• Published 16th Nov 2014
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My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead Season 3 - Nortes432 ft Spitfire

"Doth thou wot what it's like to be truly high-lone? I lost everything to the apocalypse. mine family is gone. . . forev'r. All I hast left is rage, ready to unleash on the undead scum that walk Equestria. And I'm not truly high-l

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S3E03: Escape From Canterlot

Author's Note:

The survivors take their chances and try to escape Canterlot.

"Y'all see all them zombies down there?" Applejack asked, pointing a hoof down at the zombies underneath them. "There's too many for us to handle. We gotta find a way over them."

"But there are fliers too." Spitfire said as she carried Scootaloo on her back. "What about them?"

"We have to stay low enough that they won't target us, but high enough that the zombies on the ground can't reach us." Rainbow said.

"We could try going on the roofs." Scootaloo said quietly.

Rainbow looked at her. "That's actually a good idea, Scoots."

"But how?" Spitfire asked.

As if on queue, Twilight trotted up to them, holding a plank in front of her with magic. "This might work." She said with a small smile.

"You only live as long as convenience agrees with you." Secret said under his breath, smiling.


The large plank was carefully laid on the ledge of the closest building, and the broken window of the castle. The survivors had to move down the tower to a level that was even with the rooftops of Canterlot. Twilight made sure the plank wouldn't move, then she volunteered to go first.

"Ah'd rather go first, Twi." Applejack said. "Ah don't trust y'all to be safe." With a simple nod from Twilight, Applejack pulled herself up to the plank and carefully trotted on the plank like it was a tightrope.

"Don't look down!" Rainbow called out to her friend.

Applejack gulped. "Be quiet, RD! You're not helping!" She called back nervously. Applejack continued her trot across the plank. Soon enough, she reached the roof. She gave a relieved smile as she turned around and called her friends to follow.

The remaining six followed Applejack's steps across the plank until all of them were together again. Twilight then lifted the plank and put it down on the ledges off the roof they were on and the roof across from them.

They repeated the process multiple times, each time getting faster and faster. They were about halfway to the walls. Just a few more crosses and they will finally be able to escape. As Twilight carefully set the board on the roofs of two buildings, and began to cross one by one. First was Luna, then Applejack. Finally, everypony went until only Secret and Twilight remained.

"Go ahead, Secret." Twilight said. "I have your back."

Secret nodded. "That's nice to know." He said in a slightly joyful tone before beginning to cross the plank. He slowly trotted across, making sure to feel for the plank before stepping down. He was halfway across, when it struck. A flier made a loud screech before knocking Secret off the plank.

"No!" Twilight screamed as she jumped off the roof after him. She folded her wings, diving straight towards Secret's falling body. She grabbed Secret and crashed through a window on the second floor of a building, hard.

Twilight opened her eyes to see that she was in a bedroom. The door was being scratched at, and loud thuds sounded. Twilight pulled herself to her hooves as two zombies broke into the room. They slowly approached Twilight, giving her enough time to grab her Scythe with her magic and pull it out. Scared, Twilight swung blindly at the zombies. One zombies was stabbed in the head and thrown at the other zombie on accident, causing the impaled zombie's body to fly off as the head rested on the tip of the blade. Twilight watched as the zombie struggled under the dead corpse of his brethren. She hit him with the other zombie's head multiple times, until it stopped moving. She panted heavily as she took the scythe and removed the zombie head from it. She looked at the bloody scythe, and noticed that some blood got on her face and hooves from the wild killing.

Something hit her mind, and she turned around to see Secret. Fortunately, Secret was merely knocked out. He seemed perfectly fine, other than the small cuts he got from the window crash. Now that Twilight noticed it, she too had scratches across her body. She took a deep sigh, and lifted Secret up with her magic. She laid him across her back and groaned as Secret's weight fell upon her, causing her to slouch over. She forced herself to stand straight on her hooves. She carried Secret out of the room and made her way through the hall. She opened door after door with her magic, until she reached the far end of the hall. She opened the last door, and noticed there was a hammock hanging in the corner. She looked back at Secret, and frowned.

"This is Colgate's house." She told herself as she turned around. She screamed as the undead corpse of Colgate fell at her hooves, groaning. She was missing a front hoof, which was most likely ripped off by the zombies that had infected her. Twilight backed away, trying to grab her scythe from her back. She was unable to move it under the weight of Secret's unconscious body. She backed into the corner, grabbing things in the room with her magic and throwing them at Colgate. Nothing seemed to work effectively. Colgate awkwardly limped towards Twilight.


The undead mare was finally dropped by a bullet silently going into her forehead. Twilight looked at the window, which had been broken to pieces by a bullet shot. When she peeked outside, she was able to spot Applejack on the roof of a building across from Colgate's, holding her sniper in her hooves. Twilight looked down the building to the second floor window, where Luna was attempting to put a plank down between the two windows. Twilight opened the window, not minding the shattered glass, and helped Luna fit the plank down. She then climbed on top of the plank and slowly made her way across, hoping that she would not fall or drop Secret.

Once she made it across, she handed Secret off to Luna, who carried the stallion with less stress. The two went up to the roof of the building, where they met up with the rest of the survivors.

Rainbow hugged Twilight with joy. "You're alive!" She said happily. She quickly let go, realizing how awkward her action was. Twilight gave a faint smile.

"Come on, we're almost there." Spitfire said, pointing ahead.

She was right. The wall was very close.

After a few more crosses, they were across from the wall. Luna placed the plank and helped everypony across. She went last, and put Secret down as he began to wake up. She turned around and picked up the plank, lying it on the ground near them. She looked back at Secret.

"Art thou alright, young one? Celestia be shamed if thou hast died." Luna said, frowning.

Secret took a few coughs and opened his eyes. "What happened?" He managed under his breath.

"You were attacked, and you fell." Spitfire said, trotting up to him. "Twilight saved you."

Spitfire helped Secret up and led him to Twilight, who was looking into the distance. "Twilight." He called softly.

Twilight turned and jumped. "Secret! You're awake!" She said, smiling widely.

"I really need to stop sneaking up on you like that." He joked, shaking his head.

Twilight hugged his neck and giggled. "Are y'all lovebirds done here?" Applejack asked, looking down over the wall. "We still need to get down from up here!"

Twilight glared and looked down over the edge. To their luck, there were no zombies below them, but, it was still a long drop.

Luna trotted up behind her. "If we hie, we can carry everypony to the ground 'ere the fliers get to us." She said. "We'll carry Secret and Applejack." She said, helping the two earth ponies onto her back.

Spitfire looked back at Scootaloo. "You ready?" She asked. Scootaloo nodded and held onto the mare's neck tightly.

Twilight looked at Rainbow. "Hop on." She said. "I hope you're lighter than Secret." Rainbow frowned, remembering her broken wing. She climbed onto Twilight's back, and was luckily much lighter than Secret. The survivors then proceeded to jump off the wall and fly quickly towards the ground.

Once on the ground, the group did a head count of who was left. Rainbow smiled and backed away from the crowd, giving her room to stretch. "I thought we were never going to make it." She admitted, sighing in relief. Twilight smiled, then was cut off as Scootaloo shrieked.

"Look out, Dash!" She screamed as she pointed towards the top of a wall. A single stray zombie threw itself off the ledge. Nopony was able to react in time as the zombie landed on Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow screamed in pain. Spitfire quickly pulled out a hoofgun and shot the zombie in the head multiple times. The zombie fell limp on top of Rainbow Dash. Twilight rushed over and pulled the zombie off of her. Rainbow groaned in pain, tears soaking her eyes. Twilight and Spitfire quickly helped the pegasus to her hooves.

"Are you okay?!" Twilight asked Rainbow as she brushed her mane off. Rainbow shook her head, and looked at her right wing. She slowly stretched it out, pain showing in her eyes. Everypony gasped.

She was bitten.