• Published 16th Nov 2014
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My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead Season 3 - Nortes432 ft Spitfire

"Doth thou wot what it's like to be truly high-lone? I lost everything to the apocalypse. mine family is gone. . . forev'r. All I hast left is rage, ready to unleash on the undead scum that walk Equestria. And I'm not truly high-l

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S3E12: Bloody Murderer

Author's Note:

Rainbow gets lost in the Everfree, and must find her way back with a strange new partner.

The group trotted through the forest. A zombie stumbled out of the bushes, quickly getting it's head chopped off by Rainbow's katana.

"I thought this would be challenging." Rainbow said as she sheathed the katana.

"They're everywhere." Spitfire said as she quickly shot a zombie. "They're so easy to kill."

Secret turned around and shot a zombie behind them with his sawn-off. "It's like they're toying with us."

"Oh come on now, be real." Applejack said. "These zombies ain't got no brain."


A tree fell on the group. Rainbow was knocked to the side, away from the group. When the smoke cleared, the group looked around for Rainbow.

"Rainbow?!" Twilight called. "Hello?!"

There was no answer. The ponies looked at each other in fear.


Rainbow opened her eyes slowly. She was surprised to see there were no zombies around her, but she was even more shocked at the sight of a young mare standing right in front of her.

The mare gasped as Rainbow got to her feet. "Are you okay?"

Rainbow shook herself off. "Perfectly fine." She said under her breath. She looked at the mare. "Who are you?"

The mare stood up straight. "I'm...well..." She ducked her head shyly. "Keynote."

Rainbow's eyes widened, and she almost fell over in shock. "Keynote!"

"Uh, yeah...that's my name." She said. "What about you?"

"I'm Dash. Rainbow Dash." She told her. "I, uh...I meet Dust."

Keynote gasped. "You mean?..."

"Your father, yes." Rainbow said.

"How is he?" She asked. "Is he with you?!"

Rainbow frowned. "He's gone." She told her. Keynote quickly went from cheerful to depressed at the news.

"I'm sorry." Rainbow said, hugging Keynote. Keynote began to sob loudly.

"Rainbow!" Applejack called. "There's no way in tarnations she just disappear like that!"

"Didn't you hear Luna?" Spitfire asked, stepping up.

"The forest hath a mind of its own, it can change on its own will." Luna told her.

"It's always had a mind of its own." Secret said. "Now it has no limits. Nothing is stopping it."

"We have to find her!" Applejack growled and began to trot off.

"Applejack, stop!" Twilight called. "We can't stray off the path. It's dangerous."

Applejack turned around to protest, but she was cut off as a zombie appeared out of the bushes and jumped at her. Applejack shrieked as she grabbed the zombie before it could bite her. It bit at her face furiously. Spitfire quickly shot it in the head, killing it. Applejack threw the zombie to the side as more of the undead appeared from the brush.

"Oh no..." Twilight began.

Rainbow picked up the passed out Keynote. She was heavy, but Rainbow managed. She silently promised Dust that she would protect Keynote at a costs.

She marched onward into what felt like the right direction. The majority of the trot was completely silent. Every once in a while, a zombie moan or screech echoed, sending chills down Rainbow's spine.

The group stood in a circle. Scootaloo was in the center. The zombies approached slowly.

One zombie leapt forward, quickly getting shot down by Secret. This triggered a chain reaction, motivating the zombies to attack.

"Look out!" Twilight screamed as she swung at a zombie with her scythe.

Rainbow stopped at the edge of a clearing. It was oddly silent. Not a single sound but the steps of her own hooves and the heavy breathing of Rainbow's exhausted breath.

Rainbow gently laid Keynote on the ground, the proceeded to lie down herself. She stared at the forest beyond her. Questions began to fill her mind. Where was she? Where were her friends? How is she going to get out of here?

"Curse this forest to Tartarus." Rainbow growled.

"You get used to it." Rainbow turned to Keynote. She was awake, looking at Rainbow tiredly.

"How long have you been here?" Rainbow asked. "In the forest, I mean."

"I don't know. Hard to tell time in here." Keynote looked up. "How long has it been since...it started?"

"Almost two years." Rainbow answered. "I'm not too sure, though. This forest has me confused as well.

Keynote stared at Rainbow's nub. "W-what happened to your-"

"I don't want to talk about it." Rainbow quickly answered, looking down.

Gunfire echoed as the survivors unloaded clip after clip to hold back the undead attackers.

Spitfire hovered above the ground, a hoofgun in each hoof. She fired shot after shot until both guns began to click, signifying that the clips were empty. She went to reload her hoofguns, but was caught off guard as a zombie jumped at her.

She quickly took one rear hoof and swung it into the air, kicking the zombie in the chin. The zombie's head snapped, causing to fall limp to the ground.

Twilight swung her scythe, slicing a zombie's head in half. "There's too many!" She called, glancing at Luna.

Luna sliced a trio of zombies to bits with her blade. "Doth not give in! keep fighting!"

Rainbow silently cleaned her blade. She held it up, seeing her reflection in the glint of her katana. She was beat up, cuts covering her face as signs of her previous battles.

Rainbow took a deep sigh as she lowered the blade.

"You're awfully quiet." Keynote said, snapping Rainbow out of her trance.

Rainbow looked at Keynote and scowled. "I just don't like talking a lot.'

"Why not?" Keynote asked.

"I just don't."

"Are you okay?"

"Yes." Rainbow clenched her teeth.

Keynoye tilted her head. "Are you sure?"

This set Rainbow off. "No!" Rainbow quickly stood up. "I am not okay! Do I look okay? I have a missing wing, scars across my face, the zombie apocalypse broke out, I have no clue where my friends are...I am not close to being okay! Okay?!" She snorted as she breathed heavily from the rage.

Keynote stared in horror at her. Rainbow slowly began to calm down, and frowned. "Just...don't ask any more questions...please."

Keynote nodded slowly, fear in her eyes.

Rainbow turned around, only to come face to face with a timberwolf. "What the-" Rainbow screamed as the wolf leapt at her. Rainbow tried to pull out her hoofgun, but the impact from the wolf caused it to go flying. She fell backwards and down a slope. Rainbow found herself stopped by a bush. Unfortunately, the bush was full of thorns.

Rainbow shrieked in pain as the thorns inserted themselves within her entire body. She struggled to get free as the timberwolf approached her slowly. It stalked towards her teasingly, as if he was playing with his prey. Rainbow tried to reach for her knife, but her hoof was caught in a bunch of thorns. Every movement sent pain through her entire body.

The timberwolf was getting closer. It stopped when it was about five feet away from her, which gave Rainbow enough time to get her hoof loose of the thorns and insert the knife into the timberwolf's neck. The timberwolf struggled against her, trying to bite at her. The knife did not do the trick. Rainbow used the knife, though, to her advantage, so that she could hold the timberwolf back before it attacks her. As the timberwolf struggled against the blade, Rainbow felt her hoof getting tired. Sooner or later, one of them had to give up.

Rainbow thought it was hopeless. She felt a sudden pain in her left side as a thorn scraped her. She lost grip, letting the timberwolf lash at her.


The timberwolf fell on top of Rainbow, limp. Rainbow stared in horror at it. She looked up to see Keynote at the top of the hill, Rainbow's hoofgun in her hoof. She quickly put down the gun and galloped down to assist Rainbow. She pulled the large timberwolf off of the pegasus then proceeded to carefully pull Rainbow out of the thorn bush. Rainbow fell to the ground, unable to stand up straight. Keynote quickly helped her up. "We need to move first. The zombies would have heard that shot from miles." She said, leading Rainbow up the hill and grabbing the hoofgun before proceeding to cross the field and back into the endless forest.

A loud crack echoed throughout the entire forest. It was a gunshot, no doubt about it. The direction it came from, however, was a mystery to the survivors. All they knew is that the zombies quickly ran off, probably either scared or attracted to the loud noise. The only thing left was the six ponies and a bunch of dead bodies.

"Do y'all think that was?..." Applejack began.

"No doubt about it." Spitfire said as she kicked a nudged a corpse.

"We need to find Rainbow!" Scootaloo said as she backed away from one of the corpses.

"We will." Twilight said, sheathing her scythe. "Trust me, we will find her." She turned to see Luna staring into the forest. Twilight approached the mare as she began to speak.

"We feel weird. Almost as if thither is a weird force, drawing us to something." Twilight stared at Luna in confusion, but Luna took no notice as she stared out into the never-ending forest.