• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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How did I get here!?! - brandsca123

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Lesson in friendship #1

Life in Ponyville shouldn't be this hard. I mean sure I'm random, but I am the way I am for a reason, I hardly think anypony would want to hang out with me. Wait a minute......Why am I thinking about friendship, sure I had barely any friends back home in my world but...... My god I think I'm having an epiphany, I never knew true friendship or love. All my life I had taken advantage of everything and never gained true friendship. Others also took advantage of me all because I couldn't tell if they were my friends or not. I never even knew love, I saw pretty girl after pretty girl and never once did I have the guts to ask them out. The closes I've ever been to a real relationship was this one time a girl decided to take me out to the school dance only to make her actual crush notice her. That bitch....

Of course I was heartbroken. Now that I had time to think about it, I think that was when life started going downhill for me. How long ago was that.... It doesn't matter. Right now I'm enjoying a coffee while being chained to my worst nightmare. I stared out to the street deep in thought.

Pinkie: "Whats wrong"

I didn't notice that I was crying... I quickly shoved that feeling deep inside me, I will not cry ever again......... I smiled and tried to look like nothing ever happened, but Pinkie was not convinced. We stared at each other for a few more awkward minutes. We finished our coffee without a word, Pinkie paid for the drinks and we left. As we walked I thought about my life up to this point. Why am I here? Why am I only just remembering my past now? It never bothered me before, so why now does it choose to? All these questions popped into my head as we walked.

We got to Sugarcube Corner in one piece. Pinkie hummed as she worked, I was silent and deep in thought. Pinkie kept glancing back at me......Do I have something on my face. She looked concerned.

Pinkie: "Okay somthing is on your mind, what is it"

Me: "It's nothing important."

Pinkie: "It must be if your thinking about it that much."

I sighed. Might as well break the ice now, it's not like I could change the past anyway.

Me: "I just realized that I am in a world full of talking ponies."

My god, is that all I can say. God f*ck damn it, I need to tell someone or somepony now, otherwise it will continue to eat away at me. Why can't I just say it.

Pinkie: "Okee dokee lokee."

We continued to work untill closing. Pinkie decided that it might be a good idea for us to go see Twilight. I cursed myself as we walked over to the library. Twilight opened the door and let us in, we sat down as she brought some tea. I never touched mine, I was deep in thought again. Why did my life end up like this? Why did I give up? Pinkie and Twilight talked about the day, I didn't bother listening it wasn't any of my business. Twilight walked up to me with a look of concern.

Twilight: "Curtis you know you can tell us anything, so what's been bothering you lately?"

I sighed. Finally I managed to say what I've been thinking.

Conscience:1 Me: over 9000. I think that's about as accurate I can get with all the times I went ahead without thinking. Just then Twilight said something that startled me.

Twilight: "I think I get it, the reason why you appeared here is because the elements must have sensed that someone was in trouble."

Me: "Huh"

Twilight: "let me explain, the elements of harmony represent the nature of friendship and life, all living things weather it be from this world or not follow the same principle of life. The elements must have taken pitty on you and dragged you here. As to what they want you to do, I'm not sure."

My god......If heads can explode due to f*cked up shit like this happening, then I would be all over the wall right now. How could a couple rocks know about my troubles? It's nonsense I tell you, utter nonsense. If this was a fic then people would be shaking their heads in disbelief at such a stupid plot device. Oh shit I broke the fourth wall again, my fellow bronies I think I'm turning into Pinkie Pie. My worst nightmare is happening.

The two mares stared at me as I started to spasm on the floor.

Twilight: "I think I broke him"