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Rarity has popped some bubbles with her unicorn horn. Now Derpy will make her pay!
Written for ocalhoun's Big 250k Contest as Derpy's POV in Pop. Cover art by Kazzuy

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A more random [random], I’ve never read.


I don't...I have no idea what to say...

7083481 Don't say anything. Let the randomness flow through you...

7083481 I do! Once you pop, you just can't stop!

For all that this was simply a POV change away from the original, it was a lot of fun, and in some ways better. I'm glad the two stories have each other. It was especially good when you're having Derpy describe Rarity, the 'cold and hard' eyes and all. Unfortunately, it does suffer from some grammar issues; you should have a proofreader go over it sometime. The only other complaint I might have is that sometimes things got a bit too serious and heavy... but then it got quite a bit better with the muffin bomb.

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7232622 Thanks! :twilightsmile: The grammar issues are there because I stayed up all night to write this and submitted it twenty minutes before the deadline :twilightblush:

Heh, that makes sense.

Every time I buy something and has bubble rap, I keep the bubble rap, and I keep it unpopped. Every time a bubble pops I mourn. That bubblekiller Rarity... :twilightangry2:

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