• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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How did I get here!?! - brandsca123

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A Fresh Start

I never felt this happy in my entire life. Ever since I told Pinkie about my past, I've been having less and less episodes. Though I'm still the random kind of guy she came to know, even if I think about my actions more. She kept true to her promise and told nopony about what was said, and I respect her for that. I quickly got over my fear of her since that day.

Once we went back to Ponyville, I composed a list of ponies that I wronged in the last few days. Now lets see first on the list....

Diamond Tiara..... I was about to apologise to her but quickly thought otherwise. She deserves it for now as she was bullying the CMC. I had Twilight write a letter to Miss. Cheeralee for me. Attached to the letter was fifty bits, to replace the window I broke. Hopefully she forgives me.

Twilight was also wondering why the chain was removed, and also about the angry letter she got from the princess.

Twilight: "Why did the princess send me this letter?"

Me: "Because you were such a jerk to me."

Twilight: "........."

Me: "Anyway she asked me to give you this."

I pull out a small booklet with the title, "So your friend has autismn.", and I smacked her upside the head with it. I quickly booked it before she could retaliate.

Twilight wasn't the only one who got a booklet, the princess sent everypony in town one, and Miss. Cheeralee had to give a lesson on it to her class. I didn't complain though, as everypony now knows why I'm so random. I went to Rarity's boutique to give her the twenty bits I owed her, and to formally apologise to Opal for throwing her. The stupid cat just ran away from me.

Now I was walking to Fluttershy's cottage to say I'm sorry to both her and angel for traumatizing both of them. Angel now has a fear of ropes and bats because of it. Fluttershy was not to eager to speak with me but she listened anyway. I apologised and went on my way, out of respect for her feelings I should add.

I passed Diamond Tiara and gave her the one finger salute to express how I felt about her. Lets just say she now has a new word to add to her vocabulary, if ya know what I mean. I think I'll put off that apology to her for now.

Pinkie is now my social worker. She keeps tabs on my behavior, and tries to find ways to get me to behave. So far the cupcake reward is going great, for now. I too was given an assignment by Celestia, I am supposed to learn how to control my behavior around other ponies and I have to learn how to make friends. This almost reminds me of the first episode of MLP FiM, but I could be wrong. I'm still wondering why I'm here and how I got here, but I will put off the investigation for now.

Right now I'm just enjoying my stay in Ponyville and I'm alos enjoying the benefits of tormenting Diamond Tiara. Yes, I can tell this is going to be fun.