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How in the hell did I get here? Was one of the questions that ran through my head. Let me cut to the chase I an ordanary college student ended up here in Equestria. I'm scared out of my wits and it doesn't help that Pinkie Pie was the first pony I see. Join me as I learn the magic of believing in oneself and try to get over my fear of Pinkameana Diane Pie.

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You know, I've now come to the conclusion that in every HiE fic, the person is either found by:

1) Fluttershy
2) Pinkie Pie
3) Twilight (In cases where she summons them)


489790 I only ever see them found by :fluttershyouch: & :twilightoops: + the rare :scootangel: & :moustache: from time to time.

I think your head-canon is a tad bit scrambled; Pinkie's harmless, she could not and would not hurt you. Anyhow, I like this so far, but I'd advise you of this: SI and romance do not work. Don't do it. Just my advice of course. 489790 489851 In mine, Applejack does it.

489984 thanks though I did plan on me overcoming my fear of Pinkie and me treating her like my sister.

Are you putting out these chapters in a rapid-fire fashion? Go through your writing at least once to check for spelling and formatting errors, is my advice. So far, your story's up to par. Still watching.

490186 I alwys do. I am a fast writer. When I make a story I always write 3 to 4 chapters ahead before I even consider putting it on the web

Yeah depression is a bitch. So is aspergers.

490393 Good. I could use a healthy case of crazy.

umm lolz be this...i like tha lolz.......nuff said......:rainbowlaugh:

490833 What is it you find funny. My conscience being smarter than me or the fact I can be so random.

in a nutshell both, the randomness keeps things unexpected and interesting, and the thoughts being smarter make it so the randomness doesn't get overbearing.........:moustache:

scared of pinke i am totally on board she freak me out aswell

you're going to have to build the fifth wall to replace all the fourth walls you're breaking

494366 It's useless to build one. That too will break eventually. Oh and this story is based off of true events that happened in my life, in case you didn't know. Well exept for me landing in Equestria but you get the point. *slinks back into the shadows*

Bro I need you to do something for ok. Now here is what I want you to do....Listen.....Just listen...
You hear that noise, that very quite noise that my friend is the sound of the fourth wall screaming in pain.

I love you bro, I never knew you had it in you but hell you are a better comedian then me. Keep up the good work

:derpyderp2: :applejackunsure::applejackconfused: ... yeah.... um... this is actually how i pictured me appearing in equestria would pan out as... so yeah.:eeyup:

Man, this is fantastic!:pinkiehappy:

The only thing I wait for now, is your meeting with Rarity's cat --> you make an 'accident' then say:

"Sorry for breaking the cat!"

497635 My friends call me moon-unit

So you already broke a cat, huh? :rainbowlaugh:

497635 Speaking of cats why not cheak my latest blog post.

I"m sorry, I laughed. I tried REALLY hard not to, but im kind of a cynic. (right word?) Anyhow, I enjoyed reading this, and the references were hilarious.

498068 That picture just made my day. ROTFLOL

I can find even better ones.

Anyway, when will you update the story?

498157 Later today, I'm just making the next chapter and you might get your wish.

498181 Your wish has been granted. The new chapter is up.


I-I can't stop laughing.:rainbowlaugh:
Poor demon cat.:fluttercry:

Hay bro since you are vegatarian guess what that means.... Vegetarian jokes in the next chapter I demand it

wait are you sure about that by making it up?:duck::unsuresweetie::trixieshiftleft:

498374 uhhm.....ok then why not do an chapter where you meet applejack


you being in equstria!:unsuresweetie::duck::trixieshiftright:

lawl at flying cat. and random kool-aid-man-esque entrance.,

Yes,yes, caffeine is your friend.

This is one of the funniest, most random things I've seen since my two best friends and I had a fireworks war in his front yard.:rainbowlaugh:
It was all fun and games till someone brought out the Elite 8's.

499835 Quick put it out <KA-BOOM>

Being random and being absolutely absurd are two rather different things. Well, I guess they aren't, in this case.

500130 I'm one of those special cases. :D

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