• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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How did I get here!?! - brandsca123

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A Queens Tears.....SAVE ME!

Well the move went well, but I still am a little worried that Chrysalis might kill me in my sleep......Or worse. The other ponies were a bit confused as to why the princess would let a changling queen move into Ponyville. But when they saw her with me they calmed down a bit.

Chrysalis as a room mate can be a bit interesting, especially when she decides to change into random ponies and people from my past.

Me: "Why do you do that?"

Chrysalis: "You should know by now, I tend to do this just to get a reaction from you."

Me: "Well stop it, that's annoying!"

Chrysalis: "Why? Don't you think I look pretty."

Now I should mention the next thing that I said would change my life forever. To be frank with you, I will admit that Chrysalis does have a kind of.........Charm to her when she is in her changling form. I can't see why she would want to change into somepony else when her natural beauty is so stunning.


Oh shit now she is reading my thoughts. Wait a minute it's the writers fault, I will have to deal with him/me right now.


I awoke several hours later in a daze, I got up and looked around our small two story town house. The couple living downstairs were rustling something fierce because I kept hearing banging sounds. I groaned and rubbed the lump on my head that I stupidly gave myself.

The room was dark and I heard somepony walking behind me.

Chrysalis: "Did you really mean that remark? Do you find my true form beautiful?"

Now like I said before the next thing that I say would end up changing my life forever.

Me: "Well........Yes."

I thought I saw a hint of a smile behind her long hair.

Chrysalis: "Nopony has ever said that to me before."

I saw a tear go down her face. Now before I continue all you Chrysalis fan-boys out there, I have something I want to say. I just made the queen cry tears of joy. Beat that Motherf***er!

She lunged at me and put me into a tight hug.

Chrysalis: "Thank you."

Me: "Get off me!"

Hugs people, you gotta love em, and you gotta hate em. She squeezed me tighter. Seriously folks I'm not joking I think I touched her heart. This isn't one of her tricks, I seriously think that she just fell for me. U think I might be falling for her as well, or is that gas.

Me: "Choking not breathing."

Chrysalis let go of me and stared deeply into my eyes and then hugged me again.

Me: "A little personal space please."

Chrysalis: "That's the nicest thing anypony ever said to me."

She was sobbing now, and hugging me tighter.

Me: "Please, let go."

Chrysalis let me go.

Chrysalis: "Sorry."

A/N: Well folks this is what most of you asked me for, shipping myself with Chrysalis. Don't expect any clop, this fic is going to be PG-13 only so don't ask.