My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead Season 3

by Nortes432 ft Spitfire

First published

"Doth thou wot what it's like to be truly high-lone? I lost everything to the apocalypse. mine family is gone. . . forev'r. All I hast left is rage, ready to unleash on the undead scum that walk Equestria. And I'm not truly high-l

"Doth thou wot what it's like to be truly high-lone? Our name is Princess Luna. We lost everything to the apocalypse. Our family is gone. . . forever. All we hast left is rage, ready to unleash on the undead scum that walk Equestria. And we're not truly high-lone, just barely alive. "

S3E01: The Sun May Never Rise, Pt. 1

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Twilight's eyes flickered open. She looked around. She saw the clear blue sky, shining sun, that Ponyville?

It was. She was in Ponyville. It was bright, happy, and most importantly; there were no zombies.

Rainbow landed in front of Twilight. "What are you doing on the ground, Twi?" Her friend asked. "Get up!"

Twilight got to her hooves. "Rainbow? Where am I?"

"Uh...Ponyville, duh." Rainbow answered tilting her head. "Did you fall and hit your head?"

"No, Rainbow. I'm fine." Twilight answered.

Rainbow looked around. "Oh, well...c'mon. Fluttershy's friend is hosting a party. Everypony's there!"

"Everypony?" Twilight asked, following Rainbow.

"Yeah!" Rainbow smiled. "Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie, and Fluttershy are going!" She told her. Twilight was shocked. She remembered seeing Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie dead.

They soon arrived at a house. Rainbow knocked on the door, and it opened. Rainbow trotted inside happily. When Twilight stepped inside, however, there was nothing.

"Rainbow?" Twilight called, looking around the empty white void. "Hello?"

"Princess Twilight Sparkle." A familiar voice called. Twilight turned around to see Luna. "It's time to open thy eyes and see the ordinary around thou."

"Princess Luna?" Twilight asked. "What's going on?"

"It's time to awaken, Twilight." Luna told her. "Get up, anon!"

Suddenly, Twilight's vision blurred, until she couldn't see a thing.


Twilight's eyes fluttered open. She looked around in shock. The throne room was ruined. Royal guards crowded the entrance, fending off a giant horde of undead.

"It's about time thou awoke, Twilight!" Luna called, helping Twilight to her hooves. "We wilt get out of hither, quickly!"

Twilight was dizzy and unable to process everything at once. She clumsily followed after Princess Luna. After a minute of running, she noticed Applejack and Rainbow Dash at her sides.

They soon reached a giant pair of blast-proof doors. They slowly opened, wide enough for the ponies to enter. Once inside, Twilight looked around and made out her friends with her blurry vision. Secret propped himself against a wall, shotgun in his hooves. Rainbow and Applejack helped the guards close the doors, preventing anything else from entering. Spitfire was passed out on the floor.

"Where..." Twilight coughed. "Where's Princess Celestia?" She managed.

Everypony looked at Twilight silently. Twilight looked around, confused. "What?"

"I...I'm sorry Twilight..." Rainbow said, trotting up to her friend.

"Sorry?" Twilight said, backing away. "Sorry for what?"

"Mine sister is gone..." Princess Luna whispered, tears soaking her eye. Twilight stared in horror. She couldn't believe what she just said. There was no way. It was impossible! Twilight held her head as she stumbled forward, unable to process this. Rainbow caught her friend as she toppled over.

"Twilight? Are you okay?" Rainbow asked as her friend slowly faded into sleep.

"How are we getting out of here?" Spitfire asked, staring at the giant door between them and the outside world. "All we have is a couch and a bed. We can barely fit all of us on either."

"Give it time, young one. we will find a way out of hither eventually. " Luna told Spitfire as she stuck to her corner.

Secret trotted over towards Luna. "How are you holding up, princess?" He asked, patting her back.

"I'm not sure yet. Thither's many emotions swirling inside of me, I can't quite understand it right anon. But, that's not an issue right anon. We hast other things to worry about." Luna held a small item close to her, which went unnoticed by the blind stallion.

"I'll think of something. I promise, princess." Secret turned around and trotted off. Luna sighed, and looked down at the picture that she was holding. It was of her and Celestia when they were young. A tear rolled down her face.

"She's been out for almost an hour now." Rainbow said, staring at Twilight.

Applejack approached them. "Poor thang." Applejack looked up. "I don't blame 'er. Who could ever guess that Princess Celestia, of all ponies, would just...die."

Spitfire approached Secret. "Um...Secret. Can we talk?"

"I'm not sure, can we?" Secret asked jokingly.

"Haha." Spitfire sighed. "What are we going to do?"

Secret looked down. "Not much we CAN do."

"We have to do something." Spitfire protested. "I refuse to just sit here and rot!" Spitfire snorted in anger as she stared down Secret.

Secret took a deep sigh and shook his head. Spitfire froze as Secret's hoof rested on her cheek. "You must be patient. I understand the reason for your anger, but you must not let it overwhelm you. In due time." Secret removed his hoof and trotted away. Spitfire just stood there, dumbfounded.

"Wake up." A voice echoed. Twilight opened her eyes to find herself in the white room.

"The dream, again?" She wondered aloud as she stood up. "Hello? Who's out there?"

"Turn around, Twilight." A sweet voice called. Twilight obeyed, and turned around slowly to face Princess Celestia.

"Princess?!" Twilight exclaimed in shock. "You're ali-"

"No, not really." Celestia interrupted. "I'm not at all 'alive'." Twilight frowned. "But, I am here. Only for a short time though."

"I don-" Twilight began.

"We don't have time for that." Celestia looked up. "Before I died, I felt an odd sense. Something was wrong. I can still feel it now. But, I don't know what it is. Something is going on in Equestria, and it's not the zombie apocalypse. You must find out what's going on." Celestia looked back at Twilight. "Princess Luna is in charge. There is a keep in the guard's quarters. In there, I kept armor for the princesses in case of dire emergency. Lead them there. Gather what you can, and leave Canterlot. It's hopeless now."

"Y-yes, princess." Twilight managed, bowing.

Celestia's figure began to fade. Celestia frowned. "Good luck, my child. Keep them safe!"

"Celestia! I don't want you to leave!" Twilight screamed through teary eyes.

"We all have our time, Twilight!" Celestia called. "Make sure your's is not soon!" With that, everything faded from existence.

Twilight gasped awake.

"Twilight!" Rainbow called.

"She's awake!" Applejack cheered.

"Twilight, are you okay?" Secret asked, approaching the trio.

Twilight looked at her three friends. She held her head in pain, then looked around the room. She saw Spitfire on the couch, and Luna in the corner. She stood up and trotted over towards Luna weakly.

"Princess Luna." Twilight called. The night princess turned around and looked at her. "Celestia has spoken. We're leaving."

S3E02: The Sun May Never Rise, Pt. 2

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"How do you plan to do it?" Spitfire asked the young alicorn. "We can't just leave. The zombies are all over the ground, most likely. The air is occupied by fliers."

"She has a point, Twi." Rainbow said. "We can't just leave."

"There is a way!" Twilight argued. "There...There's an armory. Somewhere in the castle. We can get there." She looked at Luna. "There was armor for the two of us. We could also find armor for the rest of us."

"We need to find our way there, then." Secret said. "Princess Luna, can you map out a way to the armory?"

"We will try. We cannot make any promises, under great stress like so." Luna stood up. "We may go forth with Twilight's plan."

Twilight nodded. "Celestia will protect us." She said. "She always had."


The large metal doors opened slowly. Everypony held a weapon at ready, afraid of what laid beyond the door. To their surprise, there was no zombies on the other side. Just a big, dark, empty hallway. That, of course, was the only good sign.

Rainbow went towards one of the windows. "It's infested out there!" She called. "There is nothing but zombies and dead bodies from here to the walls!"

"What did I tell you?" Spitfire asked, flying up to the window.

"The irony." Secret said. "All thee ponies came to Canterlot for protection. Only to be killed like this."

"Enough talk." Twilight called. "Luna, care to lead us to the armory?"

Luna nodded. "Follow us, and follow closely. We will not slow down so we can become food f'r those undead scum."

The group followed Luna as she carefully made her way through the halls of Canterlot. To their surprise, they barely saw any zombies for a long time. When they finally came upon one, Rainbow Dash just charged at it, stabbing it to death with a knife. She smiled as she put the bloody knife back into it's sheath. "I couldn't help it. I wanted to stab something in such a long time."

"The Circle has changed you, Rainbow." Secret said as he trotted past the mare. "For better or worse."

Rainbow sighed and followed along with the group.

They later entered the hallway where they had slept. The hallway was once again empty. It was then that Rainbow remembered something. "Zeinwolfe!" She galloped to her room. The door was broken open. She stepped inside, looking around. The bed was covered in blood, but there was no sign of Zeinwolfe.

"Where is he?" Rainbow called, searching the room furiously. The others peeked into the room, worried.

Rainbow threw her things around, angered. She stopped and began to sob, collapsing to the floor. Twilight approached her. "Rainbow, you have to let it go."

"He saved my life!" She sobbed. "I owe him..." She looked down.

"You owe 'em. You owe 'em your survival." Rainbow looked up at Applejack, who had approached them when she wasn't looking. "He would want it."

Rainbow managed a small smile and a nod. "You're right, AJ." She carefully got to her hooves and wiped the tears off her face. "Let's keep going."

"The armory." Luna announced, showing them the entryway. Secret entered first, followed by the rest of the group. The room was filled with weapons and armor of all sorts, all locked behind bars to protect them from thieves.

"Alright." Spitfire said in a bright tone. "Let's break open these cabinets and take what we can!" She went up to one of the cabinets and got ready to break it open.

"Wait!" Secret called, stopping her. "They have alarms. If we break open any of them, the alarms will attract every zombie within a mile radius." Spitfire scowled and stepped away from the weapon cabinet.

"What now, then?" Rainbow asked. "Does anybody know the code to unlock them?" Nopony answered, and Rainbow groaned.

Twilight walked down to the far end of the room, where there laid a giant cabinet. "I think this is it." She said, looking at the keypad. "It has a code too."

Luna trotted up to the cabinet. She looked at the keypad, then swiftly pressed a couple buttons. There was a beep-beep, and a click. Luna opened the cabinets.

That was easy." Twilight said, looking at the large cabinet. Inside, there were four pairs of armor. Each one had a plaque under them. Celestia's armor was golden yellow, and a large sword was hung beside it. Next to it laid Luna's armor. It was a bluish color, and beside it was a strange circular weapon. It had two blades on each end, and a bar in the center, which was possibly the handle.

Luna took down her armor and began to put it on as Twilight studied the rest of the gear.

Cadance's armor was a pinkish-red color. A large lance was next to it.

Twilight finally rested her eyes on her gear. It was a rusty color, and it interested Twilight. She took down the armor and began to put it on, when she noticed her weapon. It was a scythe of the same rusty brown color. She took it down with her magic and looked at it. "I've never used a weapon before, to be honest." She said, tilting her head. She put the scythe on her back, where it fit perfectly into a little holding place on the back of her armor.

She turned around and looked at Luna, who looked fierce and threatening in her new armor. The strange weapon laid on her side. "I hope this works." Twilight said. Luna nodded in agreement. Twilight turned toward her friends, just in time to see Secret figuring out the combination. He opened cabinet after cabinet, letting the remaining survivors get to work on gathering weapons.

Rainbow pulled a large sword out with her mouth. "This is awesome!" She said through the blade. She put it on the floor. "What is it?"

"It's a katana, if I'm not mistaken." Spitfire told her. "There's a sheath to it, too." She pulled the sheath out of the cabinet and laid it by the sword.

"I call it!" Rainbow said, putting the katana back in the sheath. She through it over her back, where a string on the sheath held itself onto her back.

Spitfire rolled her eyes and pulled out two hoofguns, and a belt, putting them into the sheaths that were on the belt. She looked over at Applejack, who found herself a intimidating rifle. "This 'ere gun is what ah'm talkin' 'bout!" She said happily as she threw it onto her back.


The ponies froze as a strange sound came from behind one of the cabinets. Secret slowly approached the cabinet, and carefully looked behind it.

"Rainbow, you might want to see this." He said as he backed away from the cabinet. Rainbow stared as a brown pony popped out from behind the cabinet and looked at Rainbow Dash in fear. There was a large scar on her eye.

"Scootaloo?!" Rainbow exclaimed, slowly approaching the young pegasus.

"Rainbow!" She sobbed, jumping into the mare's arms. "I was scared...they were everywhere...they...they took Applebloom..." She managed through the tears.

Applejack went into shock. Applebloom was the last one she had left. Now, her family was gone. Granny Smith, Big Mac, and now her little sister. Applejack sat down slowly, trying to understand.

Rainbow picked Scootaloo up and sat her onto Spitfire's back. "Stay with her, Scoots." Rainbow told her. "I don't want to lose you."

Secret patted Applejack on the back. "I'm sorry." He said. "I know how much she meant to you."

"Ah failed Granny Smith." Applejack said. "Ah...ah can't go on like this..."

"Yes you can." Secret said. "And you will. You will make her proud."

Applejack looked down and sniffled. "Fine." She said, standing up quickly. "Y'all better be right."

Secret smiled. "I promise."

S3E03: Escape From Canterlot

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"Y'all see all them zombies down there?" Applejack asked, pointing a hoof down at the zombies underneath them. "There's too many for us to handle. We gotta find a way over them."

"But there are fliers too." Spitfire said as she carried Scootaloo on her back. "What about them?"

"We have to stay low enough that they won't target us, but high enough that the zombies on the ground can't reach us." Rainbow said.

"We could try going on the roofs." Scootaloo said quietly.

Rainbow looked at her. "That's actually a good idea, Scoots."

"But how?" Spitfire asked.

As if on queue, Twilight trotted up to them, holding a plank in front of her with magic. "This might work." She said with a small smile.

"You only live as long as convenience agrees with you." Secret said under his breath, smiling.


The large plank was carefully laid on the ledge of the closest building, and the broken window of the castle. The survivors had to move down the tower to a level that was even with the rooftops of Canterlot. Twilight made sure the plank wouldn't move, then she volunteered to go first.

"Ah'd rather go first, Twi." Applejack said. "Ah don't trust y'all to be safe." With a simple nod from Twilight, Applejack pulled herself up to the plank and carefully trotted on the plank like it was a tightrope.

"Don't look down!" Rainbow called out to her friend.

Applejack gulped. "Be quiet, RD! You're not helping!" She called back nervously. Applejack continued her trot across the plank. Soon enough, she reached the roof. She gave a relieved smile as she turned around and called her friends to follow.

The remaining six followed Applejack's steps across the plank until all of them were together again. Twilight then lifted the plank and put it down on the ledges off the roof they were on and the roof across from them.

They repeated the process multiple times, each time getting faster and faster. They were about halfway to the walls. Just a few more crosses and they will finally be able to escape. As Twilight carefully set the board on the roofs of two buildings, and began to cross one by one. First was Luna, then Applejack. Finally, everypony went until only Secret and Twilight remained.

"Go ahead, Secret." Twilight said. "I have your back."

Secret nodded. "That's nice to know." He said in a slightly joyful tone before beginning to cross the plank. He slowly trotted across, making sure to feel for the plank before stepping down. He was halfway across, when it struck. A flier made a loud screech before knocking Secret off the plank.

"No!" Twilight screamed as she jumped off the roof after him. She folded her wings, diving straight towards Secret's falling body. She grabbed Secret and crashed through a window on the second floor of a building, hard.

Twilight opened her eyes to see that she was in a bedroom. The door was being scratched at, and loud thuds sounded. Twilight pulled herself to her hooves as two zombies broke into the room. They slowly approached Twilight, giving her enough time to grab her Scythe with her magic and pull it out. Scared, Twilight swung blindly at the zombies. One zombies was stabbed in the head and thrown at the other zombie on accident, causing the impaled zombie's body to fly off as the head rested on the tip of the blade. Twilight watched as the zombie struggled under the dead corpse of his brethren. She hit him with the other zombie's head multiple times, until it stopped moving. She panted heavily as she took the scythe and removed the zombie head from it. She looked at the bloody scythe, and noticed that some blood got on her face and hooves from the wild killing.

Something hit her mind, and she turned around to see Secret. Fortunately, Secret was merely knocked out. He seemed perfectly fine, other than the small cuts he got from the window crash. Now that Twilight noticed it, she too had scratches across her body. She took a deep sigh, and lifted Secret up with her magic. She laid him across her back and groaned as Secret's weight fell upon her, causing her to slouch over. She forced herself to stand straight on her hooves. She carried Secret out of the room and made her way through the hall. She opened door after door with her magic, until she reached the far end of the hall. She opened the last door, and noticed there was a hammock hanging in the corner. She looked back at Secret, and frowned.

"This is Colgate's house." She told herself as she turned around. She screamed as the undead corpse of Colgate fell at her hooves, groaning. She was missing a front hoof, which was most likely ripped off by the zombies that had infected her. Twilight backed away, trying to grab her scythe from her back. She was unable to move it under the weight of Secret's unconscious body. She backed into the corner, grabbing things in the room with her magic and throwing them at Colgate. Nothing seemed to work effectively. Colgate awkwardly limped towards Twilight.


The undead mare was finally dropped by a bullet silently going into her forehead. Twilight looked at the window, which had been broken to pieces by a bullet shot. When she peeked outside, she was able to spot Applejack on the roof of a building across from Colgate's, holding her sniper in her hooves. Twilight looked down the building to the second floor window, where Luna was attempting to put a plank down between the two windows. Twilight opened the window, not minding the shattered glass, and helped Luna fit the plank down. She then climbed on top of the plank and slowly made her way across, hoping that she would not fall or drop Secret.

Once she made it across, she handed Secret off to Luna, who carried the stallion with less stress. The two went up to the roof of the building, where they met up with the rest of the survivors.

Rainbow hugged Twilight with joy. "You're alive!" She said happily. She quickly let go, realizing how awkward her action was. Twilight gave a faint smile.

"Come on, we're almost there." Spitfire said, pointing ahead.

She was right. The wall was very close.

After a few more crosses, they were across from the wall. Luna placed the plank and helped everypony across. She went last, and put Secret down as he began to wake up. She turned around and picked up the plank, lying it on the ground near them. She looked back at Secret.

"Art thou alright, young one? Celestia be shamed if thou hast died." Luna said, frowning.

Secret took a few coughs and opened his eyes. "What happened?" He managed under his breath.

"You were attacked, and you fell." Spitfire said, trotting up to him. "Twilight saved you."

Spitfire helped Secret up and led him to Twilight, who was looking into the distance. "Twilight." He called softly.

Twilight turned and jumped. "Secret! You're awake!" She said, smiling widely.

"I really need to stop sneaking up on you like that." He joked, shaking his head.

Twilight hugged his neck and giggled. "Are y'all lovebirds done here?" Applejack asked, looking down over the wall. "We still need to get down from up here!"

Twilight glared and looked down over the edge. To their luck, there were no zombies below them, but, it was still a long drop.

Luna trotted up behind her. "If we hie, we can carry everypony to the ground 'ere the fliers get to us." She said. "We'll carry Secret and Applejack." She said, helping the two earth ponies onto her back.

Spitfire looked back at Scootaloo. "You ready?" She asked. Scootaloo nodded and held onto the mare's neck tightly.

Twilight looked at Rainbow. "Hop on." She said. "I hope you're lighter than Secret." Rainbow frowned, remembering her broken wing. She climbed onto Twilight's back, and was luckily much lighter than Secret. The survivors then proceeded to jump off the wall and fly quickly towards the ground.

Once on the ground, the group did a head count of who was left. Rainbow smiled and backed away from the crowd, giving her room to stretch. "I thought we were never going to make it." She admitted, sighing in relief. Twilight smiled, then was cut off as Scootaloo shrieked.

"Look out, Dash!" She screamed as she pointed towards the top of a wall. A single stray zombie threw itself off the ledge. Nopony was able to react in time as the zombie landed on Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow screamed in pain. Spitfire quickly pulled out a hoofgun and shot the zombie in the head multiple times. The zombie fell limp on top of Rainbow Dash. Twilight rushed over and pulled the zombie off of her. Rainbow groaned in pain, tears soaking her eyes. Twilight and Spitfire quickly helped the pegasus to her hooves.

"Are you okay?!" Twilight asked Rainbow as she brushed her mane off. Rainbow shook her head, and looked at her right wing. She slowly stretched it out, pain showing in her eyes. Everypony gasped.

She was bitten.

S3E04: Please, Hear My Story

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"Oh dear Celestia!" Spitfire shrieked.

"What happened?!" Secret asked.

"Rainbow, she was bitten!" Applejack told him.

Rainbow whimpered as she looked around at her friends. She looked back at her wing, studying the bite marks that tore into them. Blood poured from where the teeth had pierced her flesh. She was in so much pain, but at the same time, it felt almost numb.

"Please...make it stop!" Rainbow managed through her painful whimpering.

Applejack reached into her bag and pulled out a first aid kit. She laid it down and opened it, studying the contents inside. "We got some medical stuff, looks like some bandages and a syringe. We could use this here numbin' stuff or somethin'." She said.

Twilight frowned. "I'm sorry Rainbow." She said. "But...we have to remove your wing."

Rainbow stared at Twilight in horror. She looked around at her friends, who were also horrified. She nodded slowly.

Twilight helped Rainbow lie onto the ground slowly, and she spread her wing as far as it could go. Rainbow clenched her teeth in pain. Twilight then used her magic to pull out Rainbow's katana from under her and held it up. "Applejack." Twilight called. The country mare stepped forward and applied the numbing solution to Rainbow's wing. Rainbow took a deep breath as she awaited the painful experience.

Twilight raised the katana and lined it up with Rainbow's wing. "I'm sorry." She whispered.



Applejack finished applying the bandages to Rainbow's wound. All that was left was a bloody nub. Rainbow Dash's face was now soaked wet from tears. Scootaloo ran up and hugged her, sobbing. Rainbow hugged back, trying to comfort the filly through tears.

"It's okay, kiddo." She managed through the tears. "I'll be fine...don't cry!"

Twilight looked at Luna. Luna was staring at the scene with emotionless eyes. I don't blame her. She's scared, since Celestia has left us and forced her to be the one in charge. Twilight thought.

"It's a shame." Secret whispered into Twilight's ear.

Twilight jumped. "You scared me, Secret!" She told him. She then gave a small smile. "I'm starting to like it."

Secret smirked. Twilight turned to look at Rainbow, who was sheathing her katana. Scootaloo stood next to Rainbow, tears is soaking her eyes as she stared at the nub that once was Rainbow's wing.

"Let's go." Luna called. "Thither's nay point in waiting hither to die. " The rest silently nodded, and they trotted away from Canterlot.

Rainbow stopped and looked back at Canterlot one last time. "Thank you, Zeinwolfe." She whispered.

Scootaloo tuged at her leg. "C'mon, Dash!" She said. Rainbow sighed and followed the young pegasus.

"Where are we going?" Applejack asked.

"Where would we even go?" Spitfire responded, sighing.

Twilight turned and looked at the two. "There has to be somewhere we could go." She said. "Saddle Arabia? Manehattan?"

"Manehattan is dead." Secret said aloud.

Twilight scowled. "Somewhere!"

Rainbow tilted her head. "What's on your mind, Twi?" She asked from the back of the group.

Twilight turned around. She was slowly getting angrier by the second, but realized it. She calmed down and took a deep sigh. "Celestia sent me something in my dreams." She said. "Something is amiss in Equestria. She wants us to figure it out."

"When were you planning to tell us?" Spitfire asked.

Twilight ducked her head. "I'm not sure, okay?!" She complained, speeding up to trot beside Luna.

Spitfire tried to catch up with her, but Secret stopped her. "You must calm down." He told her.

"She's hiding something from us!" Spitfire complained. "I know it!"

"Then let her." Secret told her.

"But-" Spitfire began.

"How many ponies know your secret?" He asked.

Spitfire's anger turned to worry. She clenched her teeth and stared at Secret. He said nothing, only turning around, just in time for Twilight to shriek.

The two galloped to catch up with the rest. When they arrived, it was a sight to behold. The ponies gathered around the mangled corpse of a stallion. He had zombie bites in his hind leg and foreleg. To their surprise, however, he was still alive.

His eyes were locked onto Luna and Twilight. "Pri-princesses..." He coughed. "You are...alive..."

"But ye are not, we're afraid!" Luna responded, shocked.

"That's true..." The stallion muttered, looking down.

"Excuse me, sir..." Twilight began. "Would you like me know..." She choked on her words.

"I'd guess so." He whispered. "But, please...hear my story."

"Excuse me?" Twilight asked.

"I've lived for 56 years. I've seen a lot in my time." The stallion rested his eyes on Twilight. "If I'm going to die now, I'd like for someone to remember me."

Twilight thought deep. They didn't have time to sit around, but the poor stallion was dying. His only wish was simple, and she could not bear to be rude when the old stallion was close to death.

"Please, tell us." Twilight said, sitting down in front of him. Luna followed her lead, along with the rest of the group.

The old stallion smiled weakly and looked around at the ponies. "Very well." The old stallion coughed. "It was about a year or so ago..."

1 Year Ago

The old stallion awoke in his bed. He looked out the window. It was a beautiful morning. He got out of the bed and stretched. He then went downstairs. He trotted into the kitchen to see his wife cooking breakfast.

"Morning sweetie!" He called.

His wife turned around. "Oh, good morning!" She hummed.

He smiled and sat down at the kitchen table. He picked up the newspaper that his wife laid out for him.

He perked his ears as he heard obnoxious hooves galloping down the stairs. He rose his head as soon as his daughter rushed around the corner and straight to him.

She immediately hugged him. "Morning daddy!" She said, giggling.

He smiled and looked at her. She was young teenager now. Her cutie mark, which was a sixteenth note, always brought a smile to his face. He remembered when it first appeared, during one of her piano practices. She was a born natural.

"Morning, my little cupcake." He replied.

His daughter grabbed a plate of hay bacon and turned to him. "I'm going to hang out with my friends. Love you mom! Love you dad!" With that, she went out the door.

Present Day

"That was the last I saw her that day." He told Twilight. He coughed, and his eyes widened. "Wait, I...I do remember you, Princess Twilight..."

Twilight's eyes widened.

1 Year Ago

The stallion looked up as Twilight jumped on the stage and picked up the microphone that was on the podium.

"ATTENTION!" She called loudly into the mic, so that it would reach most of the ponies in town. "Can I have your attention, please?!" She called again as the whole Town Square froze and stared.

"There are..." She gulped, not even believing what she was going to say. "Undead animals at the cottage!" She said in fear and regret.
Despise Fluttershy's fear, the ponies simply laughed. They thought that the alicorn went crazy, there were no such things as 'Undead'. They complimented her acting and went back on their merry way.

Twilight called into the mic once more. "I'm not joking! This is an emergency!"

The stallion rolled his eyes. There was no way that the mare was serious. He continued his way home, not phased by the announcement.

Present Day

"I'm sorry for not believing you, princess." The stallion managed, a tear rolling down his face. He then began to cough violently.

Twilight approached. "Are you okay?!"

The old stallion nodded. "I'm good." He said. "Just need to...skip ahead a bit..." He sighed. "Then the apocalypse broke out..."

1 Year Ago

"Dust!" He female voice screamed. The old stallion burst through the door.

"Honey?!" He called. "Cinni! I'm coming!" He rushed down the steps to find his wife being attacked by a couple of zombies.

"Dust! Help me!" She screamed as one of them bit her.

Dust grabbed the mounted shotgun and shot them. After disposing of the bodies, he looked at his Cinni. She was on the floor, blood gushing out of her neck. "No! Cinni!" He cried as he went up to her.

Cinni coughed. "" She then stopped breathing as she passed away. Dust stared in horror at her.

His mind came back into reality when the corpse came back to life. Cinni was now a zombie. Dust aimed the shotgun at her, but was not able to go through with killing his wife. He instead galloped up the stairs. He stopped in the middle of the upstairs hallway and reached for the rope above him, pulling it down with his teeth. This opened the attic door and let down a ladder, which he used to climb to the attic. He pulled up the ladder and closed the door, covering it up so nothing could get in. He took a deep sigh and started sobbing.

Present Day

"I'm so sorry." Twilight said.

" daughter is still out there..." He said, his voice getting raspier.

"Your daughter?" Twilight asked. "How do you know?"

"I know..." He smiled weakly. "She's my daughter..."

Everypony fell silent as Rust slowly stopped breathing. Spitfire checked his pulse. "Dead."

Twilight took a deep breath and lifted her scythe. "We can't let him turn." She walked up the corpse and lifted the scythe.


The survivors stood around a fire. In the middle of the fire was Rust's body. Twilight looked down at the picture that she recovered from Rust's corpse. It was a picture of his daughter, with the name written on it.

"Keynote." She said to herself. "What a beautiful name..." She looked back at the fire. "She had a nice father."

S3E05: Ghost Train

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"I spy with my little eye...something green." Scootaloo said, looking out at the landscape.

"Scootaloo, almost everything is green!" Rainbow complained.

"Oh." Scootaloo giggled a little. "How about...I spy with my little!"

"Spitfire." Rainbow answered immediately.

Spitfire spun her head around. "Did you call me?" She asked Rainbow.

"No." Rainbow answered, smiling sarcastically. "Not at all."

"Okay?" Spitfire turned around, confused.

Rainbow looked down at Scootaloo. "My turn." She looked up. "I spy with my little eye...something..." Rainbow gasped. "TRAIN!"

"Train?" Scootaloo asked, looking up at Rainbow. "That's not a color!"

"No, kid!" Rainbow lifted Scootaloo up so she could see. "Train!"

Rainbow was not kidding. There was a train in the distance, sitting right on the tracks. Scootaloo's eyes widened, and everypony else rushed towards the train. This might be their lucky day after all.



A bullet flew into a zombie's skull, causing it to fall against the train. Applejack smiled and waved her hat. "All clear!" She called. The survivors moved forward to the train, now feeling safe that the surrounding zombies have been disposed of.

Twilight took a good look at the train. "It looks worn out." She said, scratching her mane.

"I hope it still works." Rainbow said, looking at it. "It sure looks out of date."

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Spitfire asked. "Let's get out."

Spitfire was about to get on the train, then Secret stopped her. "Don't go on there." He said.

"Why not?" Spitfire asked, stepping back.

Secret opened the door to the train, causing a zombie to fall out from inside. He then quickly shot it before it could react. "That's why."

"How did yo-" Twilight began.

Secret smirked. "Same way I do everything else when I'm blind." He said. "I thought ahead." Without any more answers or questions, Secret climbed aboard the train. The other survivors followed him. Secret shot a zombie that was at the front of the train with his shottie, then threw it to Spitfire, who gave a disgusted look and threw it out the open door.

He looked back at the others. "There's more in the passenger seats." He told them.

"Are y'all serious?!" Applejack asked, opening the door to the passenger cabin. Surely enough a zombie can barreling down the hall to them. Applejack ducked out of the way as Rainbow jumped over her and stabbed the zombie in the head with her katana. She fell to the ground, looking up as the zombie fell over with grace. She trotted up to it and removed the katana from it's skull.

"Nice jump." Applejack complimented.

"Nice duck." Rainbow replied, nodding sarcastically.

Luna, Secret, and Scootaloo stayed at the front of the train, while the others went out to clear the train of the zombies. There were five cabins. That was all they needed.

Spitfire and Twilight flew up to the top of the cabins, while Rainbow and Applejack stayed on the ground level. Rainbow and Applejack went to the door of the second cabin, while Spitfire and Twilight made there way across the roofs.

"Breaching on 3, 2..." Rainbow looked at Applejack. "Go!" Rainbow Dash kicked open the door and hit the floor as Applejack fired a shot at a zombie, getting a clean shot to the head. Rainbow then ran in sliced at the other two zombies that were in the cabin.

After clearing that one, they moved on to the next one. Rainbow kicked open the door, only to see Twilight fall from the roof onto a zombie, her scythe striking it right into the skull. Twilight looked up, her eyes wide. "Whoops." She giggled awkwardly. A zombie popped up behind her, only to get shot down by Spitfire.

"Watch your back, Twilight!" She called as she looked down from the hatch. She jumped over the hatch and kept moving towards the back.

"Sorry!" Twilight called, getting up and brushing herself off. Rainbow and Applejack passed by her, and she watched them as they went on to the next cart. Twilight sighed and went to check on Luna and Secret.

As Twilight approached the engine, she saw that Secret and Scootaloo were shoveling coal into the furnace. "Is that all?" Scootaloo asked, looking at Luna.

"Ay, that's all we need for a couple miles." Luna answered.

"I see you got it started." Twilight said, patting Secret on the back. "I think the others are just about done." She told them.

"Good." Secret stretched. "I think it's about time we get going."

Before anypony could say anything else, a loud scream interrupted them. Twilight and Luna galloped to the back of the train to see what all the commotion was about. Then, they saw it.

"Dragon!" Rainbow screamed, pointing in the distance. A giant zombie dragon was flying towards them at high speed. Twilight turned around and galloped to the front of the train. She grabbed the lever that started the train and pushed it forward, causing the train to slowly start moving.

Scootaloo looked at Twilight. "What's going on?!" She asked.

"Stay here!" She ordered, looking back towards the caboose.

Spitfire, Applejack, and Rainbow emptied their clips into the dragon, but to no avail. The dragon continued it's approach.

The train continued to gain speed, until it was going fast. The dragon flew behind it, getting close. Secret continued to shovel coal into the furnace to keep it going. The dragon bit at the back of the caboose, tearing part of it off. The ponies retreated inside of the caboose, but Spitfire fell over. She found herself rolling off of the train, only to catch onto the broken railing.

The dragon was right on her tail, and Spitfire was extremely frightened at this point. The was almost no way she could escape this alive. She held on tight as the dragon missed her tail by a hair-length when it bit at her.

As the dragon went to bite at her again, Applejack took a grenade out of her bag and pulled the pin. She threw it right into the dragon's mouth with no problem. The dragon closed it's mouth as it was quickly exploded from the inside. It fell limp onto the ground, dead. The train sped away quickly from it. Luna quickly grabbed Spitfire and pulled her onto the train. Spitfire collapsed on top of Luna, panting heavily.

"Thanks." Spitfire whispered, taking deep breaths.

S3E06: The 'Too Kind' Type of Ponies

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"I see something in the distance." Rainbow said, looking out the window.

Twilight came up behind her. "Wait a minute, that's Appleloosa!" She said. She studied the barricades around the town. "It looks like their might still be survivors there!" The two ponies smiled and looked at each other.

The train approached the barricade and came to a halt. Two ponies stood at the other side of the barricade like they were expecting them. One of them hopped over the barricade and knocked on the door of the train. Luna let him in, and he climbed aboard with an aggressive look. "How many do you got?" He asked. Scootaloo eyed the shotgun on his back as he spoke.

"Seven." Twilight answered. "Two princesses."

The stallion suddenly smiled. "Princesses!" He said with joy. "Welcome!" He quickly trotted off the train and to his buddy, who removed the barricade so the train can go through.

The train went up to the station and stopped. The group stepped off the train and looked at the town. A few ponies stood around, staring at the train. Sheriff Silverstar came up to the group and smiled. "Welcome to Appleloosa, princesses!"


The sheriff went down the line, shaking everypony's hoof.

"It's nice to see you princess." He greeted as he shook Twilight's hoof. "Both of you." He added as he shook Luna's hoof.

"Aren't you a Wonderbolt?" The sheriff asked as he shook Spitfire's hoof.

"I was." She said. "Don't remind me about it.

"My apologies." He said as he moved on to Rainbow. "Hey, what happened to your wing?"

Rainbow took a deep breath. "Zombie bite. Had to cut it off before it spread."

"Oh, you poor mare." He said. He then moved on to Scootaloo. "Hey there, little one!" He said as he shook her hoof.

When he finally got to Secret, he held out his hoof. Secret didn't move at all.

"He's blind, sir." Scootaloo said.

"Oh, I'm sorry." He said, moving down to Applejack.

"Sheriff!" Applejack said with joy, holding out a hoof.

The sheriff gladly accepted it. "Nice to see you again, Applejack!" He said. "Your cousin is down at the saloon."

"My cousin?!" Applejack asked, taking off towards the saloon.

The sheriff watched with a smile. "As for the rest of ya..." He turned around. "I think we have more than enough room at the inn for ya to stay here for a while." He looked at Twilight. "We're always happy to have visitors."

Twilight smiled. "Thank you, Sheriff Silverstar."

The sheriff led the ponies to the inn, where he took him up to their rooms on the third floor. "Now, I hope y'all have a nice stay!" He said. "I gotta go check on the barricades!" With that, he took off.

Twilight went ahead and counted the rooms. "There's four rooms. Some of us have to share." She said.

"I'll stay with Rainbow!" Scootaloo announced almost immediately. Rainbow looked at the little pegasus and shrugged, smiling.

"I guess I'll stick with Secret." Spitfire said.

"I'll room with Luna." Twilight said.

"Somepony go tell Applejack that she's getting her own room tonight." Secret said. "Now, uh, Spitfire? Where's our room?"

Spitfire smiled and rolled her eyes as she led him to their room. Rainbow and Scootaloo went into their own room, and Twilight went off to tell Applejack about the arrangement while Luna set up their room.

Twilight walked into the saloon, and was pleased by the sight. Applejack and Braeburn were dancing around to the music. Ponies played away on pianos and fiddles, making sweet country music to entertain those in the saloon. Twilight made her way through the dancing ponies to Applejack and her cousin.

"Applejack!" She said, trying to get her attention over the music.

Applejack stopped dancing and looked at her friend. "Twi!" She called. "How ya doin?"

"I am doing great." Twilight said with a smile. "We've set up the rooming arrangements. You're going to be sleeping in Room 402 on the fourth floor." Twilight told her. "By yourself."

"Sounds like a plan!" Applejack said.

Braeburn turned to his cousin. "C'mon, Applejack! Let's dance! This is my favorite tune!" He began to dance, and Applejack joined him. Twilight laughed at the goofy sight.

"When do you plan on telling them?" Secret asked as he laid back on the bed.

Spitfire looked at him and glared. "Will you get over it?" She asked. "It's none of their business. It's none of your business either!"

"Naturally, I wouldn't want any secrets around here." Secret said. "With death lurking over our heads every second of our life."

"Yeah, you have room to talk." Spitfire said. "You're nothing but a secret. Even your cutie mark is a secret!" She said.

Secret sighed. Silence fell upon the room as Spitfire sat down next to the bed and stared at Secret with curiosity. She soon found herself climbing on the bed and falling asleep, as Secret fell asleep as well.


Secret's head shot up. Spitfire screamed and fell out of the bed. "What in the name of Equestria?!" They heard Twilight scream from down the hall.

Spitfire went to the window and looked outside. The saloon was on fire. Ponies were screaming and gathering around the saloon. Spitfire quickly galloped out. "The saloon is on fire!" She told Secret as she rushed out the door. She made her way down the hall as the others did the same.

When Spitfire made it to the saloon, she saw ponies trying to put out the fire. Her eyes rested on a familiar figure stumbling out of the building.

"Applejack!" Rainbow squealed as she quickly pushed her way past the crowd to the country mare. To their luck, the mare was barely hurt at all. Just a couple cuts on her side.

"Braeburn..." Applejack coughed. "Still in there..." She passed out in Rainbow's hooves. Rainbow quickly dragged her away from the burning building as it began to collapse.

A while later, the ponies finally put out the fire. Unfortunately, the saloon has been reduced to rubble. Ponies searched the rubble, but could not find Braeburn. Applejack was taken back to the inn so that she could rest.

The survivors were led to the sheriff's office so that they could talk to him about what happened.

"There needs to be a search for Braeburn." Rainbow told Silverstar. "He was the only family Applejack had left!"

"Please, relax." Silverstar told her. "I'm sure that we will find Braeburn. He's probably still alive."

Scootaloo turned her sight to a creepy pony that was locked away behind the cell in the sheriff's office. She trotted up to the cage and stared at him with curiosity. He wore a straight jacket, and it looked like there was some horse mask covering the pony's muzzle. The pony never took notice of her.

"Hey!" Silverstar called, looking at Scootaloo. "Stay away from him!"

Scootaloo backed away, and Twilight looked back at the cell. "Why's he locked up?"

"He tried to burn down the apple trees, and almost killed one of our own." He told her. "The psycho had to be put in a straight jacket, and we put a muzzle cover on him so he wouldn't go around speaking nonsense." The sheriff looked at the ponies before they could respond. "Please, stay here. I need to go do something very quick." He got up and began to trot out, then stopped and looked back at Scootaloo. "I would need some help from a young filly."

Scootaloo smiled. "Okay!" She bounced out after him, happy to help.

Twilight took a deep breath and looked down. "I hope Applejack is okay."

Rainbow trotted towards the cell. "I want to talk to him." He said.

Spitfire looked at him. "Are you crazy?" She asked.

"A little bit." Rainbow answered. "Princess Luna, could you toss me the keys?"

"Art thou sure about this?" Luna asked, tilting her head.

Rainbow nodded. "Just give me the keys!"

"If ye are confident about thy decision." Luna took the keys off a hook and threw them to Rainbow. "Here thou go."

Rainbow took the keys and found the key to the cell door. She unlocked the cell and opened it. The pony's eyes flew open as she stared at Rainbow. She went up to him and slowly took off the muzzle cover.

"Run!" The pony screamed. "They're crazy! They'll kill you all!"

Rainbow tilted her head. "What are you talking about?" She asked.

"The residents..." He said. "They've gone crazy. They blew up the saloon. They're going to kill you!" He struggled. "There's a bomb under my bed!"

Rainbow quickly looked under the bed. He was right.

"RUN!" Rainbow screamed, sprinting out of the building. Everypony else followed her, Twilight just making it out before the building blew up. Twilight was launched forward, landing hard on the ground. Rainbow went to help her friend up, while Spitfire's eyes looked around and locked on Sheriff Silverstar, who was holding Scootaloo at gunpoint. They were heading for the train.

"Stop!" Spitfire shouted, flying towards them. The others followed behind her.

Silverstar stopped right before the train and looked at the other ponies, his hoofgun aiming at Scootaloo. "One more step, and I put a bullet in her skull!" He threatened. The ponies stopped before the station, staring at the sheriff with anger.

"Give me the child!" Spitfire growled.

"Over your dead body!" Silverstar replied.

"You're outnumbered." Rainbow told him as she approached, helping Twilight along. "You've got nowhere to go."

"Outnumbered, you say?" Silverstar asked with a smirk. As if on queue, the residents of Appleloosa aimed their guns at the ponies.

The group was now outnumbered. They looked around in horror as their doom was upon them.

Twilight's eyes watched as a pony suddenly fell over. After that, another fell over. Ponies began to fall over one by one for some mysterious reason.

"What are y'all doing?" Silverstar asked.

Almost immediately, everypony's eyes locked onto a strange figure who landed on top of one of the residents, inserting a knife into his neck. The other residents turned to shoot them, but their bullets did virtually nothing as he quickly went from pony to pony, taking them out swiftly and without a problem.

The group stared in shock as the figure trotted towards them, shortly after disposing of the threatening residents. He wore a black mask, and a large old-fashioned cape covered his body. He sheathed his knife and turned his head towards Sheriff Silverstar.

Enraged, the sheriff aimed at him. "Die, you swine!" He shouted as he began to pull the trigger.


Silverstar dropped dead as a bullet went through his skull. The ponies looked up to the inn, where they saw Applejack sitting in the window. She had her sniper out, and the barrel was smoking from the recent shot.

"Would somepony please explain why ah shot the sheriff?!" Applejack asked aloud. "All ah know is that he tried to kill y'all right there!"

Spitfire turned her head to where the masked pony was standing, only to find nopony was there. She looked around in confusion, as did Rainbow and Luna.

That was it. Everypony in Appleloosa was gone.

The survivors stood at the station, overlooking the town. "Can you believe that?" Rainbow asked. "An entire town. Gone crazy, and bent on killing us for no reason?"

"I could think of a few reasons." Secret replied.

"That's not the point." Twilight interrupted. "Let's just...get out of this death pit."

The survivors boarded the train and began to take off.

Applejack and Rainbow stood near the back of the train. As the train passed the barricade, Rainbow pulled out a detonator and handed it to Applejack. "Would you like the honor?" She asked.

Applejack nodded and took the detonator. She looked back at the town and scowled. "This is for mah cousin." She said, setting off the detonator. The entire town exploded into a collective explosion as the buildings toppled and were reduced to rubble.

Rainbow put a hoof on Applejack's back as tears streamed down her eyes.

S3E07: Two Sisters In Two Worlds

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"Luna..." A familiar voice called.

Luna looked around the white landscape. "Sister?! Could it be?" She asked aloud.

Celestia's faint figure approached Luna. "Little sister." She greeted with a smile.

"Sister! what art thou doing hither?" Luna asked, hugging Celestia. "Thou're dead! We remember seeing thy corse!"

"You are right about that." Celestia said. "I am dead." Celestia looked Luna dead in the eyes. "But, remember, I'm still alive inside you."

"What doth thou cullionly?" Luna asked, tilting her head.

Celestia looked up. "We don't have time. Goodbye, sister! Keep them safe!"

"Sister!" Luna called as everything faded.

Luna snapped awake. Her eyes were locked dead onto Scootaloo, who was right in front of her.

"'s your turn to watch." She said with an awkward smile.

Luna took a deep sigh and got up. "Of course. Prithee, doth go back to bed, young child. Thou need thy sleep."

Scootaloo nodded and went back to her bunk so that she could sleep.


Luna trotted to the front of the train. At the engine, Rainbow was standing guard, her hoofgun ready. "Thou're dismissed."

Rainbow smiled and got up, stretching. She put away her hoofgun and began to trot to the cabins. "Goodnight, Luna."

"May thy dreams be sweet and safe." Luna called. She sat down as Rainbow left the engine and pondered. Things for her have been very strange lately. She was having weird dreams, and she hasn't been able to dreamwalk since...that day. The day Canterlot fell. Something has been bothering her, and she couldn't do the things she normally has been able to do. She looked up at the moon. "Our wonderful moon. Ever since our sister passed aroint, the sun and moon rose and fell on their own. Sometimes, we feel as though chaos itself hath taken control of Equestria." Luna looked down. "Our sister, though. We saw her in our dream. She's been in our dreams, we can feel it. We can still feel her presence, yea anon. Thither's something inside of us. We don't understand." She looked back up at the moon. "Oh, dear sister. Prithee, guide us in the right direction. We art lost."

Luna's ears perked as a noise caught her attention. The sound was a snapping twig, which came from outside. Luna drew her weapon and opened the train door, peeking out.

"Who goes thither?" She called. There was no answer. She stepped down from the train and looked around.

"Bewray thyself!" She called again. Luna's eyes locked onto the masked figure as he emerged a bush.

"Thou..." Luna began. "Thou wast the one from Appleloosa!" Her eyes narrowed. "Who art thou?"

The figure did not speak. Instead, he pulled out a bag and laid it before her.

"What doth thou endue me?" Luna asked, looking down at it. She looked back at the figure, only to find he was gone. "That sneaky daw." Luna mumbled as she picked up the bag and took it inside the train.

She laid it down on the floor and opened it. She gasped as she saw the contents inside.

Luna waited until the next morning. When the other ponies awoke, Luna called them up to the engine to show them what she had. The ponies were in shock at the sight that beheld them.

Personal belongings were laid out, one item belonging to a pony. Luna was holding a picture of her and Celestia.

Twilight picked up her old doll, Mr. Smartypants. "Where did you get this?" She asked.

Rainbow picked up her Daring Do book. "I left this at Canterlot!"

Applejack picked up her old rope. "Who would've thought ah'd see this ol' thing again?"

Scootaloo picked up a purple helmet. "This is my old helmet! How did it get here?"

"Whose are these?" Twilight asked, picking up two masks.

"Is one red, and the other green with feathers?" Secret asked.

"I'm guessing they belong to Secret." Twilight said, handing him the masks.

Spitfire trotted over and picked up a small box quickly, so that nopony would notice. Luna did notice, however.

"What is the box for?" The night princess asked.

Spitfire looked away. "It's nothing."

Luna gave Spitfire a weird look before turning back to the others. "Anon, to answer all of thy questions." Luna held her head up high. "The strange pony from Appleloosa came to us last night.Tthey left us items, then simply vanished. We did not get a good look at them. Our apologies."

The ponies looked at each other in confusion.

Luna yawned. She felt odd by the sudden urge to yawn. It was unlike herself. "We think we shall find our slumber." Luna said, heading back to the sleeping cabin. She climbed into her bed and fell asleep fairly quick.

"I see that you've found something important to you." Celestia said to Luna as she walked up behind the mare. They were in the white dream room again.

"How did thou wot, sister?" Luna asked, turning to her.

"You still don't understand, do you?" Celestia asked, sitting down. "It's been right in front of you the whole time."

"What art thou saying, sister?" Luna asked, confused.

"There is only one word to describe it." Celestia told her little sister. "Just one word. You may remember it, you may not. It will describe me. It will describe the strange thing that's been bothering me. It will even explain the mysterious stallion that you've been seeing lately."

"What is the word?!" Luna begged. "Sister, prithee don't speak in riddles like this! 'Tis us, thy sister! Thou can betoken us aught!"

Celestia smiled warmly. "Very well." She leaned in close. "The word is Caelum."

Luna snapped awake and screamed as she fell off the bed.

Twilight galloped into the cabin. "Are you okay, Luna?!" Twilight asked. Luna did not answer, as she stared at the ceiling in shock.

S3E08: A Child Who Has Grown

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Scootaloo sat down in the grass, one hoof on her helmet. She heard a rustle in the bushes. Her ears perked as she looked up.

Applebloom trotted out of the bushes, along with Sweetie Belle. Scootaloo stared in shock.

"Applebloom? Sweetie Belle?!" Scootaloo asked. "What are you doing here? How are you here?!"

"What are ya goin' on about?" Applebloom asked.

"We trotted." Sweetie Belle answered. "Duh."

Scootaloo tilted her head, confused. Applebloom stared her down. "What's wrong, Scootaloo? Ya look like y'all seen a ghost." She smiled, showing off her sharp fangs.

Scootaloo looked at Sweetie Belle, who had glowing red eyes. The pegasus screamed at the top of her lungs.


"Scootaloo!"" Rainbow called.

Scootaloo stopped screaming and opened her eyes. She was in the train car. Rainbow was right beside Scootaloo's bed, a worried look on her face.

"Scootaloo, are you okay?" Rainbow asked. "You started screaming in your sleep..."

Scootaloo nodded slowly. "It's nothing,'s nothing."

Rainbow gave Scootaloo an odd look before trotting out of the cabin. Scootaloo took a deep sigh and rubbed her eyes, feeling the wet tears. She got out of her bed and stretched, a little happy that she was in the real world. Scootaloo made her way to the engine, where Spitfire was manning the train.

"Oh, hey kid." Spitfire said as she looked back at Scootaloo. "How are you today?"

Scootaoo shrugged. "Not the best day."

Spitfire looked forward. "Is something wrong?"

Scootaloo shook her head, even though that was not the case. "Nothing at all. Just, missing my friends."

Spitfire frowned. "We all miss somebody, Scootaloo." She told the young pegasus. "But, your friends, they don't want you to be like this."

Scootaloo tilted her head. "They don't?"

Spitfire nodded. "They want you to be strong. Grow up. Be a real mare." Spitfire smiled at Scootaloo. "Don't let them down."

Scootaloo gave a small smile. "Really?"

"Reallly." Spitfire answered. "Hey, could you shovel some more coal into the furnace?"

Scootaloo nodded and did just that. After she was done, she went back into the cabins. "Thanks for the talk!" She called to Spitfire before she left.

The train stopped in the middle of nowhere. It was getting close to dark, and the group needed to get some sleep. Everypony but Twilight and Rainbow fell asleep.

Rainbow stuffed a bag with leaves and tied it up. She tied it to a tree in front of Twilight and smiled. "You're going to learn how to kill something properly."

Twilight took out her scythe and stared at the bag. "Where exactly do I hit it?" She asked nervously.

"The head is usually a good place, but the chest works great too." Rainbow told her.

Twilight swung her scythe at the bag, missing by an inch.

Rainbow smirked. "That was nice, but try hitting it this time." She told Twilight teasingly.

Twilight sighed. "Don't push it, Rainbow." She said swinging her scythe at the bag, this time cutting it open through the middle. "How about that?" Twilight asked, smiling.

"That was actually good." Rainbow said, smiling. Rainbow took out her katana and sliced at the bag twice, causing more leaves to pour out.

"This is actually a little fun." Twilight said with a smile.

Rainbow patted her friend on the back. "What was it like?"

Twilight looked at her friend. "What was what like?" She asked.

"Slicing open a zombie." Rainbow asked. "What was it like?"

Twilight shrugged. "I'm not sure, really." Twilight answered. "Fun...I guess?"

"That says a lot about you, Twi." Rainbow told her friend. Twilight looked at her funny.

Scootaloo tossed in her sleep. She was indeed having another nightmare.

Scootaloo stared at the deformed Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. She gulped as they got closer, hissing.

"Join us, Scootaloo." A deformed Applebloom said to her as it slowly got closer.

"We want to play with you, forever." The creepy Sweetie told her, a sharp tongue slithering itself out of her mouth.

Scootaloo leaned back against the train, only the train to vanish and the entire scene to change.

Scootaloo found herself upside down, being held over a cliff. Down below her was an endless sea of lava. She looked up, seeing that the deformed Applebloom and Sweetie Belle were holding her by her hind hooves.

"It's time to fly." Sweetie Belle told her friend. The two let go of Scootaloo, letting her fall towards the sea of lava.

Scootaloo screamed and flailed her hooves, afraid. "Wake up! Wake up, wake up, wake up!" She screamed.

Scootaloo closed her eyes as she approached the lava.

They want you to be strong. Grow up. Be a real mare. A voice echoed. Don't let them down.

Scootaloo opened her eyes. She looked down, the lava right under her hooves. Her eyes widened, and she looked behind her. Her wings were flapping fast, hovering her above the lava.

She stared at the lava once more, shocked. She watched as the lava slowly turned to white, and she was able to land safely on an invisible ground. She looked around at the white landscape, confused.

"Scootaloo!" A voice called. Scootaloo turned her head to see Applebloom in the distance, waving. Sweetie Belle came up behind her and waved too, smiling.

Scootaloo gave a small smile before suddenly waking up. She got up and trotted to the door of the cabin. She opened it and stepped outside. She took a deep breath, breathing in the outside air. Her eyes rested on two familiar figures.

Scootaloo gasped as she recognized the characters. Rainbow and Twilight were knocked out on the ground.

"Rain-" Scootaloo was cut off as something hit her in the head, hard.

"Bag 'em." A voice ordered. "Take the two princesses with me."

"What about the country one?" Another asked.

"Ah'll beat y'all to death, ya hear?!" Applejack shouted.

A loud whack, and a body hit the ground.

"I thought she would never shut up." A third voice said.

"C'mon, let's go." The first voice said.

S3E09: The Problem With Assumption

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Twilight could hear the train moving. She could hear it come to a halt. She felt somepony pick her up and carry her. She heard gunfire, and she heard zombie moans. She heard a door close, and all the outside noise disappearing. She felt the pony carrying her going up some stairs.

Her body hit the floor as the pony dropped her. She groaned in pain, and the pony kicked her. She spat blood into the bag that covered her face.

"Put 'em up." A voice ordered. Twilight was lifted up and hung from the ceiling by her fore hooves. She hung her head, feeling blood on her lips. Last thing she remembered was a steel bar coming straight for her.

She heard ponies talking to each other, but she could not make out what they were saying.

"Gotta tell boss what we found." One of them said. She listened as the ponies left the room and closed the door, leaving the room in dead silence.

"Hello?" Twilight called.

"Our mazzard hurts." She heard Luna answer.

"Luna!" Twilight sighed in relief. "Where are the others?"

"We art not sure." Luna replied.

"Where are we?" Twilight asked herself, trying to get lose of the ropes. Something told her she would be here for a while.


Five ponies were tied to the ceiling. Bags were over each of their heads. They were in the room of a building, which seemed to be in very poor condition.

"Hello?" Rainbow called.

"Rainbow?" Spitfire responded.

"Shut up!" Another pony shouted, throwing a rock at Spitfire.

"Owe!" Spitfire flinched in pain.

"Ah'm gonna kill all ya!" Applejack threatened.

One of the ponies got up and trotted to Applejack, holding a bat. He took the bat and whacked her in the stomach, causing her to choke and spit out blood.

"If you touch that mare one more time..." Secret began.

"You want some too, smart guy?" The stallion asked, trotting up to Secret. He reared up the bat and got ready to strike.

Secret took the opportunity and swung forward, grabbing the stallion's head with his hind hooves.Ge twisted his neck, snapping it and killing him.

The stallion dropped the bat and fell forward onto the ground. His body got up and pulled out a hoofgun. "I'm going to kill you!" He shouted.


The room fell silent. Spitfire began crying silently from under her bag.


Something hit the floor, and Rainbow started screaming.

Spitfire suddenly felt the rope that tied her hooves to the ceiling loosen. She fell to the ground with a thump.

"What's going on?" Secret asked.

Spitfire was able to get her hooves loose from the rope, and she quickly pulled off the bag that covered her head. She was greeted by Rainbow staring straight at the masked pony.

"You again?" Spitfire asked, getting to her hooves.

The masked figure turned to her. He took out a map and gave it to her. Spitfire looked down at it as the figure cut Applejack and Secret loose. He finally cut Scootaloo loose, who he had to catch. He took the bag off of her head. She was still unconscious. He handed her to Rainbow Dash, who tried to wake her up.

Applejack helped Secret up. "Who puts a bag over a blind pony?" Secret asked. "It's not like it's helping anything!"

"Oh, quit ya whinin'." Applejack said. "Ya done killed one of 'em."

"Not surprising. Considering the idiot put a bag over a blind pony." Secret shook his head. "So...who killed the other one?"

"The masked stallion." Spitfire answered. She looked up, only to find that the stallion was gone. "Are you serious?"

"How did he disappear?" Rainbow asked. "I was looking at him just a few seconds ago!"

Secret trotted up to Spitfire. "So, what now?"

"Where's Twilight and Luna?" Applejack asked.

The ponies stared at each other in shock.

"Great." Secret uttered in sarcasm.

The bag was removed from Twilight's face. Before her was a masked pony. This pony looked exactly like the one from Appleloosa. "What are you doing here?" Twilight asked. "Have you been following us?"

"Who art thou speaking with, Twilight?" Luna asked. The masked pony pulled the bag off of Luna. Luna's eyes widened. "Ye are the one from Appleloosa! Ye are also the one who brought us the belongings in the bag!"

The masked pony nodded and pulled out a knife, cutting the two of them loose.

Two of the kidnappers entered the room. "They're escaping!" One of them shouted, pulling out a hoofgun. The masked pony turned around and threw a knife at the first pony, hitting him in the neck. He dropped to the floor, blood spraying everywhere. His friend jumped over him and swung a machete at the masked pony. The pony dodged, punching the pony in the face. He dropped the machete, leaving the masked pony to pick it up and throw it into his head. The machete inserted itself into the cranium, instantly killing the pony.

Twilight and Luna stared in shock. The masked pony turned to them and nodded before running out of the room.

Spitfire led the group down the hallway. Applejack was carrying the unconscious Scootaloo on her back. She stopped at the corner and peeked. There was one stallion leaving a room. Spitfire pulled out her hoofguns and jumped out from cover, shooting down the target. As the stallion dropped to the floor, another door opened and two stallions poured out. Secret then went around the corner, firing at them with his shotgun. The two fell backwards, dead.

Another stallion trotted out of a room from behind Rainbow, confused from the commotion. Rainbow turned around and quickly threw a knife at him. It hit him in the leg, causing him to fall over. She pulled out her katana and jumped at him, slicing his head clean off.

Spitfire led the group to the staircase, where they trotted down quickly. A stallion jumped out at the bottom of the staircase, aiming a hoofgun at them. He was quickly gunned down by the gun-wielding ponies. They continued down the staircase and quickly turned right into the hallway. Spitfire shot down two hostile mares as she flew down the hallway. She quickly ran around the corner, crashing into Twilight.

Spitfire rubbed her head and looked up.

"Twilight!" Rainbow called, galloping up and hugging her friend.

"You guys are okay!" Twilight sighed in relief, hugging Rainbow back.

"Let's get out of here." Secret said.

Spitfire got up and brushed herself off. "Led the way, princesses." She said.

Twilight and Luna led them down the hallway and to the last floor. Three hostile ponies stood there, assault rifles on their backs. Luna took out her weapon and swung it at one of the ponies, slicing their throat.

As the pony dropped, Twilight pulled out her scythe and swung at the pony. Time seemed to slow down as Twilight remembered what Rainbow taught her. Twilight's scythe sliced the pony's head in half. The top half off his head fell off slowly, leaving the rest of his body to just fall limp.

The third pony dropped his gun, scared. He backed up against a wall as Applejack approached. Applejack gave him a small smile, then trotted off. He took a deep breath as the rest of the ponies trotted past him, until Rainbow shot him in the forehead.

The other ponies, excluding Secret, looked at Rainbow.

"What?" Rainbow asked, looking at them. "You guys weren't going to kill him? Seriously?"

"Was that necessary?" Spitfire asked.

"They beat us up! Look at what they did to Scoots!" Rainbow said, pointing at the filly who was just starting to wake up. "Scoots!" Rainbow ran up to Applejack and took the filly off her back, holding Scootaloo in her hooves.

"D-Dashie?" Scootaloo asked, coughing. "What happened?"

"It's okay, Scootaloo." Rainbow told her. "I'll explain to you later. Just hold on tight."

Scootaloo nodded, and Rainbow put Scootaloo on her back. Scootaloo wrapped her hooves around Rainbow's neck and held on tight.

Twilight went the front door and opened it, revealing the daylight.

When Twilight's eyes adjusted to the daylight which she hasn't seen in forever, she was shocked.

They were in Manehattan. Zombies were visible among the streets. Twilight noticed that the train station was just across the street. Twilight looked in both directions. She figured that if they galloped, they could make it across before a zombie could reach them.

"Okay...get ready to run." Twilight said. "Ready...RUN!" She took off across the street. The others followed her close behind. Spitfire stayed behind Secret as to make sure nopony got left behind.

They made it to the station in a matter of seconds. Spitfire turned around and shot down approaching zombies as the others ran inside. They made their way through the station and came out the other end. Their train stood before them. They quickly boarded the train, fending off the oncoming zombies. As soon as Spitfire hopped onto the train, it began to move. The ponies looked at each other, noticing that none of them were at the engine.

Twilight galloped to the engine. As soon as she opened the door, she saw the masked stallion salute and jump off the train, disappearing into the distance. She looked at the furnance, which was running. The stallion set up the train for them to escape.

Twilight sat down as Spitfire entered the engine. "What happened?" Spitfire asked, confused.

"Our 'friend' saved us." Twilight told her, smiling a little.

Rainbow entered the engine a moment later. "Spitfire, I took a look at the map the stallion gave us." She said, holding it out in front of her.

"Yes?" Spitfire asked.

"It's telling us to go to the Everfree Forest." Rainbow told them. "More specifically, the castle of the two sisters."

Luna peeked in as she said that. "Art thou serious?" She asked, her eyes widening.

S3E10: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

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"We're going to the Everfree Forest." Twilight told the group. "More specifically, The Castle of the Two Sisters."

"The Everfree?" Applejack asked. "Are y'all sayin' we're goin' back to Ponyville?"

"Yes." Spitfire answered.

Rainbow stepped into the conversation. "It's practically the only route to the castle that we know."

"Curse that forest." Secret muttered.

"Our sister said to young Twilight that she sensed something wrong." Luna said. "Haply this strange force that is driving her to this sense is at the castle."

"Which is why we must hurry back to Ponyville." Twilight added, standing up. "No time to waste. Let's keep moving." With that, Twilight trotted off to the engine.

Applejack scowled and trotted to the back of the train quietly. Rainbow watched her with a concerned look.


Applejack sat at the back of the train, overlooking the horizon through one of the windows. Rainbow trotted up behind her silently. "Hey, AJ..." Rainbow began.

Applejack turned around and looked at her. "Howdy, Rainbow." She greeted, looking back outside.

"How are you holding up?" Rainbow asked her friend, patting her on the back.

"Ah'm doing alright..." Applejack said, though Rainbow could tell she wasn't being completely honest.

Rainbow looked out the window. "So, going back to Ponyville." Rainbow changed the conversation. "Thought that would never happen. You?"

Applejack shrugged. "Ah never thought ah'd be alive for Canterlot." She answered. "Especially making it out of Canterlot. Equestria has gone crazy."

"Equestria's been crazy." Rainbow sighed and looked at Applejack. "Now we got a country full of crazy ponies and undead freaks. I don't know how it could possibly get worse."

"Ah could think of a few things." Applejack told her. Rainbow shook her head and smiled a bit, looking back out the window as it began to darken.

Luna looked around the white room. "This place, again?" She asked aloud. "Sister, art thou always going to endue us hither? We hast not been able to been dreamwalk since thou passed!" Luna shouted into the emptiness.

"Don't blame me." Celestia told her sister, appearing out of thin air. "I don't solely control how things work."

"Then who controls Equestria anon? Who is responsible for the rise of the sun at dawn, and rise of the moon at dusk? 'Tis not us who doth this. Certes, thou would wot who doth, sister."

Celestia stared at Luna in the eyes, a blank expression on her face. "I know not of why it happens."

Luna's eyes widened. "Thou can betoken us that something in Equestria is wrong, but thou can not betoken us who controls Equestria?!" Luna was confused."

"I'm in a very complicated place, sister." Celestia told her sister. "There is so little I can do for you. I'm doing the best I can to keep the odds in your favor."

"How, if thou couldst dilate to us, how art thou able to assist us?" Luna asked, getting defensive.

"I told you once." Celestia said. "I don't need to repeat myself."

"ay! Caelum! Caelum, Caelum, Caelum! 'Tis all because of Caelum! That only explains that the dram filly books wast true!" Luna growled.

"Caelum?" Twlight asked. Luna turned around and saw the young alicorn behind her.

"Twilight? What art thou doing hither?" Luna asked.

"I brought her here, sister." Celestia said. "It is about time for you to wake up, sister."

With that, Luna disappeared from the room. Twilight jumped. "Where did she go?!"

"She woke up." Celestia told Twilight. "It's nice to see you have made it."

"Caelum?" Twilight asked. "What did she mean by that?"

"It is a long story, Twilight." Celestia told her. "I do not have the time to explain it to you."

"Then why am I here?" Twilight asked. "Are you alive?"

"Not exactly." Celestia told Twilight. "You are here because I need to tell you about something."

"What is it that you want to tell me?" Twilight asked, feeling a bit uneasy.

"The map you received from my good friend." Celestia said. "It's where I was able to locate where the strange...'feeling' is coming from."

"Wait, how do you know about the map?" Twilight asked.

"The closer you get, the more it bothers me." Celestia told her. "I feel that you are in danger."

"What are you talking about?!" Twilight asked.

"You must hurry." Celestia said. "I won't be able to speak with you when you get to Ponyville."

"What is going on?!" Twilight asked again, stomping her hoof. "Answer my questions!"

Celestia stared Twilight down, causing Twilight to back away a little. "Caelum."

Twilight snapped awake. She was breathing heavily. She turned and looked at Luna. "We art going to hast a long talk with thou."

The next morning, Applejack decided to shoot some targets for sport. She climbed on top of the train and pulled out her sniper rifle. She made sure her silencer was attached, then she set up. She looked through the scope and was soon able to find a couple of zombies in the far distance. She lined up the shot.

"What are you doing up here?" Rainbow asked. Applejack pulled the trigger, causing the bullet to fly right past the zombie's ear.

"Why in tarnations did ya do that?!" Applejack asked angrily, looking up at Rainbow.

"Sorry." Rainbow laughed awkwardly. "I was going to relax up here, but I noticed you and...yeah..." Rainbow rubbed the back of her head.

Applejack stood up and looked at her friend, cross. "Ya made me miss mah shot."

"Sorry about that." Rainbow said. "Hey, do you want to do something? To pass the time?" Rainbow asked.

"Nope." Applejack answered.

"Are you sure?" Rainbow asked, tilting her head.

"Yup." Applejack looked back at her rifle.

Rainbow narrowed her eyes. "Okay, that's it!" Rainbow stomped her hoof. "What is wrong with you?!"

"Excuse me?" Applejack looked back at Rainbow.

"I can tell you're hiding something!" Rainbow told her. "Spill it!"

"Who are ya to tell me what to do?" Applejack got defensive.

Rainbow pushed Applejack. Applejack stumbled backwards, but got her balance back. "You little!" Applejack growled, jumping at Rainbow. Applejack hit Rainbow in the face, causing the mare to fall over. Rainbow quickly got back up, just in time to duck under another punch.

"You have serious issues!" Rainbow shouted as she tackled Applejack. Applejack fell on her back, and was quickly pinned down by Rainbow.

Rainbow shook her friend. "What is your problem?!" She asked. Applejack spat at her, provoking Rainbow. The pegasus punched Applejack in the face and grabbed her again. "Answer me!" Applejack growled and kicked Rainbow off of her.

Rainbow flew backwards and rolled off the train. Rainbow quickly grabbed the edge of the train so that she would not fall off. Applejack got to her hooves and trotted up to the pegasus.

"Ah'm tired of your nonsense, Rainbow!" Applejack raised her hoof to stomp on Rainbow's. Rainbow quickly grabbed Applejack's hoof and pulled her off the train. Applejack was swung around and thrown against the train. Rainbow held onto Applejack's hoof the whole time.

When Applejack fell limp, Rainbow let her go. Applejack fell to the grass, flinching and groaning in pain. Rainbow let go off the ledge and landed on the ground, stumbling. She quickly grabbed Applejack and looked at her.

"Applejack!" Rainbow cried. "Are you okay?!"

Applejack opened her eyes slowly and looked at Rainbow. "My back hurts..."

"I'm so sorry!" Rainbow teared up, getting ready to cry.

"Ah miss them." Applejack said, coughing. "Ah failed Granny. Ah lost Big Mac, Applebloom, even Braeburn." A tear rolled down Applejack's face.

"You didn't have to get defensive about it." Rainbow told her friend. "We're all friends here. You can just talk to us."

Applejack took a deep sigh and started coughing. "Ah got a little too angry at mahself." Applejack told Rainbow when she stopped coughing.

"Are you okay?" Rainbow asked, looking over Applejack again.

"Of course ah'm okay!" Applejack told her. "Ah'm not gonna die now!"

Rainbow clenched her teeth. "Right..." Rainbow helped Applejack up carefully.

"Owe! Owe, owe, owe! OWE!" Applejack clenched her teeth in pain. "Ah think ya broke somethin'."

Rainbow patted her back. "You'll be fine, AJ." She told her. "Just come inside. You need some rest."

Rainbow led Applejack back inside the train.

S3E11: Return To Ponyville

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Twilight laid on her bed. She held Smarty Pants close as she listened to Rainbow read her Daring Do book.

In the back of the train, Secret and Scootaloo told jokes as they tried to brighten the mood.

"Why did the chicken cross the road?" Secret asked.

"This one is old." Scootaloo told Secret, tilting her head.

"I don't think you heard this one." Secret said to her.

Meanwhile, Luna sat at the far back corner of the train car, ignoring the two jokers as she stared at the picture of her and Celestia. She was no longer feeling sadness at the loss of Celestia, but confusion of what actually happened to her.

Luna felt the train come to a halt, and she fumbled the picture. She quickly grabbed onto it so that it would not fall.

Rainbow and Twilight got out of their beds as Spitfire entered their cabin. Secret, Scootaloo, and Luna trotted into the cabin as well.

"Guys." Spitfire began. "We made it."

The ponies looked at each other and quickly went outside. They were greeted by the sight of Ponyville's train station, as well as the rest of Ponyville.

What's left of it, at least.


"It's worse than when we left." Spitfire said, staring at the town in shock. "How could that even happen?"

"There surely weren't any survivors left behind." Rainbow rubbed the back of her head. "I hope..."

"We don't have the time to reflect." Twilight said. She carried out a bunch of bags with her magic, and handed them too the ponies. "I made sure to ration supplies. They will last us three days." Twilight told them. "Only three days."

"Ain't that all we need?" Scootaloo asked.

Luna looked at Scootaloo. "The forest hath a mind of it's own." She told her. "Anon, that our sister is gone, it feels free to doth what it likes."

"Great." Secret picked up his bag. "We have that forest in control of everything." He growled.

"We've survived the forest many times." Twilight said. "A little change won't harm us. Although, just in case, we should see if we can find some supplies."

"'Ere we go again." Applejack said.

"Just like old times." Spitfire mumbled.

The group stopped at town square. They looked around, confused. There were no zombies in sight.

"You cannot tell me that there are no zombies at all." Spitfire said. "I can't believe it."

"Do you think they all left to find some other living species?" Scootaloo asked.

"It could happen." Twilight answered. "I think we should split up." She turned to the others. "We'll meet back here, in the square. Everypony, partner up."

Rainbow picked up Scootaloo then trotted next to Applejack. "We'll go check out Sweet Apple Acres." Applejack said.

Spitfire patted Secret on the back. "We'll go to Sugarcube Corner." She said.

"That leaves me and Luna." Twilight said.

"We wilt explore thy library, young Twilight." Luna told the young alicorn. Twilight nodded.

"Meet y'all back here!" Applejack called as she trotted off.

"Don't get lost." Secret said, following Spitfire.

The group soon dispersed and went on their separate ways.

The two pegasi and earth pony arrived at Sweet Apple Acres. The barricade was still there, for the most part. Parts of it were destroyed, but the general wall still stood.

Applejack entered the farm and trotted down the pathway carefully. Rainbow and Scootaloo followed behind her, keeping their eyes out for anything unusual.

They stopped when they reached the barn. "Well, here it is." Applejack said. "Look around. We mighta left somethin' behind."

Rainbow opened the barn doors, trotting inside. Applejack trotted off to the farmhouse and kicked open the door.

Rainbow and Scootaloo searched the barn. Rainbow removed a tarp, revealing some ammunition "Hey, I found some ammo." She said, turning back to Scootaloo. Although, Scootaloo was not there. "Scootaloo?" Rainbow called, looking around. "Scootaloo, where'd you go?!"

Applejack trotted through the house. It was dark, but she held a lantern in her mouth. She trotted into the living room, and frowned at the sight. She put down the lantern as she approached Granny Smith's corpse. Luckily, she only died of old age. The infection did not affect her. Applejack looked down to the shotgun that Granny Smith held.

"Sorry, Granny." Applejack said. "They're all dead." Applejack grabbed the shotgun and pried it from the dead pony's hands. She slung it over her back and trotted to the kitchen. Applejack searched the kitchen and looted the rest of the food that was still edible.

"Sugarcube Corner." Spitfire opened the door. "Gah, this place stinks." She covered her nose.

"Let's just grab what we can and get out." Secret said as he nudged Spitfire. Spitfire looked back at him with a glare, then proceeded to trot inside of the store.

The place was ransacked. "There can't be anything left." Spitfire said. "We took everything last time we were here."

"We didn't take anything from upstairs." Secret told her.

Spitfire rolled her eyes. "You would know. You took that Daring Do book from Pinkie's room."

"You remember well." Secret joked.

Spitfire grunted. "Whatever." She trotted upstairs, Secret following behind her. Spitfire kicked open the first room. She could tell it was Mr. and Mrs. Cake's room. A big bed was at the side of the room. Secret stood at the doorway as Spitfire searched the room.

"Nothing here." Spitfire called after carefully searching the room. She trotted out and looked at Secret before moving on the next room.

Twilight opened the door and turned on the lights with her magic. The library seemed to be intact, with almost no damage to it whatsoever. Twilight looked around her library for supplies. She trotted up to her room and searched.

"I don't expect to have anything useful." Twilight said. "I wasn't one to be prepared for this kind of stuff."

When there was no answer, Twilight looked up. "Uh, Luna?" Twilight asked. She trotted back down the stairs.

When she got to the bottom, Luna tossed a book to Twilight. Twilight quickly caught it with her magic.

"Read it." Luna told her.

Twilight looked at the book. "Caelum?" Twilight asked. "This is what Celestia was talking about. What is it?"

"Read it!" Luna said again.

"But..." Twilight began.

"Thou will read it, then thou can ask such questions!" Luna snapped. Twilight fell silent, then quickly began to read the book.

Scootaloo looked around the second floor of the barn. It seemed very quiet, and it bothered her. Then, she heard a creak. She turned around, to see that nothing was there.

"Scootaloo, where are you?" Rainbow called from downstairs. Scootaloo was about to answer, but a crash stopped her. Scootaloo squealed and turned around, to come face to face with the undead corpse of Sweetie Belle.

Scootaloo screamed and fell backwards as the corpse slowly approached. Scootaloo crawled away from it, ending up in the corner.

Rainbow heard the scream and quickly rushed to get upstairs. Rainbow got there in time to see Sweetie Belle jump at Scootaloo. Rainbow pulled out her hoofgun and shot the zombie quickly, sending it barreling to the side. Scootaloo stared in horror as Rainbow quickly ran up and picked up the young pegasus, holding her close. Scootaloo started to cry softly as Rainbow stared at the dead body in shock.

"Found some candy in Pinkie's room, if that counts." Spitfire said as she stuffed her bag.

"It's something." Secret answered.

Spitfire trotted to the end of the hall. "Guessing this is the foals' room." She said as she kicked open the door.

The room was indeed the foals' room. Toys scattered the room, as well as the crib that the twins shared. Spitfire searched the room carefully. Secret trotted into the room and went to the closet. He opened the closet slowly, causing toys to fall on him. He fell over as the mountain of toys piled on top of him.

Spitfire turned to him and started laughing. "Haha, funny." Secret said as he tried to get clear of the toys.

Spitfire stopped laughing as a soft growl echoed. She turned to the doorway, seeing something from her past appear.

"Fleetfoot!" Spitfire gasped as the undead pegasus stumbled towards Spitfire. Spitfire turned and looked behind her. All that she saw was a window. She turned back to Fleetfoot and quickly started to back up.

Secret quickly searched the toys for his shotgun. He then pulled out a squeaky toy, aiming it at Fleetfoot and causing it to make a squeak. Fleetfoot's corpse turned to Secret, giving Spitfire enough time to jump out the window and fly off. Fleetfoot turned to the window and screeched, taking off after Spitfire.

"That can't be good." Secret said as he dropped the squeaky toy.

Twilight put the book down. "What does a filly's tale and Celestia have to do with each other?" Twilight asked Luna.

"Caelum is exactly wherefore our sister can speak to us in our dreams." Luna told her.

"You mean to tell me that this is all true?!" Twilight asked, shocked.

"The Mare in the Moon was true, if we remember our own past as vividly as we lived it!" Luna said, narrowing her eyes.

"You got a point." Twilight said, putting the book in her bag. "Is that why you wanted to come here?" Luna nodded silently. "Okay then, I guess we should head back to town square. The two trotted out of the library, only to see Spitfire flying away from Fleetfoot above them.

"Oh dear Celestia..." Twilight began.

Spitfire flew fast, but Fleetfoot kept to her tail. Every time Spitfire tried to maneuver away from Fleetfoot, the undead pegasus would follow. There was no out-flying a pony who can perform the same tricks as her. She only had one option, do them better.

Spitfire flew closer to the ground, hoping to lose the pegasus in the buildings. There was no losing this undead creature, though. It kept on her tail no matter where she went. Spitfire grunted and tried to get some shots in, but was unable to hit her target. Spitfire groaned and flew back up to the open air.

She spotted a clock tower, and got an idea. She flew directly towards it.

"What is she doing?!" Rainbow asked as she galloped up to Twilight.

"I have no idea..." Twilight answered as Scootaloo, Applejack, and Luna caught up to them.

Spitfire aimed directly at the bell. She pushed herself to gain as much speed as possible. Fleetfoot did the same. Spitfire closed her eyes as she quickly approached the bell.


Spitfire slowed down and turned around. She saw Fleetfoot's corpse smashed into the bell, the bell chiming from the impact. The corpse slowly fell off and to the ground, no longer moving.

Spitfire panted heavily as she hovered herself to the town square.

When she reached the town square, the ponies gathered around to see if Spitfire was okay. Secret galloped up. "What happened?" He asked.

The group looked at him. "Where have you been?" Spitfire asked.

"I lost my shotgun in the toy pile." He said. "I would've been here sooner, but...I'm blind."

Twilight rolled her eyes and trotted up to Secret. "At least we're all alive..." She said as she patted his back.

They were interrupted as a loud screech echoed. The ponies turned to the direction of the screech and trotted towards it.

They arrived at Fluttershy's cabin, and came face to face with the Everfree Forest behind it. Another screech echoed from inside the forest, sending chills down the group's spines.

"I think I know where the zombies went." Rainbow said, clenching her teeth.

"Just our luck." Secret grumbled.

S3E12: Bloody Murderer

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The group trotted through the forest. A zombie stumbled out of the bushes, quickly getting it's head chopped off by Rainbow's katana.

"I thought this would be challenging." Rainbow said as she sheathed the katana.

"They're everywhere." Spitfire said as she quickly shot a zombie. "They're so easy to kill."

Secret turned around and shot a zombie behind them with his sawn-off. "It's like they're toying with us."

"Oh come on now, be real." Applejack said. "These zombies ain't got no brain."


A tree fell on the group. Rainbow was knocked to the side, away from the group. When the smoke cleared, the group looked around for Rainbow.

"Rainbow?!" Twilight called. "Hello?!"

There was no answer. The ponies looked at each other in fear.


Rainbow opened her eyes slowly. She was surprised to see there were no zombies around her, but she was even more shocked at the sight of a young mare standing right in front of her.

The mare gasped as Rainbow got to her feet. "Are you okay?"

Rainbow shook herself off. "Perfectly fine." She said under her breath. She looked at the mare. "Who are you?"

The mare stood up straight. "I'm...well..." She ducked her head shyly. "Keynote."

Rainbow's eyes widened, and she almost fell over in shock. "Keynote!"

"Uh, yeah...that's my name." She said. "What about you?"

"I'm Dash. Rainbow Dash." She told her. "I, uh...I meet Dust."

Keynote gasped. "You mean?..."

"Your father, yes." Rainbow said.

"How is he?" She asked. "Is he with you?!"

Rainbow frowned. "He's gone." She told her. Keynote quickly went from cheerful to depressed at the news.

"I'm sorry." Rainbow said, hugging Keynote. Keynote began to sob loudly.

"Rainbow!" Applejack called. "There's no way in tarnations she just disappear like that!"

"Didn't you hear Luna?" Spitfire asked, stepping up.

"The forest hath a mind of its own, it can change on its own will." Luna told her.

"It's always had a mind of its own." Secret said. "Now it has no limits. Nothing is stopping it."

"We have to find her!" Applejack growled and began to trot off.

"Applejack, stop!" Twilight called. "We can't stray off the path. It's dangerous."

Applejack turned around to protest, but she was cut off as a zombie appeared out of the bushes and jumped at her. Applejack shrieked as she grabbed the zombie before it could bite her. It bit at her face furiously. Spitfire quickly shot it in the head, killing it. Applejack threw the zombie to the side as more of the undead appeared from the brush.

"Oh no..." Twilight began.

Rainbow picked up the passed out Keynote. She was heavy, but Rainbow managed. She silently promised Dust that she would protect Keynote at a costs.

She marched onward into what felt like the right direction. The majority of the trot was completely silent. Every once in a while, a zombie moan or screech echoed, sending chills down Rainbow's spine.

The group stood in a circle. Scootaloo was in the center. The zombies approached slowly.

One zombie leapt forward, quickly getting shot down by Secret. This triggered a chain reaction, motivating the zombies to attack.

"Look out!" Twilight screamed as she swung at a zombie with her scythe.

Rainbow stopped at the edge of a clearing. It was oddly silent. Not a single sound but the steps of her own hooves and the heavy breathing of Rainbow's exhausted breath.

Rainbow gently laid Keynote on the ground, the proceeded to lie down herself. She stared at the forest beyond her. Questions began to fill her mind. Where was she? Where were her friends? How is she going to get out of here?

"Curse this forest to Tartarus." Rainbow growled.

"You get used to it." Rainbow turned to Keynote. She was awake, looking at Rainbow tiredly.

"How long have you been here?" Rainbow asked. "In the forest, I mean."

"I don't know. Hard to tell time in here." Keynote looked up. "How long has it been started?"

"Almost two years." Rainbow answered. "I'm not too sure, though. This forest has me confused as well.

Keynote stared at Rainbow's nub. "W-what happened to your-"

"I don't want to talk about it." Rainbow quickly answered, looking down.

Gunfire echoed as the survivors unloaded clip after clip to hold back the undead attackers.

Spitfire hovered above the ground, a hoofgun in each hoof. She fired shot after shot until both guns began to click, signifying that the clips were empty. She went to reload her hoofguns, but was caught off guard as a zombie jumped at her.

She quickly took one rear hoof and swung it into the air, kicking the zombie in the chin. The zombie's head snapped, causing to fall limp to the ground.

Twilight swung her scythe, slicing a zombie's head in half. "There's too many!" She called, glancing at Luna.

Luna sliced a trio of zombies to bits with her blade. "Doth not give in! keep fighting!"

Rainbow silently cleaned her blade. She held it up, seeing her reflection in the glint of her katana. She was beat up, cuts covering her face as signs of her previous battles.

Rainbow took a deep sigh as she lowered the blade.

"You're awfully quiet." Keynote said, snapping Rainbow out of her trance.

Rainbow looked at Keynote and scowled. "I just don't like talking a lot.'

"Why not?" Keynote asked.

"I just don't."

"Are you okay?"

"Yes." Rainbow clenched her teeth.

Keynoye tilted her head. "Are you sure?"

This set Rainbow off. "No!" Rainbow quickly stood up. "I am not okay! Do I look okay? I have a missing wing, scars across my face, the zombie apocalypse broke out, I have no clue where my friends are...I am not close to being okay! Okay?!" She snorted as she breathed heavily from the rage.

Keynote stared in horror at her. Rainbow slowly began to calm down, and frowned. "Just...don't ask any more questions...please."

Keynote nodded slowly, fear in her eyes.

Rainbow turned around, only to come face to face with a timberwolf. "What the-" Rainbow screamed as the wolf leapt at her. Rainbow tried to pull out her hoofgun, but the impact from the wolf caused it to go flying. She fell backwards and down a slope. Rainbow found herself stopped by a bush. Unfortunately, the bush was full of thorns.

Rainbow shrieked in pain as the thorns inserted themselves within her entire body. She struggled to get free as the timberwolf approached her slowly. It stalked towards her teasingly, as if he was playing with his prey. Rainbow tried to reach for her knife, but her hoof was caught in a bunch of thorns. Every movement sent pain through her entire body.

The timberwolf was getting closer. It stopped when it was about five feet away from her, which gave Rainbow enough time to get her hoof loose of the thorns and insert the knife into the timberwolf's neck. The timberwolf struggled against her, trying to bite at her. The knife did not do the trick. Rainbow used the knife, though, to her advantage, so that she could hold the timberwolf back before it attacks her. As the timberwolf struggled against the blade, Rainbow felt her hoof getting tired. Sooner or later, one of them had to give up.

Rainbow thought it was hopeless. She felt a sudden pain in her left side as a thorn scraped her. She lost grip, letting the timberwolf lash at her.


The timberwolf fell on top of Rainbow, limp. Rainbow stared in horror at it. She looked up to see Keynote at the top of the hill, Rainbow's hoofgun in her hoof. She quickly put down the gun and galloped down to assist Rainbow. She pulled the large timberwolf off of the pegasus then proceeded to carefully pull Rainbow out of the thorn bush. Rainbow fell to the ground, unable to stand up straight. Keynote quickly helped her up. "We need to move first. The zombies would have heard that shot from miles." She said, leading Rainbow up the hill and grabbing the hoofgun before proceeding to cross the field and back into the endless forest.

A loud crack echoed throughout the entire forest. It was a gunshot, no doubt about it. The direction it came from, however, was a mystery to the survivors. All they knew is that the zombies quickly ran off, probably either scared or attracted to the loud noise. The only thing left was the six ponies and a bunch of dead bodies.

"Do y'all think that was?..." Applejack began.

"No doubt about it." Spitfire said as she kicked a nudged a corpse.

"We need to find Rainbow!" Scootaloo said as she backed away from one of the corpses.

"We will." Twilight said, sheathing her scythe. "Trust me, we will find her." She turned to see Luna staring into the forest. Twilight approached the mare as she began to speak.

"We feel weird. Almost as if thither is a weird force, drawing us to something." Twilight stared at Luna in confusion, but Luna took no notice as she stared out into the never-ending forest.

S3E13: Spitfire's Secret

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Scootaloo stumbled forward, then fell to her knees tiredly. Spitfire quickly trotted up to her.

"Are you okay, kid?" She asked, concerned.

"My legs hurt...I can't walk anymore..." Scootaloo said under her breath.

Spitfire picked Scootaloo up and lightly placed the filly on her back. Scootaloo lied down and held onto Spitfire to assure that she wouldn't fall off. Spitfire continued trotted forward so that she could catch up with the rest of the survivors.

Luna and Twilight walked together at the front of the group. The forest around them was dark, but the area around the path had enough light to see.

Luna stopped and gripped her stomach in pain. Twilight quickly put her hoof on her back. "Luna, are you okay?!" She asked.

"We art fine." She answered, clenching her teeth. "We art getting close..."

Twilight looked up at the path ahead.

Soon, Celestia. We will be there soon. She thought to herself as she looked back at Luna.


"Stand still!" Keynote told Rainbow. Keynote carefully bit down on one of the thorns in Rainbow's back and pulled it out with her teeth.

Rainbow flinched in pain. "Ow!" She complained.

"There's a lot left, Rainbow..." Keynote said. "Just relax."

Rainbow took a deep breath and began to relax. She closed her eyes and smiled. Keynote grabbed a thorn and pulled it out of her back. This caused Rainbow to snap out of her peaceful trance and yelp in pain.

Rainbow groaned. "This is going to be a long day..." She grumbled.

Scootaloo rested as Spitfire carried her. She felt like sleeping, but she kept herself awake. Scootaloo turned her head to see the bag hanging off of Spitfire’s back. Curiosity got the best of the young pony as she decided to look inside the bag. She quietly opened it up and stuck her hoof inside. She felt some magazines, and a can of some kind of food for convenience.

What really caught Scootaloo’s attention, though, was the box. She pulled out the box and looked at it. It was a small red box with the letter D on it. Scootaloo shook the box like any other filly would to guess what was inside.

“What are you doing?!” Spitfire asked.

Scootaloo froze and looked at Spitfire, who noticed the little filly playing on her back. “Put that box back!”

Scootaloo fumbled and went to put the box back in her bag, but she ended up falling off in fright, dropping the box on the ground. The box landed in front of Applejack, who picked it up and looked at it.

“Give it back.” Spitfire told her, trotting up to Applejack.

She reached for the box, but Applejack pulled back, keeping the box out of Spitfire’s reach. “What exactly is this, anyways?” She asked.

“It’s none of your business.” Spitfire growled.

Twilight trotted up. “Spitfire, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Spitfire answered. “Just give me the box!”

Twilight narrowed her eyes. “Spitfire…”

“What?!” Spitfire asked, turning around. “What do you want?!”

This gave Applejack enough time to open the box. “What is this?” She asked, holding up a small vial.

Spitfire turned around to look at it, with a look of worry on her face. Twilight looked at it as well. Twilight looked back at Spitfire. “What is that?”

“It’s…” Spitfire gulped.

“We would answer thy princess if we wast thou.” Luna told Spitfire.

“I…” Spitfire nervously backed away from the group.

“That’s all of them.” Keynote told Rainbow.

The pegasus stood up and looked at Keynote with a small smile. “Thanks.” She said, clenching her teeth. Her body still hurt, but at least those pesky thorns were gone.

Keynote looked around the dark forest. “So, now what?”

“We keep walking?” Rainbow said. “I’m not too sure. We’re either going to find a way out or our friends.” Rainbow sighed. “That is, if we’re lucky.”

“Well, it’s better than sitting here and waiting to die.” Keynote mumbled. Rainbow trotted off without saying another word, Keynote following close behind.

“Spitfire.” Twilight said. “You better tell us right now. What is this vial for? What are you hiding?!”

Spitfire flattened her ears. She had no clue what to do. She was surrounded, and she had no way out. She prayed for Celestia to give her a way out, but she knew that it might never happen.

But, it did.

“We did it.” Secret spoke up. The ponies stopped and turned to Secret.

“Y’all did what?” Applejack asked.

“We were there.” Secret said. “When it happened. When the zombies happened. Me and Spitfire.” He coughed. “That’s how we knew each other, that’s why I kept my name a secret.

“Don’t do this…” Spitfire begged.

“It was all planned out. Every step you took was planned. Me and Spitfire were only here to make sure it happened.” He shook his head. “I mean, me being blind wasn't really planned out, but we went along with it.”

Twilight was shocked. “Secret…”

Secret sighed. “My name isn't even Secret! I just came up with it, and it worked.”

“Stop it, please.” Spitfire asked.

“There’s no point.” Secret went on. “They were going to find out someday! Better now then before we die, right?”

Everypony fell silent. They stared at Secret and Spitfire in shock.

“What’s your name?” Twilight asked Secret.

“That’s a secret.” He said, putting his hoof over his muzzle.

Applejack glared and pulled out her gun. “Ah knew ah couldn’t trust ya!” She growled, aiming it at Secret.

“Applejack, stop!” Twilight shouted, grabbing Applejack. Applejack pulled the trigger, firing a bullet into the air as Twilight took the gun away from the country mare.

“What in tarnations are ya doin’, Twi?” Applejack asked. “He’s a traitor! He did this!”

“I’d like more answers before you shoot him.” Twilight told Applejack. “Plus, he saved us before. Not like we can just shoot him.” She added, glancing at Secret.

“Talk for ya self.” Applejack muttered, taking her gun back from Twilight.

Rainbow jumped as the gunshot rang out. “What was that?!” Keynote squealed.

“That was a gunshot!” Rainbow said. “Even better, it was a sniper. That must be Applejack!” Rainbow ran off towards the direction that the shot came from. Keynote looked around, confused, but ran after her.

Spitfire and Secret were sitting next to each other. Their weapons have been confiscated, so they couldn’t do anything.

Twilight trotted up to them and sat down. “So, can you tell me what happened?”

Spitfire shook her head. “The boss. They had some scientists create a vial. One that could reanimate a dead corpse. Of course, they were able to make it. Unfortunately, the boss didn’t quite let them see that it worked.”

“What do you mean?” Twilight asked.

“The boss offed them.” Secret said.

Twilight frowned. “Oh.” She gulped. “Where did you guys come in?”

“I was supposed to appoint a trip to Ponyville. The boss said that it would be the safest place, where the zombies wouldn’t be for a long time.” She growled. “The boss lied.”

“Me and Spitfire met before. When the boss gave us orders.” Secret added. “So, we seeked each other out first, and called our boss. The boss apologized about lying, but he gave us orders.”

“What were the orders?”

“To move to Canterlot.” Spitfire said. “The boss had contacts there. Assassins. Ring a bell?”

Applejack growled. “The Circle.”

“Bingo.” Secret said. “Of course, the boss wanted the assassins to kill off the princesses.” He continued. “When they failed, the boss ordered us to take out the assassins. Because, they ‘went rogue’.”

“After Canterlot was destroyed, the boss wanted us out. Quickly.” Spitfire added. “We got another call after we escaped. He wanted us to off another ‘rogue’. This one was in the Everfree Forest, more specifically, the Castle of the Two Sisters.”

“Luckily, you already were heading there.” Secret said.

“Who is it?” Twilight asked.

Spitfire and Secret looked at each other, then looking back at Twilight. “We don’t know.” They answered.

Rainbow began to slow down as she got exhausted. She stopped and ducked her head, panting. Keynote soon caught up to her. “Are you okay, Rainbow?”

“Just...a bit...further…” Rainbow coughed and sat down.

“You need to rest.” Keynote told Rainbow, wiping her brow.

“I can make it!” Rainbow protested. “They’re right there!”

“Rainbow!” Keynote spoke up. “Rest!”

Rainbow groaned and lied down. Keynote sat down beside her and kept watch. Rainbow looked up at her. “Hey, kid.” Keynote looked back down at her. “Take this.” Rainbow pulled out her hoofgun and handed it to her.

Keynote took it and looked at it. “Why?”

“You saved me with it before.” Rainbow said. “I can trust it with you again, can’t I?”

Keynote smiled and nodded. “I got your back.” Rainbow smiled and relaxed.

Twilight paced back and forth. Applejack trotted up to her, her rifle on her back and Secret’s shottie at her side. “Ah say we should kill them.” She whispered. “They might have killed us.”

“But they didn’t.” Twilight argued. Applejack stepped back as Twilight turned around to face the two. “What was that vial?”

“Poison. I was supposed to inject it into the person we’re supposed to off.” Spitfire answered.

“No plan to kill us?” Applejack asked.

“Nothing.” Secret said. “We could have made one, though.”

“Why work for this ‘boss’ guy?” Twilight asked. “Aren’t we your friends?”

“They knew where I lived.” Spitfire said. “They knew where all the Wonderbolts lived. They threatened to kill them.” She shivered. “I couldn’t let them do that.”

“What about you, Secret?” Applejack asked. “Why would you do this?”

Secret ducked his head. “The boss was going to kill Fluttershy.”

“Fluttershy’s dead.” Twilight told him.

“It was bound to happen!” Secret snapped. “I...just wasn’t thinking clearly until it was too late.”

Twilight frowned and pushed Applejack away from them. “Ya know..there’s still this one thing that’s bothering me.”

“What would that be?” Spitfire asked.

“Who is your boss?” Twilight asked.

Spitfire looked at Secret in concern. Twilight followed her gaze, focusing on Secret. Secret was smirking. It was a creepy smirk that bothered her.

“Did you ever look at the box?” Secret asked.

Twilight’s eyes widened as she turned to Applejack. “Give me the box.” She told her. Applejack pulled out the box and gave it to Twilight. Twilight examined it closely.

The letter ‘D’ was on top of the box. Twilight gulped. “Not possible…”

S3E14: Foresight

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The group trotted along the path quietly. Twilight and Luna led the group. Scootaloo rode on Luna’s back. Behind them, Applejack trotted behind Secret and Spitfire. Applejack kept one of Spitfire’s hoofguns out, in case one of them tried to do something. Luna carried Secret’s shotgun.

“How much further?” Twilight asked Luna.

“We can feel it. We’re getting really close, now.” Luna told Twilight. She glanced back at the others.

“When are you going to trust us?” Spitfire asked, looking back at Applejack.

“Ah never trusted y’all.” Applejack growled. “Now turn around, or ah’ll shoot.” Spitfire looked forward quickly, so that she wouldn’t be shot.

It was only half a mile later that Secret screamed. Everypony stopped and looked at him as he fell to his front hooves, clenching his teeth in pain. He held his head with one hoof, and everypony began to freak out.

“Are you okay?” Twilight asked.

“ head…” Secret managed. “I see...something...big…”

“What?” Twilight asked.

“He can't be, couldst he?” Luna wondered aloud.

“What are you talking about, Luna?” Twilight asked.

“Thy cater-cousin hither, he is having a vision, it seems. Thither is strong magic nearby.” Luna looked around. “We art very close.”


“What is this whole vision business about, anyways?” Applejack asked as she trotted up to Twilight and Luna.

Twilight looked over at Secret, who was being comforted by Spitfire.

“There’s a strong magic trying to keep itself concealed.” Twilight explained. “Although, Secret is no ordinary pony.” She said.

“Neither are y’all two.” Applejack said. “What makes him special?”

“He is blind. His other senses have been heightened.” Twilight said. “Including his sense of magic.”

Secret saw something standing in front of him. It was large. It looked down at him with glowing red eyes. He freaked as it lashed at him, sending his mind into a mad epileptic flash of colors.

“Secret!” Spitfire called. “Snap out of it!”

Secret began to calm down, then slowly got to his hooves. “I’m...I’m fine.” He mumbled.

“What did you see?” Twilight asked.

“Something big...glowing red eyes.” He told her.

“We fear for the worst.” Luna said, turning to the path ahead.

Rainbow woke up. Keynote was nowhere to be seen. She looked around for the young mare.

“Keynote?” Rainbow called. “Where are you?” Rainbow stood up and stretched. She heard a rustle. She perked her ears and pulled out her knife. “Who’s there?”

“Rainbow.” Keynote called. Rainbow looked up, just in time for Keynote to jump down from a tree and land in front of her.

“Where were you?” Rainbow aske,d sheathing her knife.

“I was looking around.” Keynote told her. “Would your friends happen to be two alicorns, a pegasus, and two earth ponies?”

“Yeah.” Rainbow answered.

“I found them.” Keynote said. “Follow me.”

Secret stumbled forward. “Are you okay?” Spitfire asked.

“I’m fine.” Secret answered. “Just a bit...dazed.”

“Why are we even going to the castle?” Applejack asked. “What’s the point anymore?”

“Celestia still wants us to go.” Twilight said. “I will not deny her final request.”

Applejack groaned. “Right.”

Secret paused. “I feel it.” He said. Spitfire stopped and looked at him.

Secret tensed as another vision flashed before him. He saw a small pony standing in front of him. It slowly approached him, stepping into the light. He saw it’s face, then the vision blurred.

“What is it?” Spitfire asked.

“It...was the same thing.” He lied. “Let’s just...keep going. It was pointless.”

Twilight sighed. “Keep an eye on him.” She reminded Applejack.

“Ah’ve always had my eyes on ‘em.” Applejack spat, holding the hoofgun at the two.

Keynote sat atop a tree branch, a pair of binoculars in her hooves. “There!” She said, handing the binoculars to Rainbow.

“I have no idea how you managed to take my binoculars without me knowing.” Rainbow said as she looked through the binoculars. She spotted them. Twilight and Luna, with Secret and Spitfire close behind. Applejack came last, holding a hoofgun.

“That’s them!” Rainbow exclaimed. “That’s my friends! Let’s go!” Rainbow jumped off the branch and landed on another as she started to make her way towards her friends. Keynote followed her.

Secret clenched his teeth, trying to hold back the visions from entering his mind. Spitfire watched him with concern.

"I hear something." Twilight said, stopping and looking around with curiosity.

Secret lost concentration as he raised his head to listen. "Gah!" Secret screeched as his head began to pound.

Secret opened his eyes. He could see once again. He looked around, but saw nothing. He tried to move. Unfortunately, he couldn't move anything but his eyes. He felt something cold and liquid-like against his fur. His ears heard the faint sound of something buzzing. He looked around as the sound got closer. He tried to struggle, but to no avail. The buzzing stopped when it reached his ear.

A short moment of silence, and then a voice. "Come and play fetch." A female whispered into his ear.

Secret woke up and shot to his hooves. Applejack aimed a hoofgun at him in fright.

"Secret, what happened?" Twilight asked, trotting up to him.

"Same thing." Secret mumbled

"Ah don't believe ya." Applejack said.

"Secret, are you lying to us?" Twilight asked, stepping closer.

"No!" He growled.

Luna trotted to his side. "We can hear the lies in thy voice." She said.

"What if I am lying?" Secret asked.

Twilight frowned. "Secret..."

Everypony stopped as a loud rustle was heard. Twilight turned around and drew her scythe slowly as she awaited for something to pop out.

Secret took advantage of this. He reached over and grabbed his shotgun from Luna, pulling it back and using it to hit Twilight in the back of her head. Twilight dropped her scythe and fell over. She turned over to see Secret press the barrel against Luna's chin.

"You dirty little-!" Applejack turned to shoot him, but was caught off guard as Spitfire swept her off her hooves, causing her to fall over. Spitfire kicked he in the head, knocking her out cold. Spitfire picked up the hoofgun.

Spitfire aimed the hoofgun at Twilight. "Other gun. Now." She said, looking at the hoofgun at her side.

Twilight looked at them in fright. She focused on Luna, who was frozen in fear from the barrel against her chin. "Secret..."

"Do it." Secret ordered. Twilight slowly reached for the hoofgun and pulled it out, holding it by the barrel. She then placed it on the ground and slid it to Spitfire. Spitfire picked up the other hoofgun and cocked it with a grunt.

Secret looked up as Rainbow Dash emerged from a bush. "Guys! I found you!" She called with joy. She froze as she realized what was going on. Before Rainbow could say anything, Spitfire made her way towards Rainbow and butt her with the hoofgun in the head. Rainbow fell to the ground, and Spitfire aimed the hoofgun at the back of her head, and the other hoofgun at Keynote as soon as she emerged from the bush.

"Don't follow us." Secret told Twilight.

"Why are you doing this?" Twilight asked, tears in her eyes.

Secret took a deep sigh. "We have our orders." Secret said quietly. He removed the shotgun from Luna's chin, and then whacked her across the head with it. Luna fell to the ground, dazed.

Spitfire backed away from Rainbow and Keynote, while Secret trotted over to meet her. "Meet you at the castle." Spitfire spat as she and Secret quickly ran off.

After they could not see nor hear the two, Twilight steadily got to her hooves. "Luna, Rainbow! Are you okay?!" She asked, going to assist Luna.

Rainbow got to her hooves, spitting out some blood. "What was that all about?" Rainbow asked.

Twilight sighed. "I'll explain later..." She told her. "Who's your friend?"

Rainbow looked at Keynote. "This is Keynote. The daughter of that man we saw near Canterlot."

"Really?" Twilight asked.

Luna coughed, bringing Twilight's attention to her. "We cannot see well. Young Twilight, is that thou that beholds our eyes?"

"Yes, Luna." Twilight answered. "Rainbow, Keynote. Could you go help Applejack?"

The two ponies nodded and made there way over to Applejack to check on her. Twilight helped Luna to her hooves, then turned to face the path in front of them.

Meet you at the castle... Twilight thought. I'll look forward to it.

S3E15: The Hive, Pt. 1

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Applejack limped forward. "Ah should've shot 'em when ah had the chance." Applejack spat as she dragged her hind hoof across the ground.

Twilight had a bandage wrapped around her head to cover up the injury she got from Secret. Her face was stained from tears. She rarely spoke a word since the incident happened.

Rainbow, who recently learned of Secret and Spitfire's betrayal, was also filled with anger. Keynote stayed by her side, trying to comfort the pegasus. "You won't understand." Rainbow told Keynote. "That mare was my hero. She was my friend. Now, she betrayed us. She hit me! She had a gun to my head!" Rainbow sighed. "She's no longer my friend."

"And...what about the stallion?" Keynote asked. "The one with the hood?"

Rainbow sighed. "I've had several chances to kill him. I spared his life many times. In turn, he saved me a couple times. He's no different, though. He lied his whole life, what's the difference? Spitfire, though..." Rainbow growled. "I will never forgive."

"Ah'll gladly put a bullet in that city stallion's head." Applejack said. "Ah bet we all would. Ain't that right, Twi?"

Twilight stayed silent as she trotted beside Luna. Luna looked at the young alicorn with a frown. The side of her face was bruised badly, but luckily, nothing was cut. "Art thou alright, young Twilight?" She asked quietly.

"No..." Twilight whispered.

Luna raised her head and looked forward. "We understand wherefore ye are so enchafed." Luna began. "It's not everyday that somebody who thou care strongly for turns out to betray thou, and paunch thou in the back, as one would say."

"Did you just say that I li-" Twilight began. She quickly turned away from that thought and fell silent again.

"So, what's the plan?" Applejack asked. "We go in there, do whatever Celestia asked us to do, and then we shoot the traitors?"

"I can do that." Rainbow growled.

"Nobody is shooting anybody." Twilight said.

"Are you defending those two?!" Applejack asked. "Must I remind you of the gash on the back of your head? The bruise on Luna's cheek? Maybe my broken leg?!"

"They would have killed us if they wanted to!" Twilight said. "What makes you think they'll kill us now?!"

"Hey, guys!" Scootaloo called. Everybody stopped and turned to face the young pegasus. She had looked ahead while they were arguing. "We're here!"

The ponies looked at each other and then followed Scootaloo quickly.

The young pegasus was right. In front of them was what they've been looking for this whole time. They made it to The Castle of the Two Sisters.


"It's about time." Spitfire said as she trotted down the hall. Secret followed behind her closely.

"Let's just get this over with." Secret mumbled. "Where do you think they are?"

"There's plenty of rooms in this castle. We won't really find them right away, ya know." Spitfire answered.

"I meant Twilight and the others." Secret told her.

Spitfire looked at him funny. "Probably right on our tail, if we don't keep moving." She told him.

Secret sighed. "Then continue moving."

The survivors approached the front gate of the castle. "This is it." Luna said. "We remember it just as vividly as the days when we us'd to live hither. That was many, many years ago. We can still recall every detail."

Twilight opened the door slowly, and poked her head in. "All clear." She called. She continued to push the door open the rest of the way as the others piled inside.

As soon as everypony was inside, the door closed behind them.

"It's dark..." Keynote whispered.

Twilight and Luna both used their magic to create a light with their horns. "Stay close." Twilight told them as she moved forward, the rest of the group following her.

Twilight stopped as she heard a creak. "Guys..." Twilight began.

Sure enough, a trap door opened underneath Keynote, causing her to fall in. "Keynote!" Rainbow screamed, jumping in after her. The door slammed shut, blocking off the rest of the group from the two mares.

"Rainbow!" Twilight called. No answer. "You can't be serious..."

Spitfire pulled on one of the fake hooves. "It has to be one of these." She said. She looked down the long hallway, which contained these fake hooves all the way down on both sides.

Secret sat down and sighed. "I'll be here when you find it." He told her in a sarcastic tone.

Spitfire stopped and turned back to him. "Are you alright?"

"Perfectly fine." He answered, his eyes blindly staring at nothing.

Spitfire stomped her hoof on the ground. "Secret, you can't lie to me!" She growled. "Is it because of what happened out there?"

Secret shook his head. "No. Yes. Maybe." He scowled. "Can we just kill this target and get it over with?"

"What happened to you?" Spitfire asked. "So calm? So...worried about others? And what about Twilight?"

Secret shot up. "Don't you dare mention Twilight!" He shouted, throwing a hoof at Spitfire.

Spitfire quickly blocked his hoof, and hit him in the stomach with her free hoof. Secret fell to his knees and grunted. "Secret. I hate this as much as you do. But The Boss wants this person dead, I want this person dead, and the rest of what's left of Equestria probably wants this person dead. So get up, grab your gun, and help me kill this person and end this." Spitfire reached out a hoof to help Secret up. Secret grunted and grabbed onto her hoof. Spitfire pulled him up, giving him a pat on his back, and continuing in search for the correct fake hoof.

Rainbow was awoken by Keynote, who was shaking her and calling her name. The rainbow-maned mare looked up at Keynote, blinking to regain her focus.

"Where are we?" Keynote asked, looking around. Rainbow followed her gaze around the room. The room was illuminated by a couple of dim torches on the walls. Bookcases and tables lined the large room. It was almost as if it was a maze of books.

Rainbow staggered to her hooves, looking around. "Looks like some sort of library." Rainbow muttered. She rubbed the back of her head in pain.

"You alright?" Keynote asked, reaching out a hoof to Rainbow.

"I'm fine." Rainbow growled through her teeth. "Stay close, Keynote." Rainbow ordered the mare. Rainbow began to trot forward into the endless isles of bookshelves, with Keynote following close behind.

Twilight, Luna, and Applejack walked through the halls of the castle. Scootaloo rode on Luna's back, scared of what happened to Rainbow after she disappeared into the floor. The group of ponies took turns calling out Rainbow's name, only answered by their own echoes.

"It's useless." Applejack growled. "This castle is huge. There ain't no finding either of 'em."

Twilight snapped, looking back at Applejack. "We already lost two ponies here! We lost so many other ponies for the past year or so!" Twilight stormed up to Applejack, forcing the mare to back against a wall. "I'm not ready to lose any more ponies to this forsaken curse." She growled, narrowing her eyes.

Applejack was shocked at first, but grabbed Twilight by the muzzle, forcing her to back off. "Ah ain't ready ta lose Rainbow either." She told Twilight. "But yer the one who brought us here in the first place!"

Twilight growled, pulling back from Applejack's grip. "Celestia is the one who brought us here. She knows what she's talking about. She put it on us. US!" Twilight shouted. "To find out what is going on here." Twilight stared down Applejack, waiting for her response.

Luna stepped forward. "We doth not think that this is the best time to argue over such matters." She spoke up.

Applejack growled. "You're not fit to be princess if you can't stand up for yourself." She told Twilight. "How many times have you protected Canterlot? Huh? Where were you? On the side? I protected Canterlot. Rainbow protected Canterlot. Even the traitors protected Canterlot. But you just stood to the side, playing princess and avoiding trouble. It was not till Canterlot fell and the princess died that you dared to pick up a weapon!" Applejack spat.

Twilight growled. "How dare you..." She began. She swung a hoof at Applejack. Before the hoof could make contact, a door opened behind Applejack, sending her rolling back into another room. Twilight stumbled forward into the room, looking around in shock.

Secret and Spitfire stood on either side of the two mares, eyes wide in shock. After a short moment of silence, the ponies scrambled to get to their hooves and pull out their weapons. Spitfire and Secret had their advantage, as Spitfire aimed both her hoofguns at the two mares, while Secret waved his shotgun back and forth to keep them back. Applejack held her rifle towards Secret, with Twilight holding her scythe between herself and Spitfire in defense.

"What Ah would give ta put a bullet in yer head." Applejack growled, staring down Secret. "Ah don't like traitors."

"I don't want to do this." Spitfire told them, looking between Twilight and Spitfire.

Luna stepped into the room, drawing her weapon. "What is this nonsense?" She asked, gritting her teeth.

Spitfire aimed one of her hoofguns at Luna. "Princess, please." She begged. "It's nothing personal."

Secret nodded in agreement. "We just want to kill this person. Please, let us do this. It's important."

"So your boss will be happy?" Twilight asked, shaking her head. "I'm sorry, you two. But you lied. About everything. Rainbow is heartbroken because of you. And so am I." Twilight fought back tears as she stared at Spitfire.

Applejack growled. "You've done enough." She spat. Her hoof getting itchy, she pulled the trigger on her rifle. A bullet flew past Secret's head as he doubled back and shot into the air. This caused a chain reaction. Spitfire turned both her hoofguns to shoot at Applejack, but Twilight lunged forward, hitting her hooves with the blunt part of her scythe. She dropped her hoofguns and stumbled backwards, growling. Applejack quickly began to line up another shot, but Secret got his advantage and knocked Applejack's rifle out of her hooves, sending it to the side. Applejack spat and went to hit Secret, but was quickly countered with a hit to the face. Applejack fell to the side, spitting out blood. Secret pinned her to the ground, but was knocked off by Luna. Luna held her weapon to his neck as she pushed him against a wall, narrowing her eyes.

Silence fell as Twilight and Luna held their weapons towards both Spitfire and Secret, rendering the two defenseless. "You two are done here." Twilight said. "I thought I saw more in you then betrayal."

Rainbow and Keynote walked silently through the hallways. Rainbow didn't talk, for she was quickly gathering anger and rage from everything that has happened to her so far. Keynote didn't talk, for she feared to upset Rainbow any further than she already was. Rainbow stopped when she noticed that there was no second pair of hoofsteps. "Keynote?" She asked, turning around. Keynote was not there. Suddenly, Rainbow heard Keynote scream out, her shriek echoing through the library. "Keynote!" Rainbow called. She drew her katana and looked around, waiting for something to happen. She heard a buzzing sound that seemed to get closer and closer. When Rainbow heard the sound stop, she froze. "Who is there?" She asked slowly, turning around. Rainbow suddenly shrieked, but was cut off by something that moved too fast for her to even see.

Twilight helped Applejack to her hooves. "You alright, Applejack?" Twilight asked, examining the mare.

Applejack growled and began to move towards Secret. "Ah'm gonna kill that little-"

Twilight stopped the mare in her tracks and growled. "You're not killing anypony!" She ordered. Applejack gave Twilight an evil glare, but backed off as ordered.

Luna held Spitfire and Secret at gunpoint with Secret's shotgun and one of Spitfire's handguns. Scootaloo held the other hoofgun in her own possession, looking at it with huge eyes.

They were about ready to leave, but the sound of hoofsteps rushing down the hall stopped them. Twilight drew her scythe and Applejack pulled out her rifle as they saw Keynote moving as fast as she could down the hall. They lowered their weapons, seeing that Keynote was carrying Rainbow on her back. "Help!" She cried. "She's hurt!"

Keynote laid Rainbow on the ground. She was out cold, blood coming out of her mouth. But what really caught their eyes was Rainbow's wing. It was gone. Both of them were gone now. Whoever attacked Rainbow, had taken her only wing off. Twilight and Applejack stared in shock. For some reason, their was no blood. The wound seemed to be already healed.

"What attacked her?" Twilight asked, looking up at Keynote. Twilight was caught off guard when a bullet shot near her hoof, causing Twilight to scurry backwards.

Keynote held a hoofgun in her hand, aiming it at the two ponies. "I did." She spat. She quickly shot near Applejack, causing her to scurry back as well.

Luna turned the shotgun and the hoofgun at Keynote. "Stand back. We will fire." She ordered.

"Oh, will you now?" Keynote asked, waving the hoofgun teasingly.

Applejack quickly grabbed her rifle and aimed it Keynote. "Yes, we will."

Silence fell as there was a stand-off between the ponies. "I caught you at the perfect time, didn't I?" Keynote asked. She laughed maniacally as she began to create a green glow. Her laugh became more sinister as her body turned to a black color, her size growing with a pair of wings protruding out of her back and a horn growing out of her head. Her eyes were a bug-like green and her mane a similar green color. Twilight gasped in shock at what she saw.

Queen Chrysalis pointed the hoofgun at Twilight. "You will die first. I should have killed you long ago. When I invaded Canterlot. When I stole your brother. I was so close to ruling Equestria. But you ruined it! You ruined it you li-"

Before the changeling queen could finish, Luna shot her in the hoof with a hoofgun. "Thou talks too much. We grow tired of thy rambling." Chrysalis dropped her hoofgun as she fell to her knees, screaming in pain. Luna approached the changeling, pointing the shotgun at her. "Our sister sends her regards."

BANG! A single shot rang out.

Twilight, Secret, and Spitfire were surprised to see Luna drop the guns to the ground, soon collapsing to the ground right after. Her body lifeless and limp, along with the bullet hole protruding out of the back of her head, she was indeed dead. Smoke rose out of the barrel of Applejack's sniper. "Y'all talk funny." Applejack said, smirking.

"Applejack!" Twilight screamed. Secret quickly got up to attack Applejack, but Chrysalis picked up a hoofgun and shot at him, the bullet scraping his hoof and causing him to fall back over.

She picked up the shotgun, getting to her hooves. "You have done well to serve your queen." She said, nodding to Applejack. Applejack smiled and moved to join Chrysalis' side. As she trotted to the queen, Applejack slowly turned revealed herself to be a Changeling. The changeling took off the cowboy hat and tossed it to the side, holding the rifle at ready.

"But...Applejack..." Twilight said slowly, shocked and confused.

"We killed your friendly Applejack over a year ago!" Chrysalis told them. "Right when you showed up to the barn? Right after the apocalypse broke out? I sent this drone here to kill your friend. Then disguise as her. And the drone did it." The drone smiled devilishly. "There was no Applejack. Never has there been an Applejack." Chrysalis looked up as more of her drones filled the hallway. "And soon enough, there will never be any of you." Chrysalis said, laughing maniacally again.

Twilight, Spitfire, and Secret stood in shock as they were surrounded. Twilight turned her head to look at Luna's dead, lifeless body.

I failed you, Princess. Forgive me... A tear rolled down her cheek as she closed her eyes tightly.

S3E16: The Hive, Pt. 2

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Twilight's eyes fluttered open. She was in Ponyville. In front of her was a house. The door was held open by Rainbow Dash. The more wore no clothes or armor. She had her wings fully intact. A look of worry was across her face.

"Twilight, you coming in?" Rainbow asked. She tossed a mask at Twilight. Twilight caught it with her hooves. "It's a party! Let's have fun!"

Twilight blinked. "O-okay..." She said slowly. Is this that same dream from that day? She thought to herself. She looked down at the mask Rainbow gave her. It was a white color, with a sharp-looking drooping edge on each side of the mask. The mask covered the upper face, two holes for the eyes. For a moment, Twilight saw her own reflection in the mask.

Twilight hesitantly walked into the house.

Once inside, however, everypony stopped. All noise ceased. The ponies that were once socializing and partying have stopped everything to turn and look at Twilight.

Twilight's eyes darted around at the staring crowd. She was in confusion. She saw Fluttershy, wearing a green mask with yellow feathers lining the top edges of the mask. She saw that Rarity was present as well, wearing a beautiful multi-colored mask that seemed to change colors every time Twilight looked at it. Applejack was present at the party as well, wearing no mask. Pinkie was, of course, wearing a mask with a wild design that Twilight could not even comprehend.

It took Twilight a while to notice, but she realized something. None of the ponies had pupils. Where they're eyes should be, are just white and lifeless. They all stared her down with lifeless eyes. In fact, each pony also had puncture wounds on each of their legs, blood dripping from them and onto the ground. Twilight looked around frantically for answers. Everypony had these features. Fluttershy, Thunderlane, Trixie, Daring Do, Soarin', Fancy Pants, The Cakes, Snowflake, Sweetie Belle. Even Celestia and Luna, who stood above the crowd noticeably. Finally, Twilight's eyes laid on Secret. He wore a mask that was red on one side, black on the other. A glittery design on the mask was black on the red side, and vise versa. But most importantly, he was still alive. Normal. Not one of those...things.

"Sorry, Twilight." Secret said to her, showing no emotion. "The Boss ordered you dead." Secret raised his shotgun to aim at Twilight. "Nothing personal. Just business."



Twilight woke up, screaming. Only, she could not scream. She could not move her muzzle. She couldn't move anything. Only her eyes.

Twilight looked around to the best of her ability. She was encased in what she figured to be a cocoon of some sort. She was surrounded in a green-ish liquid, yet she did not feel wet. From the green-tinted transparency of the cocoon, she could see other cocoons in the room.

Twilight has no clue how long she was in that cocoon. She felt like she was about to pass out, but a faint thud from outside the cocoon caught her attention.

Twilight tried to search for what caused the noise, but no avail. Soon enough, she saw something black move in front of her cocoon. Her eyes widened.

A single blade was pulled out by the black-covered pony. The pony stabbed it into the cocoon, causing some of the liquid to spill out. The pony ran the knife downwards, slicing a giant hole in the cocoon. Twilight felt her limp body slide out along with the flood of green liquid. She breathed heavily once she felt air. She turned onto her back in the mushy liquid, looking up to the ceiling. She was in a dark cave, presumably under the old castle.

Above her, stood a pony covered in black, with a mask on his face. It was the same masked pony that saved them in Appleloosa. The same one that saved them in Manehattan. It was that pony.

"Who...who are you...?" Twilight managed weakly, moving to get to her hooves.

The pony chuckled from under the mask. "Ve need to stop running into each other in such bad vays." A thick German accent replied.

Twilight blinked. "Zeinwolfe?!"

The pony pulled off his mask, revealing to be Zeinwolfe indeed. "It's pronounced Zeinvolfe, actually. But you can call me Zeinwolfe. It does not bozer me."

Twilight was in shock. "I thought you were dead!"

"I thought I vas dead too!" Zeinwolfe replied, a large smile crawling across his face. "But, ve don't have ze time for bonding. Ve have to save Rainbov and friends, ja?" Zeinwolfe handed Twilight a small knife. "Hurry. Ze next patrol may come soon." Zeinwolfe told her.

Twilight turned and looked back at the cocoon she was in. To the left of her cocoon, where Zeinwolfe went to free the others, was another cocoon that held Rainbow Dash.

To the right, however, was a cocoon holding Secret. Twilight was compelled to approach it. She took the knife and stabbed it into the cocoon. She saw Secret's blind and hetero-chromatic eyes dart around. Twilight sliced the cocoon open, stepping back as the liquid flushed out, along with Secret. He had a short coughing fit before he got to his hooves.

"Secret..." Twilight began.

Secret shook his head. "No, Twilight." Secret said. "I'm sorry. Again, I was just doing what had to be done."

Twilight suddenly wrapped her hooves around Secret's neck, holding him close. Secret was surprised.

"I forgive you, Secret." Twilight whispered, shakily. "I trust you, and I find it hard to, but I forgive you." Twilight felt a tear roll down her cheek.

Secret let out a soft sigh. "Twilight. My name is not Secret." Secret told her. He leaned in and whispered something to her.

The name Twilight will never forget.

Twilight looked up. She saw Zeinwolfe and Rainbow sharing a joyous reunion themselves.

"I managed to escape, Rainbov." Zeinwolfe told her. "After zat, I hunted you down, to Appeloosa. I vas able to save you all, at least. I followed you all for ze majority of ze time. But, I had to leave each time. I had...ozer zings to take care of."

"What do you mean?" Rainbow asked, tilting her head.

"You see, Rainbov, I vas not ze only one zat escaped Canterlot." Zeinwolfe told her. "In fact, ve're all here to save you. As you all have saved us."

Rainbow's eyes widened. As she stood there in shock, Zeinwolfe went and sliced open another cocoon, freeing Spitfire. Spitfire stumbled as she got to her hooves, breathing heavily.

"Wait...where's Scootaloo?" Rainbow asked, looking around. The ponies searched the cocoons, but to no avail.

Secret shook his head. "We'll find her. She's somewhere in the castle."

"Quickly now!" Zeinwolfe said. "Ze patrol is coming soon. Ve must run!" Zeinwolfe took Rainbow's hoof and pulled her along. Rainbow eventually caught drift and ran alongside him. Twilight, Secret, and Spitfire followed close behind.

First, it started with the zombies. The undead, they took the lives of three of her closest friends in Ponyville. No, make that four. Applejack was never with them.

Rainbow swore to murder that changeling who dared to pretend to be her friend.

The group of beaten ponies followed Zeinwolfe through the halls. Hiding in the darkness every time they heard buzzing.

Zeinwolfe watched as two changelings patrolled by them. One of them had a decorative scythe on it's back. The other, a shiny and sharp katana.

"Are zose yours, Princess Sparkle and Rainbov?" Zeinwolfe asked in a soft whisper.

"It is." Twilight answered quietly.

"Yup." Rainbow added.

Zeinwolfe smirked. "Gut." He took out two kunai, and threw them quickly but silently at the pair of changelings. The kunai stabbed perfectly into their necks, causing the two to choke for air and collapse, dead. Green-ish blood oozed from their necks.

Twilight and Rainbow emerged, quickly grabbing their weapons. They sheathed their weapons, then quickly hid the two dead bodies. After hiding them in the darkness, they took off once more down the hallway.

"Ze changeling queen, Chysalis, vas it?" Zeinwolfe asked. "Ve have somepony keeping eyes on her." He told them. Zeinwolfe pulled out a radio and spoke into it. "Zeinvolfe here. I have saved ze ozers." He said to the other end. "Vhere is ze queen?"

After a moment of silence, another pony, presumably mare, spoke through the radio. "That giant bug is currently in the throne room. Crosshairs locked. Her ego is too big to miss."

Zeinwolfe spoke back. "Roger zat. Ve'll be zere as soon as possible."

"Was that Coco?" Secret asked. The others looked at him "She was part of the royal guard. On the sniper team. She was shot in the leg by one of the members of The Circle. Skull."

"Ja." Zeinwolfe answered. "She survived. Found her in ze hospital. Her leg? It is of no use. She valks vith a limp." He smiled a bit. "But she's still a very gut sniper."

Twilight frowned. "Ouch. Seems a lot of us are losing functionality." Twilight said. First, Secret went blind. Then, Rainbow lost her wings. Now, Coco has a limp.

Zeinwolfe nodded. "Sadly."

He was interrupting by another voice on the radio. "Did you find them, Zeinwolfe?" Another mare called.

Zeinwolfe quickly pulled the radio back to his face. "Ja. I did. I vill let you see zem soon enough, meine freunde."

Zeinwolfe put the radio away, and continued his way towards the throne room. "Who was that?" Rainbow asked, following close behind.

"A...friend of mine, I should say. Or, a friend of ours, in zis situation."

A plan was devised by Zeinwolfe. It was a simple concept. Multiple flanks, stolen weapons from the armory, and a single sniper who was already in position.

As the ponies were preparing to start the attack, they took a couple of moments to relax and brace themselves. Rainbow was cleaning her katana. Spitfire walked over to her, carrying a pack of bandages.

"What do you want?" Rainbow grumbled as she glanced at Spitfire.

Spitfire put the bandages in front of Rainbow. "You cut yourself twice while cleaning."

Rainbow stopped and looked at her hooves. Two cuts on her left hoof, just as Spitfire had said. Rainbow grunted in anger and sheathed her blade. "I don't need your bandages."

Spitfire frowned. "Rainbow, listen..." She began, taking a step forward.

"No!" Rainbow erupted. "You listen! I trusted you. Looked up to you. And what did you do?" Rainbow wiped a tear from her cheek. "You betrayed me. Hit me in the back of the head with the butt of a hoofgun."

Spitfire looked down. "You don't understand, Dash." Spitfire whispered.

"No, you don't understand!" Rainbow continued. "You don't know what it is like to have the person you have called a hero your entire life aim a gun to your head!"

"You think I wanted to?!" Spitfire suddenly shot back, raising her head. "I would have just as quickly turned that gun around and shot myself in the skull! You, you are out of it! You're not thinking!" Spitfire grabbed Rainbow, pulling her close as she narrowed her eyes. "I don't want to hurt you, Dash. I didn't want to hurt you. I like you. I never hated you. I hope you can forgive me, because I've done bad things. But if you can't forgive me now, at least stand with me. Stand with us." Spitfire gestured to the other ponies, who were staring at them. "Because after this, we're going straight for him."

Secret stepped forward. "Are you sure about that?" He asked.

Twilight nodded. "Yeah, your boss...I know him pretty well. He's not exactly the guy you want to go up against like this."

Spitfire looked at them, letting Rainbow go. She thought for a moment. "Yes. I'm sure of it. He did this. Every death that happened since the day Twilight poured that potion onto the bear's grave." Spitfire said, looking at Twilight. "And yes, I know. Secret knows. We always knew. Because we did this. But now, we're fixing it."

Silent agreement spread about the room. Everypony went back to doing their own thing. Rainbow placed a hoof on Spitfire's shoulder. "I'm sorry Spitfire. But I can't bring myself to forgiving you just yet...but I'll at least give you the benefit of a second chance." Rainbow told her. "If you did this, and you claim you can fix better." Rainbow began to walk off. "And I'll be right by your side, Spitfire. Trust me."

Spitfire couldn't help but smile a little.

The ponies were in position. Twilight and Secret were placed at a door near the thrones. They stood by, ready to take out a pair of guards. Zeinwolfe and Spitfire stood on opposite sides of the center, standing back to wall. Rainbow was up top with Coco. She stood near the sniper, ready to attack.

"All clear. Princess Twilight, you and Captain Secret may advance now." Coco announced through the radio.

Twilight put the radio away and nodded to Secret. In one swift movement, Secret jumped out and blew a changeling's head to pieces with his shotgun. The other quickly tried to attack, but was cut off when Twilight threw the scythe at the changeling. It struck the changeling and sent it back, impaling it by the chest to the wooden door.

Coco and Rainbow watched as the crowd of changelings jumped at the sound of a scythe penetrating through wood.

"You guys should really move. Now!" She shouted into the radio.

Zeinwolfe and Spitfire simultaneously emerged from behind the two doors on the opposite sides of the throne room. Spitfire fired at approaching changelings with her dual hooguns, while Zeinwolfe swung his knives and kunai around while using his own hoofgun.

Coco turned to Rainbow and nodded. Rainbow smiled. She ran forward, leaping off the balcony and into the masses below. She landed on a changeling, smashing his skull against the ground. Propelling herself off the changeling, she sliced another's head clean off.

"Fools! My loyal drones, kill them!" Chrysalis shouted. "Kill them all!"

"You're done, bug queen." Chryalis looked down to see Secret aiming his sawn-off at her.

Chrysalis smiled. "You're not so bright, are you?" She asked sarcastically. A changeling leapt at Secret, forcing Secret to divert his attention to shoot the changeling. This gave Chrysalis enough time to fly upwards, kicking Secret in the face as she escaped.

Secret rolled backwards down the steps to the thrones. He spat blood and grunted as he quickly got to his hooves.

Coco kept her crosshairs on Chrysalis. "No fly zone, pest." She muttered. She took the shot, but missed due to a changeling grabbing her rifle's barrel and pushing it to the side. Coco stumbled back, pulling out a knife. "I need a break." She complained through clenched teeth. The changeling charged at her, and she swung her knife forward, letting out a battlecry.

Chrysalis made her escape through a backdoor. Twlight ran to Secret's side to help him up. "No." Secret spat blood. "Go after her. I'll catch up." Twilight hesitated, but nodded and ran out after Chrysalis.

Rainbow was slicing and shooting her way through the hordes of changelings. She was caught off guard when one of the changelings kicked her hard, sending her flying through a door. She rolled into a hallway, and was stopped when she collided against a wall She got up to see a changeling approaching her. It held a rifle.

"Come on now, Rainbow." he changeling turned into Applejack, taking the cowboy hat and placing it on her own head. "Dotcha have time for yer ol' pal, Applejack?"

Rainbow got to her hooves as she stared down the changeling. "I was hoping you would show up."

Twilight followed close behind Chrysalis as she chased the queen through the halls of the castle. "I see you have grown wings since I have last seen you!" Chrysalis shouted back. "You must be a princess now! Sadly, the last princess to die!" She knocked over an old table holding an antique vase, which Twilight jumped over with ease.

"There is nowhere for you to go, Chrysalis!" Twilight shouted. "It's the end for you! Give up!"

Chrysalis laughed maniacally. "The end for me? Can you not see I am far more superior?!"

Twilight growled and continued to chase Chrysalis. Chrysalis made her way up a spiral staircase, with Twilight close behind.

Spitfire grabbed Secret and helped him to his hooves. "Stop slacking." She ordered, handing him his sawn-off. "Time to clean up." She said. She turned around and shot at changelings approaching her. Secret smiled as he turned around and shot at changelings approaching from behind. The two stood back to back as the took out the hordes of changelings.

Coco tripped up, her limp hoof causing her to fall over. She fell against the railing, quickly turning around to confront the changeling. It pounced her, pinning her against the railing as it screeched and began to bite and punch at her. Coco scrambled to get free, eventually taking her knife and stabbing it into the changeling's chest. It stopped as it stared in horror. It spat green-ish blood onto Coco's face before falling off. Coco grunted as she got to her hooves, kicking the changeling's dead body off the balcony. "Join the Sniper Team, they said." She complained. "You'll have fun, they said."

Applejack walked down the hallway, laughing. "Yer so gullible. So easy." She said, turning to face Rainbow. Rainbow was stumbling as she tried to gain her balance. Applejack aimed her rifle at Rainbow's head. "Just one lil' shot right to yer noggin."


Applejack looked from the scope of the rifle to see Rainbow. Her eyes widened.

Rainbow had blocked the bullet with her katana. She lowered it as she stared Applejack down. "You really think you can win?" She asked. Rainbow began to walk towards Applejack, scraping her katana against the ground.

Applejack panicked. She quickly took another shot at Rainbow, which Rainbow easily blocked with her katana without flinching.

"Remember that fight we had on the train?" Rainbow asked. "The one where I threw you against the train?"

Applejack took three more shots, each one being blocked by Rainbow's katana with grace and perfection.

"I won because I was trained. Not by a heartless, oversized bug. But by a group of assassins." Rainbow said.

Applejack spat. "Ah let ya win. Ah coulda put a bullet in ya easily." She said.

Rainbow shook her head. "There's one thing about Applejack you never did right." Rainbow said. She stopped two feet away from the changeling. "Applejack never lied."

Applejack tried to fire another shot, but was greeted by the clicking of an empty clip. "Yer out." Rainbow said, mimicking Applejack's voice. Rainbow took her katana and stabbed it into Applejack with one swift movement. Applejack gasped and blood oozed out of her mouth. She slowly turned into a changeling as the blood became a green-ish color. The changeling's body limply sliding down Rainbow's katana, dropping the rifle onto the ground with a thud. Rainbow took the hat off of the changeling's head and placed it on her own head.

"You don't deserve this."

Spitfire kicked one last changeling to the ground, pinning it down with one hoof as she shot it in the skull, killing it. "That's the last one." She announced.

Secret perked his ears. "All clear."

Zeinwolfe put away his knives and holstered his gun. "Ve did it."

"That's all of them!" Coco called from the balcony.

Rainbow walked back into the throne room. "I killed the faker." She looked around. "Where's Twilight?"

"She went after Chrysalis." Secret told her. The ponies looked at each other, then quickly took off to find Twilight and Chrysalis.

Twilight searched frantically for Chrysalis. She checked room after room. She finally burst through a door that lead to the outside balcony of the tower. Chrysalis stood at the end of a gargoyle statue that jutted out from the top of the tower. In one of her hooves was Scootaloo. "Stand back! If I fall, I will take this one down with me!" She shouted.

Twilight stood where she was, holding her scythe at ready. "Chrysalis. Let go of the filly." Scootaloo had tears in her eyes.

Secret and Zeinwolfe ran through the door, stopping behind Twilight and pulling out their guns. "Don't dare take another step, or she's going to fall!" Chrysalis threatened.

"You're not going to win, Chrysalis." Twilight told her. "Just give us the filly."

Chrysalis growled. "You want her?" Chrysalis asked, tilting her head. She pretended like she was going to drop the filly, causing Scootaloo to scream.

Twilight tried to hold herself back. "Give her back!" She shouted, clenching her teeth. Twilight's rage turned to shock as she saw something catch her eye. Spitfire appeared from behind Chrysalis, flying as she carried Rainbow with her hooves. She rocked Rainbow back and forth, before throwing her at Chrysalis. Rainbow unsheathed her katana and sliced at Chrysalis, cutting her fragile changeling wing clean off. Rainbow landed safely on the balcony. "A wing for a wing." Rainbow muttered.

Chrysalis screamed in pain as she let go of Scootaloo. Spitfire swooped in and grabbed Scootaloo before she fell. Spitfire landed on the balcony next to Rainbow, placing the scared filly on the ground.

Rainbow and Spitfire took out their own guns and aimed them at Chrysalis. Chrysalis backed up to the edge of the gargoyle. " have not won! I...I will repopulate! I'm a queen! My hive will be rebuilt!" Changeling clenched her teeth. "Are you really going to commit genocide? Because your boss told you too?" Chrysalis laughed, painfully. "That fool never learned from his mistakes. He was never able to defeat Celestia. I did! He is just jealous!" Chrysalis turned her back to the ponies, facing the sky. "He betrayed me. And he will betray you."

Twilight turned to the others. "Put your guns down." She said hesitantly.

The ponies gave her weird looks. "What?" Spitfire asked.

"Twilight, are you crazy?" Rainbow asked.

"I said, put them down!" Twilight ordered. "As Princess of Equestria, I order you to holster your weapons!"

Slowly, each pony put their weapons down. Chrysalis turned her head to look at them. "Are you not going to kill me?" She spat.

Twilight took a step forward. "You're defeated, Chrysalis. You have lost your hive. You have nothing left." She said.

Chrysalis let out a short "Hmmph."

"We're not committing genocide. We're not scooping down to his level." Twilight told Chrysalis. "We're letting you live."

Chrysalis said nothing for the longest time. "You're going to kill him, aren't you?" She finally asked, staring at nothing.

"It is our goal." Twilight replied.

Chrysalis laughed softly. It wasn't much of an evil laugh, but it was more...normal. Which seemed unnatural for the queen. "You're going to get yourselves killed."

"As long as he dies with us." Spitfire stepped in, gritting her teeth.

Chrysalis sighed and looked down, shaking her head. "You're really letting me go?"

Rainbow grunted. "Just hurry up before I put a bullet in your head!" She butt in, getting annoyed by Chrysalis.

Chrysalis smiled. "Very well then. Until next time, my little ponies. Listen to your princess. She knows well. As for me, I must find my own home." Chrysalis spread her one good wing out. "Kill him for me." She said. With that, Chrysalis jumped off the gargoyle, and into the darkness below.

The ponies ran to the edge and looked over, watching as Chrysalis disappeared into nothingness. " you think she'll live?" Spitfire asked.

"Maybe." Twilight said. She turned and began to walk back inside.

Secret followed close behind. "You really think she'll come back?" He asked.

Twilight nodded. "She always does."

As the ponies walked into the throne room, they were greeted with Coco and another young mare cleaning up changeling corpses.

"Hey, kid!" Zeinwolfe called. "You vanted to meet ze ponies, ja?"

The young mare perked her head up and turned around. The ponies were shocked.

It was Keynote.

Keynote began to walk up to them, but was cut off as Rainbow charged forward and hugged the mare tightly. Keynote was shocked. "Um...hello?" She greeted slowly.

"Hello Keynote..." Rainbow whispered. She let go and took a step back, taking out the picture of Keynote with her father. "Your father, Dust, wanted us to find you. And we finally did..."

Twilight smiled lightly at the sight of the two having their reunion. But, she was shocked to hear the familiar voice of another old friend.

"Is it my eyes that deceive me, or is that my old friends that I see?" Twilight, Secret, and Spitfire turned around. They watched as their zebra friend walked up to them.

"H-how did you?..." Twilight began.

Zeinwolfe stepped forward. "Ze scientists found ze cure. It only vorked on ponies who vere not completely infected. I vas able to apply it to Zecora. She is perfectly fine now."

"Perfectly fine, despite the extremes. Unfortunately, I still have the bite wound on my neck, it seems." She pointed to the torn fur on her neck. The bite markings were perfectly visible.

Twilight frowned, but smiled a bit. "I'm glad you're alive." She said. "I'm glad we're all alive."

Rainbow and Keynote walked up to the group, along with Coco, who limped up to Zeinwolfe's side. Scootaloo hopped over to Coco, hugging her. Coco hugged the mare with one hoof, using the other to support herself.

"So, what now?" Coco asked, looking around at them.

Twilight looked at Secret. "We're going after him, of course." She said.

Coco shook her head. "Who?" She asked, tilting her head.

Twilight sighed. She turned around, looking at an old pane glass window in the throne room. On it, was a picture of Celestia and Luna using the Elements of Harmony to turn a draconequus to stone.

"Discord." She said, narrowing her eyes. She threw her scythe at the pane glass window, shattering it with a slice to the draconequus' glass head.