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My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead Season 3 - Nortes432 ft Spitfire

"Doth thou wot what it's like to be truly high-lone? I lost everything to the apocalypse. mine family is gone. . . forev'r. All I hast left is rage, ready to unleash on the undead scum that walk Equestria. And I'm not truly high-l

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S3E16: The Hive, Pt. 2

Author's Note:

Twilight awakens to a living nightmare.
Deja vu.

Twilight's eyes fluttered open. She was in Ponyville. In front of her was a house. The door was held open by Rainbow Dash. The more wore no clothes or armor. She had her wings fully intact. A look of worry was across her face.

"Twilight, you coming in?" Rainbow asked. She tossed a mask at Twilight. Twilight caught it with her hooves. "It's a party! Let's have fun!"

Twilight blinked. "O-okay..." She said slowly. Is this that same dream from that day? She thought to herself. She looked down at the mask Rainbow gave her. It was a white color, with a sharp-looking drooping edge on each side of the mask. The mask covered the upper face, two holes for the eyes. For a moment, Twilight saw her own reflection in the mask.

Twilight hesitantly walked into the house.

Once inside, however, everypony stopped. All noise ceased. The ponies that were once socializing and partying have stopped everything to turn and look at Twilight.

Twilight's eyes darted around at the staring crowd. She was in confusion. She saw Fluttershy, wearing a green mask with yellow feathers lining the top edges of the mask. She saw that Rarity was present as well, wearing a beautiful multi-colored mask that seemed to change colors every time Twilight looked at it. Applejack was present at the party as well, wearing no mask. Pinkie was, of course, wearing a mask with a wild design that Twilight could not even comprehend.

It took Twilight a while to notice, but she realized something. None of the ponies had pupils. Where they're eyes should be, are just white and lifeless. They all stared her down with lifeless eyes. In fact, each pony also had puncture wounds on each of their legs, blood dripping from them and onto the ground. Twilight looked around frantically for answers. Everypony had these features. Fluttershy, Thunderlane, Trixie, Daring Do, Soarin', Fancy Pants, The Cakes, Snowflake, Sweetie Belle. Even Celestia and Luna, who stood above the crowd noticeably. Finally, Twilight's eyes laid on Secret. He wore a mask that was red on one side, black on the other. A glittery design on the mask was black on the red side, and vise versa. But most importantly, he was still alive. Normal. Not one of those...things.

"Sorry, Twilight." Secret said to her, showing no emotion. "The Boss ordered you dead." Secret raised his shotgun to aim at Twilight. "Nothing personal. Just business."



Twilight woke up, screaming. Only, she could not scream. She could not move her muzzle. She couldn't move anything. Only her eyes.

Twilight looked around to the best of her ability. She was encased in what she figured to be a cocoon of some sort. She was surrounded in a green-ish liquid, yet she did not feel wet. From the green-tinted transparency of the cocoon, she could see other cocoons in the room.

Twilight has no clue how long she was in that cocoon. She felt like she was about to pass out, but a faint thud from outside the cocoon caught her attention.

Twilight tried to search for what caused the noise, but no avail. Soon enough, she saw something black move in front of her cocoon. Her eyes widened.

A single blade was pulled out by the black-covered pony. The pony stabbed it into the cocoon, causing some of the liquid to spill out. The pony ran the knife downwards, slicing a giant hole in the cocoon. Twilight felt her limp body slide out along with the flood of green liquid. She breathed heavily once she felt air. She turned onto her back in the mushy liquid, looking up to the ceiling. She was in a dark cave, presumably under the old castle.

Above her, stood a pony covered in black, with a mask on his face. It was the same masked pony that saved them in Appleloosa. The same one that saved them in Manehattan. It was that pony.

"Who...who are you...?" Twilight managed weakly, moving to get to her hooves.

The pony chuckled from under the mask. "Ve need to stop running into each other in such bad vays." A thick German accent replied.

Twilight blinked. "Zeinwolfe?!"

The pony pulled off his mask, revealing to be Zeinwolfe indeed. "It's pronounced Zeinvolfe, actually. But you can call me Zeinwolfe. It does not bozer me."

Twilight was in shock. "I thought you were dead!"

"I thought I vas dead too!" Zeinwolfe replied, a large smile crawling across his face. "But, ve don't have ze time for bonding. Ve have to save Rainbov and friends, ja?" Zeinwolfe handed Twilight a small knife. "Hurry. Ze next patrol may come soon." Zeinwolfe told her.

Twilight turned and looked back at the cocoon she was in. To the left of her cocoon, where Zeinwolfe went to free the others, was another cocoon that held Rainbow Dash.

To the right, however, was a cocoon holding Secret. Twilight was compelled to approach it. She took the knife and stabbed it into the cocoon. She saw Secret's blind and hetero-chromatic eyes dart around. Twilight sliced the cocoon open, stepping back as the liquid flushed out, along with Secret. He had a short coughing fit before he got to his hooves.

"Secret..." Twilight began.

Secret shook his head. "No, Twilight." Secret said. "I'm sorry. Again, I was just doing what had to be done."

Twilight suddenly wrapped her hooves around Secret's neck, holding him close. Secret was surprised.

"I forgive you, Secret." Twilight whispered, shakily. "I trust you, and I find it hard to, but I forgive you." Twilight felt a tear roll down her cheek.

Secret let out a soft sigh. "Twilight. My name is not Secret." Secret told her. He leaned in and whispered something to her.

The name Twilight will never forget.

Twilight looked up. She saw Zeinwolfe and Rainbow sharing a joyous reunion themselves.

"I managed to escape, Rainbov." Zeinwolfe told her. "After zat, I hunted you down, to Appeloosa. I vas able to save you all, at least. I followed you all for ze majority of ze time. But, I had to leave each time. I had...ozer zings to take care of."

"What do you mean?" Rainbow asked, tilting her head.

"You see, Rainbov, I vas not ze only one zat escaped Canterlot." Zeinwolfe told her. "In fact, ve're all here to save you. As you all have saved us."

Rainbow's eyes widened. As she stood there in shock, Zeinwolfe went and sliced open another cocoon, freeing Spitfire. Spitfire stumbled as she got to her hooves, breathing heavily.

"Wait...where's Scootaloo?" Rainbow asked, looking around. The ponies searched the cocoons, but to no avail.

Secret shook his head. "We'll find her. She's somewhere in the castle."

"Quickly now!" Zeinwolfe said. "Ze patrol is coming soon. Ve must run!" Zeinwolfe took Rainbow's hoof and pulled her along. Rainbow eventually caught drift and ran alongside him. Twilight, Secret, and Spitfire followed close behind.

First, it started with the zombies. The undead, they took the lives of three of her closest friends in Ponyville. No, make that four. Applejack was never with them.

Rainbow swore to murder that changeling who dared to pretend to be her friend.

The group of beaten ponies followed Zeinwolfe through the halls. Hiding in the darkness every time they heard buzzing.

Zeinwolfe watched as two changelings patrolled by them. One of them had a decorative scythe on it's back. The other, a shiny and sharp katana.

"Are zose yours, Princess Sparkle and Rainbov?" Zeinwolfe asked in a soft whisper.

"It is." Twilight answered quietly.

"Yup." Rainbow added.

Zeinwolfe smirked. "Gut." He took out two kunai, and threw them quickly but silently at the pair of changelings. The kunai stabbed perfectly into their necks, causing the two to choke for air and collapse, dead. Green-ish blood oozed from their necks.

Twilight and Rainbow emerged, quickly grabbing their weapons. They sheathed their weapons, then quickly hid the two dead bodies. After hiding them in the darkness, they took off once more down the hallway.

"Ze changeling queen, Chysalis, vas it?" Zeinwolfe asked. "Ve have somepony keeping eyes on her." He told them. Zeinwolfe pulled out a radio and spoke into it. "Zeinvolfe here. I have saved ze ozers." He said to the other end. "Vhere is ze queen?"

After a moment of silence, another pony, presumably mare, spoke through the radio. "That giant bug is currently in the throne room. Crosshairs locked. Her ego is too big to miss."

Zeinwolfe spoke back. "Roger zat. Ve'll be zere as soon as possible."

"Was that Coco?" Secret asked. The others looked at him "She was part of the royal guard. On the sniper team. She was shot in the leg by one of the members of The Circle. Skull."

"Ja." Zeinwolfe answered. "She survived. Found her in ze hospital. Her leg? It is of no use. She valks vith a limp." He smiled a bit. "But she's still a very gut sniper."

Twilight frowned. "Ouch. Seems a lot of us are losing functionality." Twilight said. First, Secret went blind. Then, Rainbow lost her wings. Now, Coco has a limp.

Zeinwolfe nodded. "Sadly."

He was interrupting by another voice on the radio. "Did you find them, Zeinwolfe?" Another mare called.

Zeinwolfe quickly pulled the radio back to his face. "Ja. I did. I vill let you see zem soon enough, meine freunde."

Zeinwolfe put the radio away, and continued his way towards the throne room. "Who was that?" Rainbow asked, following close behind.

"A...friend of mine, I should say. Or, a friend of ours, in zis situation."

A plan was devised by Zeinwolfe. It was a simple concept. Multiple flanks, stolen weapons from the armory, and a single sniper who was already in position.

As the ponies were preparing to start the attack, they took a couple of moments to relax and brace themselves. Rainbow was cleaning her katana. Spitfire walked over to her, carrying a pack of bandages.

"What do you want?" Rainbow grumbled as she glanced at Spitfire.

Spitfire put the bandages in front of Rainbow. "You cut yourself twice while cleaning."

Rainbow stopped and looked at her hooves. Two cuts on her left hoof, just as Spitfire had said. Rainbow grunted in anger and sheathed her blade. "I don't need your bandages."

Spitfire frowned. "Rainbow, listen..." She began, taking a step forward.

"No!" Rainbow erupted. "You listen! I trusted you. Looked up to you. And what did you do?" Rainbow wiped a tear from her cheek. "You betrayed me. Hit me in the back of the head with the butt of a hoofgun."

Spitfire looked down. "You don't understand, Dash." Spitfire whispered.

"No, you don't understand!" Rainbow continued. "You don't know what it is like to have the person you have called a hero your entire life aim a gun to your head!"

"You think I wanted to?!" Spitfire suddenly shot back, raising her head. "I would have just as quickly turned that gun around and shot myself in the skull! You, you are out of it! You're not thinking!" Spitfire grabbed Rainbow, pulling her close as she narrowed her eyes. "I don't want to hurt you, Dash. I didn't want to hurt you. I like you. I never hated you. I hope you can forgive me, because I've done bad things. But if you can't forgive me now, at least stand with me. Stand with us." Spitfire gestured to the other ponies, who were staring at them. "Because after this, we're going straight for him."

Secret stepped forward. "Are you sure about that?" He asked.

Twilight nodded. "Yeah, your boss...I know him pretty well. He's not exactly the guy you want to go up against like this."

Spitfire looked at them, letting Rainbow go. She thought for a moment. "Yes. I'm sure of it. He did this. Every death that happened since the day Twilight poured that potion onto the bear's grave." Spitfire said, looking at Twilight. "And yes, I know. Secret knows. We always knew. Because we did this. But now, we're fixing it."

Silent agreement spread about the room. Everypony went back to doing their own thing. Rainbow placed a hoof on Spitfire's shoulder. "I'm sorry Spitfire. But I can't bring myself to forgiving you just yet...but I'll at least give you the benefit of a second chance." Rainbow told her. "If you did this, and you claim you can fix it...you better." Rainbow began to walk off. "And I'll be right by your side, Spitfire. Trust me."

Spitfire couldn't help but smile a little.

The ponies were in position. Twilight and Secret were placed at a door near the thrones. They stood by, ready to take out a pair of guards. Zeinwolfe and Spitfire stood on opposite sides of the center, standing back to wall. Rainbow was up top with Coco. She stood near the sniper, ready to attack.

"All clear. Princess Twilight, you and Captain Secret may advance now." Coco announced through the radio.

Twilight put the radio away and nodded to Secret. In one swift movement, Secret jumped out and blew a changeling's head to pieces with his shotgun. The other quickly tried to attack, but was cut off when Twilight threw the scythe at the changeling. It struck the changeling and sent it back, impaling it by the chest to the wooden door.

Coco and Rainbow watched as the crowd of changelings jumped at the sound of a scythe penetrating through wood.

"You guys should really move. Now!" She shouted into the radio.

Zeinwolfe and Spitfire simultaneously emerged from behind the two doors on the opposite sides of the throne room. Spitfire fired at approaching changelings with her dual hooguns, while Zeinwolfe swung his knives and kunai around while using his own hoofgun.

Coco turned to Rainbow and nodded. Rainbow smiled. She ran forward, leaping off the balcony and into the masses below. She landed on a changeling, smashing his skull against the ground. Propelling herself off the changeling, she sliced another's head clean off.

"Fools! My loyal drones, kill them!" Chrysalis shouted. "Kill them all!"

"You're done, bug queen." Chryalis looked down to see Secret aiming his sawn-off at her.

Chrysalis smiled. "You're not so bright, are you?" She asked sarcastically. A changeling leapt at Secret, forcing Secret to divert his attention to shoot the changeling. This gave Chrysalis enough time to fly upwards, kicking Secret in the face as she escaped.

Secret rolled backwards down the steps to the thrones. He spat blood and grunted as he quickly got to his hooves.

Coco kept her crosshairs on Chrysalis. "No fly zone, pest." She muttered. She took the shot, but missed due to a changeling grabbing her rifle's barrel and pushing it to the side. Coco stumbled back, pulling out a knife. "I need a break." She complained through clenched teeth. The changeling charged at her, and she swung her knife forward, letting out a battlecry.

Chrysalis made her escape through a backdoor. Twlight ran to Secret's side to help him up. "No." Secret spat blood. "Go after her. I'll catch up." Twilight hesitated, but nodded and ran out after Chrysalis.

Rainbow was slicing and shooting her way through the hordes of changelings. She was caught off guard when one of the changelings kicked her hard, sending her flying through a door. She rolled into a hallway, and was stopped when she collided against a wall She got up to see a changeling approaching her. It held a rifle.

"Come on now, Rainbow." he changeling turned into Applejack, taking the cowboy hat and placing it on her own head. "Dotcha have time for yer ol' pal, Applejack?"

Rainbow got to her hooves as she stared down the changeling. "I was hoping you would show up."

Twilight followed close behind Chrysalis as she chased the queen through the halls of the castle. "I see you have grown wings since I have last seen you!" Chrysalis shouted back. "You must be a princess now! Sadly, the last princess to die!" She knocked over an old table holding an antique vase, which Twilight jumped over with ease.

"There is nowhere for you to go, Chrysalis!" Twilight shouted. "It's the end for you! Give up!"

Chrysalis laughed maniacally. "The end for me? Can you not see I am far more superior?!"

Twilight growled and continued to chase Chrysalis. Chrysalis made her way up a spiral staircase, with Twilight close behind.

Spitfire grabbed Secret and helped him to his hooves. "Stop slacking." She ordered, handing him his sawn-off. "Time to clean up." She said. She turned around and shot at changelings approaching her. Secret smiled as he turned around and shot at changelings approaching from behind. The two stood back to back as the took out the hordes of changelings.

Coco tripped up, her limp hoof causing her to fall over. She fell against the railing, quickly turning around to confront the changeling. It pounced her, pinning her against the railing as it screeched and began to bite and punch at her. Coco scrambled to get free, eventually taking her knife and stabbing it into the changeling's chest. It stopped as it stared in horror. It spat green-ish blood onto Coco's face before falling off. Coco grunted as she got to her hooves, kicking the changeling's dead body off the balcony. "Join the Sniper Team, they said." She complained. "You'll have fun, they said."

Applejack walked down the hallway, laughing. "Yer so gullible. So easy." She said, turning to face Rainbow. Rainbow was stumbling as she tried to gain her balance. Applejack aimed her rifle at Rainbow's head. "Just one lil' shot right to yer noggin."


Applejack looked from the scope of the rifle to see Rainbow. Her eyes widened.

Rainbow had blocked the bullet with her katana. She lowered it as she stared Applejack down. "You really think you can win?" She asked. Rainbow began to walk towards Applejack, scraping her katana against the ground.

Applejack panicked. She quickly took another shot at Rainbow, which Rainbow easily blocked with her katana without flinching.

"Remember that fight we had on the train?" Rainbow asked. "The one where I threw you against the train?"

Applejack took three more shots, each one being blocked by Rainbow's katana with grace and perfection.

"I won because I was trained. Not by a heartless, oversized bug. But by a group of assassins." Rainbow said.

Applejack spat. "Ah let ya win. Ah coulda put a bullet in ya easily." She said.

Rainbow shook her head. "There's one thing about Applejack you never did right." Rainbow said. She stopped two feet away from the changeling. "Applejack never lied."

Applejack tried to fire another shot, but was greeted by the clicking of an empty clip. "Yer out." Rainbow said, mimicking Applejack's voice. Rainbow took her katana and stabbed it into Applejack with one swift movement. Applejack gasped and blood oozed out of her mouth. She slowly turned into a changeling as the blood became a green-ish color. The changeling's body limply sliding down Rainbow's katana, dropping the rifle onto the ground with a thud. Rainbow took the hat off of the changeling's head and placed it on her own head.

"You don't deserve this."

Spitfire kicked one last changeling to the ground, pinning it down with one hoof as she shot it in the skull, killing it. "That's the last one." She announced.

Secret perked his ears. "All clear."

Zeinwolfe put away his knives and holstered his gun. "Ve did it."

"That's all of them!" Coco called from the balcony.

Rainbow walked back into the throne room. "I killed the faker." She looked around. "Where's Twilight?"

"She went after Chrysalis." Secret told her. The ponies looked at each other, then quickly took off to find Twilight and Chrysalis.

Twilight searched frantically for Chrysalis. She checked room after room. She finally burst through a door that lead to the outside balcony of the tower. Chrysalis stood at the end of a gargoyle statue that jutted out from the top of the tower. In one of her hooves was Scootaloo. "Stand back! If I fall, I will take this one down with me!" She shouted.

Twilight stood where she was, holding her scythe at ready. "Chrysalis. Let go of the filly." Scootaloo had tears in her eyes.

Secret and Zeinwolfe ran through the door, stopping behind Twilight and pulling out their guns. "Don't dare take another step, or she's going to fall!" Chrysalis threatened.

"You're not going to win, Chrysalis." Twilight told her. "Just give us the filly."

Chrysalis growled. "You want her?" Chrysalis asked, tilting her head. She pretended like she was going to drop the filly, causing Scootaloo to scream.

Twilight tried to hold herself back. "Give her back!" She shouted, clenching her teeth. Twilight's rage turned to shock as she saw something catch her eye. Spitfire appeared from behind Chrysalis, flying as she carried Rainbow with her hooves. She rocked Rainbow back and forth, before throwing her at Chrysalis. Rainbow unsheathed her katana and sliced at Chrysalis, cutting her fragile changeling wing clean off. Rainbow landed safely on the balcony. "A wing for a wing." Rainbow muttered.

Chrysalis screamed in pain as she let go of Scootaloo. Spitfire swooped in and grabbed Scootaloo before she fell. Spitfire landed on the balcony next to Rainbow, placing the scared filly on the ground.

Rainbow and Spitfire took out their own guns and aimed them at Chrysalis. Chrysalis backed up to the edge of the gargoyle. "You...you have not won! I...I will repopulate! I'm a queen! My hive will be rebuilt!" Changeling clenched her teeth. "Are you really going to commit genocide? Because your boss told you too?" Chrysalis laughed, painfully. "That fool never learned from his mistakes. He was never able to defeat Celestia. I did! He is just jealous!" Chrysalis turned her back to the ponies, facing the sky. "He betrayed me. And he will betray you."

Twilight turned to the others. "Put your guns down." She said hesitantly.

The ponies gave her weird looks. "What?" Spitfire asked.

"Twilight, are you crazy?" Rainbow asked.

"I said, put them down!" Twilight ordered. "As Princess of Equestria, I order you to holster your weapons!"

Slowly, each pony put their weapons down. Chrysalis turned her head to look at them. "Are you not going to kill me?" She spat.

Twilight took a step forward. "You're defeated, Chrysalis. You have lost your hive. You have nothing left." She said.

Chrysalis let out a short "Hmmph."

"We're not committing genocide. We're not scooping down to his level." Twilight told Chrysalis. "We're letting you live."

Chrysalis said nothing for the longest time. "You're going to kill him, aren't you?" She finally asked, staring at nothing.

"It is our goal." Twilight replied.

Chrysalis laughed softly. It wasn't much of an evil laugh, but it was more...normal. Which seemed unnatural for the queen. "You're going to get yourselves killed."

"As long as he dies with us." Spitfire stepped in, gritting her teeth.

Chrysalis sighed and looked down, shaking her head. "You're really letting me go?"

Rainbow grunted. "Just hurry up before I put a bullet in your head!" She butt in, getting annoyed by Chrysalis.

Chrysalis smiled. "Very well then. Until next time, my little ponies. Listen to your princess. She knows well. As for me, I must find my own home." Chrysalis spread her one good wing out. "Kill him for me." She said. With that, Chrysalis jumped off the gargoyle, and into the darkness below.

The ponies ran to the edge and looked over, watching as Chrysalis disappeared into nothingness. "Do...do you think she'll live?" Spitfire asked.

"Maybe." Twilight said. She turned and began to walk back inside.

Secret followed close behind. "You really think she'll come back?" He asked.

Twilight nodded. "She always does."

As the ponies walked into the throne room, they were greeted with Coco and another young mare cleaning up changeling corpses.

"Hey, kid!" Zeinwolfe called. "You vanted to meet ze ponies, ja?"

The young mare perked her head up and turned around. The ponies were shocked.

It was Keynote.

Keynote began to walk up to them, but was cut off as Rainbow charged forward and hugged the mare tightly. Keynote was shocked. "Um...hello?" She greeted slowly.

"Hello Keynote..." Rainbow whispered. She let go and took a step back, taking out the picture of Keynote with her father. "Your father, Dust, wanted us to find you. And we finally did..."

Twilight smiled lightly at the sight of the two having their reunion. But, she was shocked to hear the familiar voice of another old friend.

"Is it my eyes that deceive me, or is that my old friends that I see?" Twilight, Secret, and Spitfire turned around. They watched as their zebra friend walked up to them.

"H-how did you?..." Twilight began.

Zeinwolfe stepped forward. "Ze scientists found ze cure. It only vorked on ponies who vere not completely infected. I vas able to apply it to Zecora. She is perfectly fine now."

"Perfectly fine, despite the extremes. Unfortunately, I still have the bite wound on my neck, it seems." She pointed to the torn fur on her neck. The bite markings were perfectly visible.

Twilight frowned, but smiled a bit. "I'm glad you're alive." She said. "I'm glad we're all alive."

Rainbow and Keynote walked up to the group, along with Coco, who limped up to Zeinwolfe's side. Scootaloo hopped over to Coco, hugging her. Coco hugged the mare with one hoof, using the other to support herself.

"So, what now?" Coco asked, looking around at them.

Twilight looked at Secret. "We're going after him, of course." She said.

Coco shook her head. "Who?" She asked, tilting her head.

Twilight sighed. She turned around, looking at an old pane glass window in the throne room. On it, was a picture of Celestia and Luna using the Elements of Harmony to turn a draconequus to stone.

"Discord." She said, narrowing her eyes. She threw her scythe at the pane glass window, shattering it with a slice to the draconequus' glass head.

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And holy mother of Celestia...4K words.
I'm actually shocked.
My writing has greatly improved.

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"Theme" for Season 3.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

Zecora was never dead. Wow. As i read, it gets completely better. Nice way to end a season.

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