• Published 16th Nov 2014
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My Little Zombie: Friendship is Dead Season 3 - Nortes432 ft Spitfire

"Doth thou wot what it's like to be truly high-lone? I lost everything to the apocalypse. mine family is gone. . . forev'r. All I hast left is rage, ready to unleash on the undead scum that walk Equestria. And I'm not truly high-l

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S3E02: The Sun May Never Rise, Pt. 2

Author's Note:

The remaining survivors search the castle for the armory, so they may prepare to escape Canterlot.

"How do you plan to do it?" Spitfire asked the young alicorn. "We can't just leave. The zombies are all over the ground, most likely. The air is occupied by fliers."

"She has a point, Twi." Rainbow said. "We can't just leave."

"There is a way!" Twilight argued. "There...There's an armory. Somewhere in the castle. We can get there." She looked at Luna. "There was armor for the two of us. We could also find armor for the rest of us."

"We need to find our way there, then." Secret said. "Princess Luna, can you map out a way to the armory?"

"We will try. We cannot make any promises, under great stress like so." Luna stood up. "We may go forth with Twilight's plan."

Twilight nodded. "Celestia will protect us." She said. "She always had."


The large metal doors opened slowly. Everypony held a weapon at ready, afraid of what laid beyond the door. To their surprise, there was no zombies on the other side. Just a big, dark, empty hallway. That, of course, was the only good sign.

Rainbow went towards one of the windows. "It's infested out there!" She called. "There is nothing but zombies and dead bodies from here to the walls!"

"What did I tell you?" Spitfire asked, flying up to the window.

"The irony." Secret said. "All thee ponies came to Canterlot for protection. Only to be killed like this."

"Enough talk." Twilight called. "Luna, care to lead us to the armory?"

Luna nodded. "Follow us, and follow closely. We will not slow down so we can become food f'r those undead scum."

The group followed Luna as she carefully made her way through the halls of Canterlot. To their surprise, they barely saw any zombies for a long time. When they finally came upon one, Rainbow Dash just charged at it, stabbing it to death with a knife. She smiled as she put the bloody knife back into it's sheath. "I couldn't help it. I wanted to stab something in such a long time."

"The Circle has changed you, Rainbow." Secret said as he trotted past the mare. "For better or worse."

Rainbow sighed and followed along with the group.

They later entered the hallway where they had slept. The hallway was once again empty. It was then that Rainbow remembered something. "Zeinwolfe!" She galloped to her room. The door was broken open. She stepped inside, looking around. The bed was covered in blood, but there was no sign of Zeinwolfe.

"Where is he?" Rainbow called, searching the room furiously. The others peeked into the room, worried.

Rainbow threw her things around, angered. She stopped and began to sob, collapsing to the floor. Twilight approached her. "Rainbow, you have to let it go."

"He saved my life!" She sobbed. "I owe him..." She looked down.

"You owe 'em. You owe 'em your survival." Rainbow looked up at Applejack, who had approached them when she wasn't looking. "He would want it."

Rainbow managed a small smile and a nod. "You're right, AJ." She carefully got to her hooves and wiped the tears off her face. "Let's keep going."

"The armory." Luna announced, showing them the entryway. Secret entered first, followed by the rest of the group. The room was filled with weapons and armor of all sorts, all locked behind bars to protect them from thieves.

"Alright." Spitfire said in a bright tone. "Let's break open these cabinets and take what we can!" She went up to one of the cabinets and got ready to break it open.

"Wait!" Secret called, stopping her. "They have alarms. If we break open any of them, the alarms will attract every zombie within a mile radius." Spitfire scowled and stepped away from the weapon cabinet.

"What now, then?" Rainbow asked. "Does anybody know the code to unlock them?" Nopony answered, and Rainbow groaned.

Twilight walked down to the far end of the room, where there laid a giant cabinet. "I think this is it." She said, looking at the keypad. "It has a code too."

Luna trotted up to the cabinet. She looked at the keypad, then swiftly pressed a couple buttons. There was a beep-beep, and a click. Luna opened the cabinets.

That was easy." Twilight said, looking at the large cabinet. Inside, there were four pairs of armor. Each one had a plaque under them. Celestia's armor was golden yellow, and a large sword was hung beside it. Next to it laid Luna's armor. It was a bluish color, and beside it was a strange circular weapon. It had two blades on each end, and a bar in the center, which was possibly the handle.

Luna took down her armor and began to put it on as Twilight studied the rest of the gear.

Cadance's armor was a pinkish-red color. A large lance was next to it.

Twilight finally rested her eyes on her gear. It was a rusty color, and it interested Twilight. She took down the armor and began to put it on, when she noticed her weapon. It was a scythe of the same rusty brown color. She took it down with her magic and looked at it. "I've never used a weapon before, to be honest." She said, tilting her head. She put the scythe on her back, where it fit perfectly into a little holding place on the back of her armor.

She turned around and looked at Luna, who looked fierce and threatening in her new armor. The strange weapon laid on her side. "I hope this works." Twilight said. Luna nodded in agreement. Twilight turned toward her friends, just in time to see Secret figuring out the combination. He opened cabinet after cabinet, letting the remaining survivors get to work on gathering weapons.

Rainbow pulled a large sword out with her mouth. "This is awesome!" She said through the blade. She put it on the floor. "What is it?"

"It's a katana, if I'm not mistaken." Spitfire told her. "There's a sheath to it, too." She pulled the sheath out of the cabinet and laid it by the sword.

"I call it!" Rainbow said, putting the katana back in the sheath. She through it over her back, where a string on the sheath held itself onto her back.

Spitfire rolled her eyes and pulled out two hoofguns, and a belt, putting them into the sheaths that were on the belt. She looked over at Applejack, who found herself a intimidating rifle. "This 'ere gun is what ah'm talkin' 'bout!" She said happily as she threw it onto her back.


The ponies froze as a strange sound came from behind one of the cabinets. Secret slowly approached the cabinet, and carefully looked behind it.

"Rainbow, you might want to see this." He said as he backed away from the cabinet. Rainbow stared as a brown pony popped out from behind the cabinet and looked at Rainbow Dash in fear. There was a large scar on her eye.

"Scootaloo?!" Rainbow exclaimed, slowly approaching the young pegasus.

"Rainbow!" She sobbed, jumping into the mare's arms. "I was scared...they were everywhere...they...they took Applebloom..." She managed through the tears.

Applejack went into shock. Applebloom was the last one she had left. Now, her family was gone. Granny Smith, Big Mac, and now her little sister. Applejack sat down slowly, trying to understand.

Rainbow picked Scootaloo up and sat her onto Spitfire's back. "Stay with her, Scoots." Rainbow told her. "I don't want to lose you."

Secret patted Applejack on the back. "I'm sorry." He said. "I know how much she meant to you."

"Ah failed Granny Smith." Applejack said. "Ah...ah can't go on like this..."

"Yes you can." Secret said. "And you will. You will make her proud."

Applejack looked down and sniffled. "Fine." She said, standing up quickly. "Y'all better be right."

Secret smiled. "I promise."