• Published 23rd Apr 2012
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How did I get here!?! - brandsca123

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The end

I learned so much since I came to Equestria, I know it's only been a few days but.....dare I say it, I think it's time for this story to end.

I sighed as I walked into Sugarcube Corner, only one thing on my mind and that was Pinkie. I was wondering why she kept staring at me as we spent our time together, you might call it paranoia but I call it getting an answer. I went upstairs and I knocked on the door.

I thought I could hear sniffling coming from the other side.

Pinkie: "Come in."

I opened the door to see a very sad Pinkie Pie, I know I wanted to ask her about why she kept staring at me but now, I'm starting to have second thoughts. I knew something was wrong so I went up to her and I put my hand on her shoulder.

Me: "Pinkie what's wrong this isn't like you."

She sniffed and stared at me.

Pinkie: "Curtis, a few days ago I did something terrible, I didn't want to tell anypony for fear that they would all hate me."

Okay now my interest is peeked.

Me: "Do you want to talk about it?"

Pinkie shooked her head.

Me: "Come now, you told me I can tell you anything thats bothering me, so I think it's only fair that you do the same."

Pinkie: "Do you promise not to tell anypony."

Me: "Cross my heart and hope to fly."

This seemed to cheer her up a bit as she gave me a sad smile.

Pinkie: "Curtis, please don't get mad but, I might have brought you here."

Those words smacked me hard in the face. I froze as she continued.

Pinkie: "You see it all started when Twilight shown me a book on different dimensions. She shown me ways that can allow anypony to see the different worlds. At first I wasn't all that interested, but then she found one world in particular that got me interested."

I listened closely, right now I was about to get the truth on how I got here.

Pinkie: "Earth as it was called, looked so interesting, I mean a world populated by talking apes, both me and Twilight couldn't believe our eyes. Lyra was right, humans did exist and we were staring directly at them."

Lyra....I knew she might have had something to do with this.

Pinkie: "It was then I saw someone in particular. At first I didn't know what I was feeling at the time, but I quickly came to realise that I loved this person. It saddened me to see this person suffer so I had Twilight pull him out of his world and into Equestria."

Only an idiot wouldn't have guessed that this person was me. Wait a minute...Pinkie loves me. I didn't know weather to feel creeped out or flattered by her statement, so I let her continue.

Pinkie: "At first I thought the spell didn't work, so I went back home, only to find that person crashing through the roof of my room."

Heh, yeah that was kinda funny if you think about it, but it still hurt. Pinkie was about to continue with this bombshell, when I hugged her close.

Me: "That person was me wasn't it."

Pinkie nodded.

Pinkie: "I'm so sorry Curtis, I didn't mean to, I was being selfish and I wasn't thinking, I've been a bad pony for not telling you sooner, I....."

I hugged her again, and this seemed to quiet her down.

Me: "It's okay Pinkie, I didn't really like that world anyway. If I had stayed there I would have become a bitter old man. But thanks to you, I can live out the rest of my days in happiness. If I hadn't have come here I would have never have learned the power of friendship. In fact I should thank you for helping me get out of my shell."

Tears were streaming down my face and Pinkie's. We hugged each other close as we sat there crying.

After a good minute or so, we stopped. Pinkie looked at me and she smiled, I couldn't help but smile too. She hugged me again and said,

Pinkie: "Thank you."

At this point we left and headed downstairs. Then I asked a stupid question...

Me: "So how long were you going to keep this a secret from me?"

That's me in a nutshell folks, I can ruin just about any situation with just a few words. Pinkie only laughed and gave me a playful nudge.

Pinkie: "I was going to tell you eventually, but I guess the gult must have caught up with me."

Me: "Yeah I noticed."

We shared a quick laugh as we left out the door.

Pinkie's taking me out to her favorite cafe again. I should really get her back for doing this, maybe I should put a bug in her coffee when she isn't looking.