's just trying to get inside my head.

Me: "Look just stop with the mind tricks, they won't work on me. Besides I have Death Kitty here to deal with you if you try anything funny."

Death Kitty hissed a warning at her. Chrysalis only giggled.

Chrysalis: "You've named your cat Death Kitty."

Me: "Yeah, why?"

Chrysalis: "Nothing."

Me: "Just eat the F*cking apple."

She grabbed the fruit in her mouth and started to eat. I piled the rest of the food beside her and turned to leave with Death Kitty.

Chrysalis: "You and I are allot alike you know."

I stopped and froze in place. What could she mean by that. I shook my head and continued to leave the mine.

What Chrysalis had said to me was starting to bug me. I was laying down on my bed deep in thought.

Me: "How am I like her?"

I raised my hand in the air and looked at it, expecting to see holes appear on it.

Me: "Just as I thought, she was only trying to get inside my head. Changling my ass."

Death Kitty: "Meow"

Death Kitty jumped up onto the bed and cuddled closer to me.

Me: "Why would she say that though? Why didn't she use her magic to escape? And why is she taking an interest in me?"

These questions haunted my mind as I thought about what Chrysalis said to me. Death Kitty seemed to notice how disturbed I was and he headbutt me and started to purr. I started to pet him in return.

Now I have another truth to find.