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Derpy Hooves goes about her usual daily routine, but with a slight change: she tries to talk to Twilight Sparkle. Will she be able to become friends with the introverted unicorn, or will she put her off with her... unique ways?

This is the improved 'Anniversary' Edition of my very first MLP Fanfiction. You can find the unedited original here:


As always, edited by BrotherPrickle on Deviant Art. Image creator is unknown.

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First! Nao to red da storie.

Ah, yes. I remember and love this story. The tale of a smart pony, hamstrung by a speech impediment. Time to reread this thing, before trying YET AGAIN to get through "Drifting through Draconia". I am SO bucking behind in FWoaD...

Mmm... interesting but it left me wanting much more.

At least see the actual conversation between Twilight and Derpy.

Very nice. I was wondering at the beginning why Derpy didn't try writing at first. So it's nice it turned out that way. I enjoyed this a great deal. Thumbs up!!! :derpyderp1:

All of Ciroton's works are in the same universe. One of his later stories is ALSO "Derpy"-centric, and revolves around the introduction of Dinky into his setting. Be warned, however, it contains dark subject matter, a tonne of Adult Fear, and basicly makes it's Happy Ending feel hard won and well deserved.

Edit: Found the relevant links. Here, here, and here, in that order.

Awww its over and the ending had so much open.

this was...happy...i enjoyed it alot...it was what i would say is a batter part of the fanfics on this site that brings a smile to my face and makes my day a little better nice job :D:twilightblush:

this was...happy...i enjoyed it alot...it was what i would say is a batter part of the fanfics on this site that brings a smile to my face and makes my day a little better nice job :D:twilightblush:

"Burning Jewels." I saw what you did there. :twilightsmile:

I enjoyed this fic; it is elegant in its simplicity, short and to the point.

You have a good, conversational tone to your writing that I find perfect for this style of things. I can find no obvious grammar errors, which is another obvious plus nowadays. (It truly says something when basic grammar and spelling are no longer the norm in fiction.) You also do a good job of mixing up description and emotion when you write.

I applaud you, and will keep reading your fanfiction.

This story was heartwarming, and really hit close to home. :pinkiesad2: My brother(and almost my sister as well, but thankfully we moved away from that stupid school district first) went through a similar kind of thing when he was young. He has Aspergers, and so had trouble communicating with other people, even though he is perfectly sound of mind, and is actually pretty damn smart. It really touched me to see somepony cover such a subject. :heart:

That said, since there is no other way to comment on your story "My Little Muffin," i felt this was the best place to ask about it. While it touched me just as much, the trial scene kind of bothered me as it did not go into why Twilight was losing the case(beyond the obvious bribing of the judges). From what I understand the only logic to keep Dinky from Derpy was Derpy's mental ineptitude. i also thought that (from what we saw of it) that Twilight fairly conclusively proved that Derpy had full control of her faculties(barring speech). Just hoping I can get an answer there.

Thanks for the good read! :twilightsmile:

Do you think you would ever write a sequel?


Way ahead of you, however, you can not find it here on FIMFic. You'll have to go to my Deviant Art page (linked in my profile) and look for "My Little Muffin"

It's been quite some time since I read this piece, but it's still as good as I remember. I'm curios though, why you didn't upload its sequel here? My Little Muffin is a good piece and would probably garner at least some attention if posted.

I also noticed that you have become a bit inactive both here and on DA; I hope you don't end up stopping all together.


I'm not inactive here. DA is a pain in the butt to upload to, so yeah, I'm probably not going to put stories there anymore. I've just been busy IRL and haven't had a lot of progress to do on Mezza Voce. As for the sequel to this, let us just say I am ashamed of it and, until I have done a total rewrite of the second part, will not be coming here in the near future.

Hey, I remember this one! Now what was it doing burried way down my read later and marked 'unread'?

This is good.

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