• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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How did I get here!?! - brandsca123

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School Day

As Pinkie and I walked out to the school yard, I couldn't help but feel a bit nervous. Yesterday after the Rarity fiasco Miss. Cheeralee asked me to come by to her classroom the next day for a lesson. I don't think she liked my PSYCO DAD t-shirt because she kept stammering and staring at it. I made a promise to wear it the next day to see her reaction again, mostly because I thought it was amusing. Oh and I should also mention starting today I'm moving into Sugarcube Corner, mostly because both Fluttershy and Twilight said I couldn't be trusted without the chain, they kept saying that it was for the good of all Equestria. Okay so maybe I overeacted to Angel trying to assert his dominance on me. So I tied him to a tree branch while dancing around him with a bat saying "WELCOME TO THE PAINYATA BUNNY", which I should say is the most epic line I've said. So all this just happened when they removed the chain from me, so what if Fluttershy doesn't want to be within twenty feet of me. It's all good, right.

Wrong, now I'm forever going to be chained to my worst nightmare, and I'm going to have to sleep in the same room as her, so yeah I am nervous.

Anyway, I'm wearing my PSYCO DAD shirt as we go into the school, I stop at the front entrance and drag Pinkie back outside, I have a great idea.

You know, maybe I shouldn't trust my ideas. I managed to scare half the class and piss off Miss. Cheeralee at the same time. You want to know what I did, I jumped and crashed through the window during one of her lessons. Supposedly I wasn't supposed to come until mid day. So imagine this picture, a teacher is teaching a class of fourth graders when a complete stranger just decides to barge in through the window for the hell of it. Yeah I don't think Miss. Cheeralee will be asking me to help her with lessons that much anymore.

So she decides that since I'm here we might as well get the lesson done early. So here is what I'm supposed to do, I have to answer questions that the foals ask me. Sounds easy right, well knowing me this might end up going up in smoke.

Cheeralee: "Well class, Mr. Brandstetter here has agreed to answer some questions today. Though since he decided to crash right through my window, that will fifty bits to replace by the way, we will be starting the lesson early. Now everypony say hello to Curtis."

Class: "Hi Curtis."

Me: "Miss. Cheeralee are we starting yet."

We're doomed.

Applebloom: "Why does yer shirt say PSYCO DAD?"

Me: "Because it's cooler that way."

Scootaloo: "How come you were running out from Rarity's the other day?"

Me: "Some things happened, I wish not to discuss them right now."

Sweetibell: "How come my big sis was cursing your name after you left, and when are you going to pay for that shirt?"

Me: "Never."

By this point Cheeralee was probably regretting inviting me here as I seen her face hoof herself.

Snips and Snails: "Why are you chained to Pinkie?"

Pinkie: "Because he can't be trusted alone."

Me: "Hey I'm answering the questions here."

Cheeralee: *Laughs and snorts* "Obviously"

Me: "Shut up."

Cheeralee: *glares*

Class: *giggles*

Diamond Tiara: "Why are you such a freak?"

Me: "Why do you suck so much? NEXT!"

Diamond Tiara: "Hey you can't talk to me like that, I'll tell my daddy on you!"

Me: "Your daddy's my bitch, NEXT!"

Class: *Laughs*

Diamond Tiara: *Slumps down defeated*

By this point Miss. Cheeralee was banging her head on the wall.

Me: "Miss. Cheeralee, do I intimidate you?"

Miss. Cheeralee: "Right class is done early for the day lets go." *pushes me out the door*

Well that went well, I wonder when she will be asking me to do that again.